Powder from Heaven ~ and a guess!

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This is what I always thought when I think of the podi that Amma makes. It used to be the object of many childhood dreams. When somebody used to ask me what my favorite food was, I used to think podi annam! I remember during my high school, when coming back from school, Amma used to make evening tiffens. Instead I used to ask her to give me podi annam. It tastes great with both hot rice and cold rice, with chappati or idly or dosa. You name it, I used to like it with that!. That used to be my obsession with this podi, which has been my household dish since I can remember. There was nothing more interesting to me than idlies with podi smeared. It used to taste so wonderful. When I carry this to school, I used to longingly wait for the lunch break to come, so that I can eat it. I especially love the way Idli tastes when you crumble it really well, that it becomes like upma, mix it with ghee and this podi. It just tastes yummy!. This is a love affair that began during childhood and continues to go strong!

Most wonderful thing that can happen to me is the fact that my daughter likes it too. There is nothing more fantastic and heart warming than the fact that your child likes your favorite stuff. At parents place, when Amma makes non-veg, I used to tell her not to bother about my food, as I would love to eat podi annam. This continues to be so, at my place too. Amma always makes this for us but this time we expired it much sooner than we thought. Then Athamma made something similer but that had lot of kopra, so didn’t stay for long.

So when Linda said its going to be Tuvar Dal or Toor Dal for JFI this month, I couldn’t think of a better one to contribute. Called up Amma and got the proportion correct and prepared especially for Linda.

Linda, hope you like this!

So here my Amma’s Podi

Toor Dal – 1 cup (150 gms)
Bengal Gram – 1/2 cup
Red Chilies – 12 to 15 long
Coconut – 1/2 cup
Asafoetida / Hing – a pinch
Salt to taste
Oil – 1 tbsp

Method to prepare

Heat a Kadai with little oil. Roast the Toor dal till nice aroma comes out. Make sure it doesn’t get brown. You need to keep stirring. Remove to a plate, then add Bengal Gram. Once its fried well, remove.

Add some more oil and roast chilies. Remove and let it cool.

Selecting the correct coconut is important. This can be made with coconut that’s really aged. It should not be a tender one. Grate the coconut to get half cup. Add oil and saute well along with hing and salt. Remove and let it cool

Any variety of coconut can be used, only thing to be considered is how long you want to store this. Use less if you want to store this for a long period. Copra becomes very oily when used, so use little. Plain dried desiccated coconut also can be used, but not the sweeten variety. I heard you get sweet desiccated coconut flakes.

Once all the ingredients are cooled, grind them in mixie to a fine powder. The texture can be adjusted as per taste. It tastes good both fine or little coarse.

More coconut can be added if its not going to be stored for long. Once the powder is ready, store it in an air tight container. This can stay fresh for 4 to 6 months.

Amma’s magic Podi goes to Linda for JFI: Toor Dal.

Now for a guess game. Name the plant and what is yielded. Answer will be posted tomorrow.

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Powder from Heaven ~ and a guess!
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Cuisine Andhra Pradesh
Cuisine Andhra Pradesh
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  1. Love Parrupu podi.Its a all time favourite & a help on those extra lazy days where i hate to cook!!! The plant – no idea!:-(

  2. This podi indeed must be from heaven Srivalli,my family loves it.This and avakayi are real saviors in emergencies.But, who needs emergencies to savour them?

  3. Valli!! Podi annam is my favourite too,. i love to have it with hot rice and ghee, its indeed heavenly!!
    I get my podis from home but i guess your mom’s magic podi will make its way to my kitchen!!
    Guessing game, hey i am so bad at it, shall I say that plant yields mustard seeds!!

  4. Podi with hot rice and ghee is my idea of a heavenly meal, too. So, we don’t use copra for this recipe? How about plain dried (dessicated) coconut? Can we not use fresh coconut? Here in the States we get fresh frozen coconut, copra and dried coconut. Which one do you suggest we use?
    I am a botanical cipher, so I won’t bother guessing and making a fool of myself!!

  5. Love the podi. But in kerala we don’t use it that much. My brother in law is fromAndhra and his mom too make them and they are delicious.
    Well i too agree with latha it is vandaka plant.

  6. Indeed ‘KandiPodi’ is a Powder Straight from Heaven Sri, hot rice with some podi and ghee, – I am in clouds already..:)) Thanks for the recipe..
    Guess, I am too late to play ur guess game!..:))

    – Siri

  7. satya, yeah very true…looks like you are visiting after a long time?..

    Lathamma, check the next post!

    Padmaja, great…thanks..try this and you will love it…nooo…though I have another picture of that plant too

    Sia, really thats the way I feel too..its just great!..try and let me know

    Kamini, great to know…Coconut can be any variety. Just that fresh coconut roasted will not have that oily taste

    Happy cook, yeah its great to taste…no it is not..check the next post

    Seema, thank you

    bindiya, thank you…you must try this and taste the heaven!

    Mallika, yeah its always at home…Avakayi is Mango pickle..Check this recipe

    bee, sure, you can use less of it and roast in oil before adding to powder

    Rajesware, thank you!

  8. Hi Srivalli,

    I really enjoyed reading your post and the lovely way you presented the story of your favorite dish! Thank you for sharing this special family recipe for JFI-Toor Dal 🙂

  9. Siri..hhaha..good…come back and make some for s and get back to heaven!

    Roopa, thank you…yes it does have a great colour…thats half attractive!

    Linda, thank you for appreciating. This is indeed very special to me!…thanks for hosting

  10. hey srivalli, thats exactly the way i love to eat my idly. crumble it, add a dash of idly powder with oil or ghee…tastes heavenly 😀 i eat it this way mostly in the evening when a couple of idlies are left over from morning's 🙂

  11. nice pudi, and my favourit.nice picture also. i guess the picture: tur dal plant is it right? long before we planted turdal. thanks for the pudi.

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