Masala Peanut!

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Masala Peanuts or Masala Groundnuts is my most favorite snacks that Amma prepares. I remember Amma making this for all our Vacation Trips. During my high school, we used to make trips to Ooty and other places down south every summer and this used to be on the top list to be done. We used to travel with family friends who was Dad’s senior at collage and later colleague. Their girls were of my age. So it used to be fun travelling with them and munching on these snacks. Either of them would decide to make Masala Peanuts as Uncle and Dad loved munching on these as they talk about clinical stuff. It used to be so much fun, when they keep poping these into their mouth, and it misses the target as they get involved in their discussion on a case. They wonder where the peanut gone. The entire trip lasting around 3 to 4 days will only be focused on eating snacks or other stuff. Infact I dont’ now remember much of the places visited unless associated with these snacks. So apart from Travelling time, this gets done during Festival season like Diwali too. So this Diwali, this is what I planned to cook again.

Groundnut is a very important one at home. We consume it so much mainly because we used to cultivate this in our lands some years back and still do. Now we get it from shops. Still it has its very important place in our kitchen and heart and of course tummy! We make chutney, add to rice or just eat plain. Best decoration could be Masala added.

After marriage, when I visited my in-law place, I was so pleased to see that a box full of Masala Peanut was lying around. I came to know that my father inlaw loves this too. So now its obvious that they will understand the passion we have for this wonder nut.

Here comes a recipe given by Athamma. Amma adds curry leaves and garlic roasted. So I added in the end

Ingredients Needed:

Groundnut/ Peanut – 100 gms
Besan / Bengal gram Flour – 3 tbsp
Chili powder – 1 tsp
Crushed Garlic – 4 pods
Salt to taste


Curry leaves few
Whole garlic – few

Method to prepare

Wash groundnut in water and drain. Mix Basen, salt, chilli powder and crushed garlic to the Nuts and mix well.

Heat oil in Kadai. Once its hot, drop the peanuts into them and cook in sim so that nuts get cooked well.

Remove to a kitchen towel. Fry curry leaves and garlic in oil. Mix these to the Fried Nuts.

Any spice powder can be added as per taste.

Sending these to Vee for Diwali Special.

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Masala Peanut!
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Votes: 2
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