A tale of two MEMEs and a Guess!

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A Mid name Meme..

This had been a pending post since I had been asked to do a ‘Middle name Meme’ by Bharathy. Bharathy was kind enough to console me that is fine if I dont’ like or even have a middle name

Here are the rules:

* Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of their middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.
* When you are tagged you need to write your own blog-post containing your own middle name game facts.
* At the end of your blog-post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag.
* Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged.

I don’t have a middle name, I am always either called Srivalli or just Valli by friends. Infact it was endearing to be called Sri by most bloggers as I call my brother that. So will settle on a fictitious name I always thought was appropriate to many things in this drama called life. MAYA, its also a name I used to pen by some years ago.

So here are few things that I related too

Meticulous – I am quite meticulous in most things that I do. Even mundane routine tasks never bore me. Infact I love to do the same thing every day the same way. But I embrace change too.

Auspicious – I feel there is no time as auspicious time. Any time is good enough to do a good thing. And anytime is good enough to end a bad thing.

Yearning – I yearn for those mystic things that come and whisper while I am in my no man’s land.

Avaricious- I scorn avariciousness in any nature.

Phew ..happy I was able to complete this and now trying to tag people with these alphabets! I guess doing this MEME was easier than trying to figure who to tag.

M – Manisha
A – Asha
Y – Unfortunately I know none with a name starting with Y who also blogs, so this is open to anybody is willing to play along.
A – Archana

Fantastic Four MEME

Lakshmi tagged me for the Fantastic Four MEME. So here I go on some random facts about me in “fours”:

4 Places I’ve lived:

I have been living in Madras for more than 20 years. Previous to that have been places I don’t really remember much. So I will try to give the best shot I can. Since I spend or rather live in office for most of my waking hours will prefer giving that

1. 10 years in Perambur – Chennai
2. 15 years in Nungambakkam – Chennai
3. T- Nagar – Office
4. Mylapore – Office

4 Jobs I’ve had:

In reel life aka my dreams, I had wanted to be a doctor plus world renowned painter plus great singer plus famous chef. In real life I have always been a software professional! The pitiful life of a software professional who does nothing else but gazing at the monitor all the waking hours with
no hands on experiments to aid the ill but to google it
nor any hue to hand but the MS paint to rescue
nor raaga flowing from within other than Kishore Kumar husking at the ears (albeit thats been sometime ago)
nor any aromas whisking the nostrils just these wonderful food blogs to gaze and rejoice.

4 Favorite places I’ve holidayed:


4 Favorite foods:

Well I am fond of eating period, but if you insist

Parotta with Paneer Butter Masala
Idlies with Amma’s Parrupu Podi
Pulihora with Groundnut chutney

4 Places I’d rather be:

I have just two fond places I rather be.
Home where I would want to be right now with my kids.
Lying on my mother’s lap – with my daughter around I never get access.

4 Bloggers I’d like to tag:

1. Asha
2. Padma
3. Nirmala
4. Sharmi

Play along if you are inclined no compulsion.

Now coming to the guess game. Let me know what you call the veggie you find in the picture.

Come back tomorrow for the answer!

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  1. so did you google to pick that avaricious? its not a difficult word but not something that comes off hand you know 😀

    what a wonderfully settled life – we kept moving and moving and moving all the time – i have decided i am going to be in chennai till the end of my time 😀

    How can you daughter take all chellam – next time when I come down I’ll strike a deal on your behalf ok – for access time 🙂

    Asha’s already been tagged for this 😀 – so you have to pick someone else – I thought you’d pick Padma and Nirmala 😀

  2. Hiii..first in the line…glad knowing about ou, Shri…
    and about the veggie out there..naeehh, i quit….not a clue!!!

  3. Both ur Meme’s were lovely Sri..
    and thanks to u – the phrase ” Any time is good enough to do a good thing. And anytime is good enough to end a bad thing” made me feel a bit happy as I am in a pretty bad mood rite now.. thanks again dear.. u made my day.. 🙂

  4. Srivalli, thanks for tagging me, I have a long lost meme still pending will pitch in surely this time with all the three at one shot 🙂

    Loved reading ur meme and knowing a little bit more about u! I completely agree with u on S/W jobs.

    I guess those photos are of green garlic?

  5. Hello Maya!:)
    Great name and great MeMes. Thank you for tagging me, I have yet to do these at Aroma but will do next week.

    Have no idea what that veggie is!! Never seen those around here!:)

  6. Srivalli, did you deliberately blur that photo? The shape looks like small bittergourd but not the texture. I thought it was the toor dal in its pod (kandikaya) but it doesn’t seem to be that either.
    Enjoyed reading your memes.

  7. What a sweet meme…so real and natural…nice to know more abt Maya, a girl with simple and straight forward ambitions in life…
    Thanks for taking up the meme, valli 🙂

  8. Srivalli, my first comment here but i am putting in this comment to say thank you, thank you for posting the cabbage kootu post:) I followed the instructions to the T and the dish was so yummie, thanku so much:)

  9. Padma, thats a pleasure! thanks

    lakshmi, hahah…but this one knew off hand…well in way you don’t have any new experience of trying to live in a new place..:)…yeah I will take you on that…maybe you will be able to get her allow me some time..thanks

    I searched in asha’s blog but couldn’t get and also saw her saying that she wished to do this meme, I thought she wasn’t tagged didn’t think that she is yet to do it…

    Sona, thanks

    Asha, hello again..:)…and thanks..

    Sharmi, thank you

    kamala, nice of you to comment now..thanks for the feedback. Drop in again when you have time

    Tee, thank you…maybe the photo is not clear..

    bindiya, well thank you again..

    Siri, I am so glad that I was able to help in a small way…thank you

    sra, hahah…thats so sweet of you to say..but my talents in photogry is so oho that this is not at all possible…as I said I tried so hard to get the picture correct

    Bharathy, thanks..hahah..simple and straight forward…thats nice to hear…thanks for tagging

    and yes you are correct with your answer!

    Laavanya, thank you

    musical, thats nice to know, thank you

    Suganya, you are right to greater extent.

    Roopa, thank you…no its not..check the next post

    Lathamma, thank you

    Alapana, welcome to my blog, nice of you to take time to comment. Glad you liked it

    Sirisha, thank you

    sn, yeah I remember your daughter!..thank you

    Bharathy, thanks for the eagerness..nice of you to play along!

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