Three in one ~ A Bun, A Banana and A Grape!

Well this is called hitting everything in one shot! I didn’t have time for this though since coffee announed her MBP to be Bread. Since then have been religiously checking out all the bloggers recipes, well first came Jai & Bee with their chelsea-buns and to make things better for me Nirmala sent in her version of the same.

Now I followed the bun measurement as Nirmala and filling as B&J’s, only change I added was 1/2 banana to the dough and Sliced banana with Raisins soaked in Honey for the fillings. Brushed Honey on the top and allowed it to rest for an hour. Baked this in MW for 5 mins, buns were ready.

So sending this to Coffee for her MBP: Bread. For JFI:Banana hosted by Ahaar and to Swad who is hosting AFAM which is Grapes this month.

Enjoy the Sunday!

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  1. Yes, Asha was waiting for the weekend to do this…after seeing bee’s recipe I have been so tempted …of course mine didnt’ come out as their’s, still it was good.

    bee, I have kept the dough with the fillings in the microwave for 30 mins. Then baked it for 2 mins in micro, then after 5 mins, again micro for anothor 3 mins.

    musical, thanks

  2. this is such a great idea 🙂 i normally pack in 2-3 events into a single dish too. havent had the chance to “cook up” something for AFAM yet 🙂

  3. Rina, thanks for dropping by…didn’t think of that!..well will post the inside some other time.

    Apple, thanks

    Padma, yes I was baking buns after a long time…and this is the first time

    Nags, glad I have a company!

  4. you baked it in the microwave!! Wow. I have been thinking about baking buns too .. these look great. Thanks for the great entry 🙂 — Mandira

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