An Ode to Arbi!

There are few things that I love most and Arbi happens to be one of them! Since childhood, there have been many things that I have never eaten and which later, got included. But among the few, that have always been my most favorite, is Arbi. I have infact blogged on different ways to cook this vegetable. Still I find many different ways and each one seems to be more tastier. Such is this versatile vegetable! Childhood memories whisk by when I think of this and how Amma used to ensure she makes all the other things to go along with this. Imagine, planning a main course based on this vegetable. Yes, when Amma plans to make Arbi or Samagadda, she also had to plan to cook my favorite sambar and other things long with it. She too tried different ways to cook this wanted vegetable. We liked all of them. Amma used to make it just before serving us, so that it is hot from Kadai!

These days, trying to cook this vegetable has become difficult. Mostly because we have struck to rice to lunch and strictly chappatis at night. So if I have to make this for lunch its usually soft and the trill lies in eating it hot and crispy! And eating rice at night is again a no no. So getting to cook this seems very difficult. Still that didn’t stop me from packing this for lunch or going ahead convincing hubby for a dinner! So it was a real pleasure when Amma asked me what I wanted for lunch on a weekday that we visited them. I remembered a dish that my colleague had got for lunch. It was sinfully deep fried and crispy! It actually didn’t taste like arbi but more like a fried fish. But it was really very tasty. When I asked her for recipe, she said it was prepared by her MIL but could guess at the recipe and method. Well when I tried it did turn out very crispy but not sure if it would’ve stayed so crispy like hers. This reminds me that I should ask her to get that again. When I had told this to hubby dear, he didn’t show the same enthusiasm as I expected. Said frying it so much would kill the vegetable! But then what did he know of the taste I had, its worth trying it. But I decided not just then!

I had gone out that day along with Athamma and had left the kids with hubby and Amma. The initial two days were tough with the kids not going to my parents, since its was nearly two months that they last saw them and that too for a short while. Only towards the third or fourth day they started going to Amma and it was nearly the last few days that both of them went to Dad. It pained me so much because my daughter literally grew up in parents home and she calls my mom as Amma and me as mummy! How I wish my twins also had the influence and the pampering that my parents, showered on my daughter. So it was so cute to find, on getting back home, both of them eating from Amma’s hands. The elder one gets all shy on seeing ma and rushes to me and the younger one is more bold, and ventures little closer. So with all this work, Amma didn’t get time to prepare the fry as I had told her. And moreover, she said she didn’t understand what I was telling her! So it happened I had to prepare it myself in the end. For this, Amma had made her Carrot Beans Sambar, my fav combi with Arbi fries.

So here comes a classic deep fried Arbi. This is a must try for all Arbi fans!

Ingredients needed:

Arbi/ Colacasia / Sambagadda / Sepang kizhangu / Chepankizhangu – 250 gms
Sambar Powder – 1 & 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste

Mustard seeds + urud dal – 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves few

Oil for deep frying and oil for cooking – 2 tsp

Method to prepare:

Select Arbis that are really long and no side growths in it. Pressure cook for 1 whistle. Let it cool and peel the skin.

Slice it vertically as French fries, making sure the pieces are not too thick or thin.

Heat a kadia with oil. Once its hot, deep fry the half boiled arbis in batches. Along with this, you can have another Kadai on the other burner, add 1 tsp oil and season the mustard and curry leaves. Once they splutter, transfer the deep fried arbis to this kadai. Sprinkle Sambar Powder along with salt. Let it fry for 2 mins so that the spices gets inside.

This can be done by either removing all the deep fried arbis to kitchen towel and again frying them together the second time. Both ways should be fine. you can even toss the spices after removing it down. Which way that you use, it tastes good.

Since I was in a hurry that day, I had another kadia and cooked side by side, if you have time, you can do a real slow cooking which will make the arbi more crispy and tasty. This tends to be little more deep fried.

I still few more recipes to try out. Meanwhile check out other Arbi fries dishes

Arbi Stir Fry
Arbi Deep Fry
Arbi Deep fry with Idli batter

Enjoy Arbi any day and everyday!

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An Ode to Arbi!
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  1. u can press the arbi a little after boiling it, then deep fry. after that sprinkle dhania pow, mirchi, amchoor, salt . tastes yummy

  2. I tried Arbi once in gravy dish, didn’t like it much. I should try frying your way, looks delicious. Yes, I am not scared of frying like you too!:D
    You have twins! My, that is a hard work indeed.

  3. I love Colacasia, never had them deep fried though… If you say it tastes like fish fry, I am all ready to try it out ASAP 🙂 Looks great!

  4. I am totally with you, Srivalli. I loved arbi as long as I could remember. Steamed, pan-fried, deep fried, anything works. This is my mom’s signature way of preparing it. I hardly get to eat this when I open my lunch box while in School.

  5. Srivalli,
    You can enjoy Arbi for Dinner also. Try to make Arbi Semi Gravy Dish for Chapathis. It’s yummy and mouthwatering…Arbi Semi Gravy Dish is quiet popular in Delhi Dhabas. Search for the Recipe and cook.

  6. sra, ehmm…its more the reason to have then!

    kamala, glad to know I have like minded friends!

    Asha, oh hubby wants this gravy dish..will have to look out for the recipe!..Yeah try it tastes great!

    Sig, hahha..yeah it definetely does!

    Nags, oh its that small root veggie..wait girl you work with google..surely you can search and find it out!..:D..if not let me know will send the picture!

    vimmi, eheemm…sounds great…will try it

    Suganya, check out your recipe..sounds great!

    ec, sure..try and let me know!

    suresh, your wish is my command sir!..will check out and prepare soon!

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