Cauliflower 65!

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“Beware before you step inside”, is the board we wanted to put up on our door outside. We have destructive little ones inside. The scene will resemble like an aftermath of a storm struck place. Things all shoved all over, with chairs lying down. You want to sit. Nay, kindly remain standing if you have dared to pay us a visit. It was a comical scene to see our visitor recently, who decided to visit us for some reason. On seeing the dining chairs in a recline position, he hasten to lift them to their proper position. We hurried to convince him not to bother. Its a problem if they are in their standing position. Then with great difficulty, we cleared him some space to sit down. But if you plan to dine with us, then sorry you got to stand and enjoy the feast! That’s what we finally did last night. After a long time, we decided to make Biyam Roti. It was a feast for our senses.

Hubby dear devised the perfect plan for us to eat without disturbing the kids. He said we will let them play in the dining room and as soon as Athamma makes a roti, we will be on the scene to finish it off. The twins have got a liking to climb the chairs and on to the table and have such fun seeing things fall down to the ground. So the chairs are on the floor and we have our dinner in batches. Either of us baby sit them, while others have their dinner. But we have been missing our dining together ritual. So hubby thought this way would help, so had a buffet. Infact I sat with them on the sofa, they didn’t even notice the difference, just came close to me and said Mum mum mum and had a bite and carried on playing. It was such fun. We had a great time enjoying the rotis and playing with them.

This reminds me of the Cauliflower 65 that I made last week for Lax. Lathamma and Lax dropped in home and Lak wanted me to prepare Cauliflower 65 same as my Dragon 65. Since it was prawns, I had to make some changes to use cauliflower. I made the spicy groundnuts and Papaya Halwa as this is the latest crazy at home. We had an enjoyable time, it was fun having them home. Konda enjoyed the maximum, as expected it never seem like she was meeting them for the first time. When I told her that Lax is going to come home, she was pestering me some umpteen number of times. Hara was reluctant in the start, then went to Lax, but the younger wouldn’t go near. Before serving them, it struck me that I hadn’t taken a picture. So hurried with the camera for a fast one. Then I finally asked everybody to pose for a photo. Lak was teasing me saying that they are not food to be captured in so many angles. Gosh, I guess one gets carried away having a camera on hand. We had a marvelous time, I hope they did too and weren’t intimidated by my folks at home.

Ingredients Needed

Cauliflower florets – 250 gms
Green Chili paste – 2 tbsp
Ginger Garlic paste – 1 tsp
Corn Flour – 4 tbsp
All purpose flour – 2 tbsp
Red food colour
Soya sauce – 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying

Method to prepare

Clean and cut the cauliflower into small florets. Soak them in salted warm water to clean any worms in them.

In a bowl, take all the ingredients and mix with enough water to get a thin batter.

Heat a pan with oil and dip the cauliflower in the batter and drop them in hot oil. Once they are cooked on all sides, remove on to a kitchen towel.

You can make more batter as and when it gets over depending on the cauliflower and it so happens that in the end there is not much soya sauce left for the last batch. Still that gives a different taste to the cauliflower.

I served these with hot tomato chutney.

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Cauliflower 65!
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  1. That does sound quite easy to make . Have heard of it but neither have I made it nor haver I tasted it. Will definitely try it out one of these days.Whether i am kitchen savvy or not I don’t know, but with encouragement from visitors to my blog ,I might just about become one !

  2. Lucky Latha who can enjoy your delicious food.
    When Shyama was tiny our living was like a bomb fell down everyday. There was no use in cleaning up…… and i only had one, so can imagine with the twins

  3. lol… it was a very funny read. so if we come to ur place we have to eat standing right? ok, point taken;)
    do u know what they call it gobi 65, paneer 65, aloo 65 etc?

  4. That looks great. our house is the same. There is place to sit, but no place to walk Toys are all over the living room. Looks like a otrnado has hit the house. Thats with one toddler. With 2, no wonder u have no place to sit.

  5. I was amused to read Lakshmi’s comment that people weren’t food to be captured at so many angles. How old are your twins? And Biyam Roti is rice roti?

  6. The red color did the trick.. it gave such nice n rich color Srii… Glad to know u guys had a great time.. I called u twice yesterday .. but nobody picked.. guess u were busy with kiddos.. will try again today.. The Cauli-65 looks sooooo yummy..:DD

    I wish I was there with u guys.. on the sofa and a plate of these in hand..:DD


  7. Happy cook, yes we enjoyed their visit and looking fwd for the next..thats nice to know..we too at one point don’t try to clean

    Asha, yes we did…its wonderful to know that blogging does that to us…thanks

    Sia, thanks..yes this is a precaution you need to know before!…even I tried researching on that but couldn’t’ find the exact reason..I have stopped thinking about it…some say it was first created in the year 65, some say it first had 65 ingredient..hhaha…whatever its fine..when the dish tastes reason..

    Kamini, try this out and let me know

    kamala, thank you, yes we had fun

    Uma, you are welcome…

    Kalai, yes it was quite spicy too

    sra. hhaah…it was quite funny hearing her say it…they are 15 months now..yes it is rice roti..I forgot to link it..

    hobbitt, thank you…then you should make it…its yummy…sure when you write so well you sure can expect visitors dropping in

    vimmi, hhahah..nice to know that I am not alone…

    Rina, you are welcome..

    Ramya, thanks…you can add the soya sauce to the batter and then dip the cauliflower…

    Manju, thanks for liking it

    Dhivya, great to know that…thanks

    Mandira, thank you

    Cynthia, yeah it highlights the look no doubt

    Jayashree, yeah they were…thanks

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