Lunch Box Series : LBS#26

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The thoughts of a lovely puff takes me back to one summer day, when I first dug my teeth on a crisp, greasy but heavenly puff. During my 11th grade summer holidays, being very ambitious to secure a place in our chosen field, my parents along with few others, decided to send us off for summer coaching. That being our first outing alone, the first day we were accompanied by my friend’s father. It was too much to travel with a parent, so we convinced the parents that we can travel ourselves to and fro. So there we were, all of 16 years and being so bold to think of traveling ourselves and going to far off place to study. Of course, there were many who did that everyday even then, but for us, school being a walking distance and having never ventured alone, this was a big trip into the world on our own. We were three of us and we used to meet at a spot and then go to the railway station to catch the metro to reach central station and then from there to T. Nagar by Bus. We used to commute by the 10 series. That being my almost, first time traveling in a bus, was real fun. You want to learn life, travel in a public transportation. It shows you the city and its people in a miniature! It carries all sorts of people, cruel and mean too. Its left to you how you handle. But for the young girls that we were then, all we could think of was helping others. We used to offer our seats, if we see old people or pregnant ladies or differently abled ones. But at times, we used to feel dishearten to see meanness in some. But life is never a bed of roses right!

It was during that summer, I remember eating my first puff. And its still the best I ever remember. On the way to the coaching center, was this shop from which tantalizing aromas used to sneak out. It used to lure us on our way to and fro to our center. One day, after much debate if we should eat it and if we do, should we tell our parents, we decide to throw the caution to air. We marched in to conquer! Oh we came out conquered. Thus started our affair with the puffs, which went on for weeks after that. Till this date, I haven’t confessed to mom and dad about this. But I am sure, they will get a freak knowing on this affair. The bus fare costed us 1.50 Rs each and all three of us used to take turns in buying the tickets and the puffs. The puffs part was the best. My friends knew I love them, so they generally assume we will stop there for a bite before catching the bus back home. It used to be crispy and tasted heavenly. I realise, the month and odd, I spent going to that place to learn, never really impressed me, as much as that puff did. I went to that place long after that time, to see if that shop still sold that same brand of puffs, I was sad to see no such shop existed anymore. I left back, carrying a heavy heart at a lost childhood and memories full of an earthly and heavenly tasting puffs, in my memories. Oh, how I wish I could get back, just one day of that time again. I wish I paid more attention to that boring lecture, than romancing with the aroma of a bewitching filter coffee, sneaking from the nieghbouring house or day dreaming about the date with the puff down the lane. The woes and follies of our youth!

Today’s lunch box will not leave you craving, atleast for me. But if you are the types for greens and cabbages, then by all means scroll down to have a look!

Today’s Lunch Box had

Cabbage Pappu ~ Cabbage in Toor Dal
Siru Keerai Poriyal ~ Amaranth Leaves Stir Fry
Pepper Cumin Rasam
Plain Rice
Curd Rice

Cabbage Pappu ~ Cabbage in Toor Dal

Ingredients Needed:

Cabbage finely chopped – 100 gms
Tur Dal – 100 gms
Green chillies – 5 -6 (depending on your choice)
Tomatoes – 2 medium
Turmeric a pinch
Tamarind – 1 piece

Coriander leaves few
Salt to taste

Mustard seeds + Urud dal – 1/2 tsp
Onions – 1 small
Curry leaves
Garlic pods – 4
Oil – 1 tsp

Method to prepare:

Place all the ingredients from Cabbage to Tamarind in a pressure cooker with enough water and put for 3 to 4 whistles.

Once the pressure is off, remove the water and mash well with a pappu guthi or a lenthil masher. Add back the water to the dal.

Heat a pan with Oil and sputter with mustard, urud and sauté onions and garlic well. It can even be little brown.

Tamper this to the dal and let it cook on high flame with salt.

Cabbage is not seen in the dal but gives out a wonderful taste and variety to the Dal.

Siru Keerai Poriyal ~ Amaranth Leaves Stir Fry

Ingredients Needed

Siru Keerai – 1 bunch
Chopped Onions – 1 small
Garlic flakes – 3-4
Dry Red chilis – 2-3
Curry leaves few
Mustard seeds + urud dal + Bengal Gram – 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil – 1 tsp

Method to prepare

Wash the greens well and let it drain. Chop the leaves to fine pieces.

Heat a pan with Oil, splutter mustard, Urud dal and Channa Dal. Then add the onions, crushed garlic and red chili and sauté well. Once they get brown, squeeze out water again from the greens and add to the pan.

Add salt and simmer and cover with a lid for 15 mins or till its cooked.

Serve with pappu.

Enjoy a classic Andhra Pappu with healthy greens. We sneak the cabbages into pappu, whenever possible, hubby is not even aware! So its even more fun.

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Lunch Box Series : LBS#26
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  1. I can still speand an entire day dreaming about what we are going to have for dinner, so don’t think it is the folly of the youth.

    How do you get time to make so many varieties for lunch. Oh wish i could have some. Love rasama nd curd rice.

  2. Lovely description of the puff :). And very innovative to use cabbage in daal! Must have turned out really delicious! And your post makes me crave Amarantha! i wish we could get some here :).

  3. Have always made cabbage with moong dal only, next time will try with thur dal…nice spread for lunch…if i had such a lunch each day, i would never work until lunch dreaming of it

  4. Oh! i thought that you were giving a recipe for that flaky and yummy puff:(
    ofcourse ,your write-up is equally enjoyable and made up for that:)
    Cabbage pappu looks creamy and delicious Srivalli.Thank you for sharing.

  5. Puffs are wonderful to eat whether it’s veggie or non-veg. B’lore Iyengar bakeries make the best ones,always veg of course!:D
    I love Cabbage but Arvind hates the the smell. He comes in and asks “did the dog poop inside again?” Hahaha!!
    I will make it anyway!
    Whole thali looks yum to me!:)

  6. You’re description of the puff brought about drool worthy memories of my school days. Excellent Recipe dear Srivalliji. You are a cheftastic!! (yea I can make up words too hehe)

  7. Valli, ur LBS simply rocks! Thanks for ur kind comments and a warm welcome onboard. Its like a family member welcoming me after a vacation (blog break)…. I will mail u abt my India trip…pretty much excited yaar!

  8. i dont know if i have said this before….but i am also nuts about those puffs…and i hog on them almost everyday in the office canteen for snacks ……my friends are fed up with me having them everyday….nice write up, i must say:)

  9. We had one such bakery near our bus stop that we never failed to visit after college. Their specialty was dil pasand – a flaky pastry with dried fruits filling. They had killer cream buns. one half vanilla and the other half chocolate flavored. “The woes and follies of our youth!” – Tell me about it.

  10. These look so yummy and satisfying. Then we see that you add curry leaves. Oh No!! We forgot to add curry leaves to our list of Masala spices!! We need to consult with you first before we write on anything with spices.

  11. You took me back to my school days Srivalli… the odd trips without parents, and feasting on junk food… the secret pleasures of childhood… 🙂
    I am seriously craving a puff now… 😀

  12. easycrafts, yeah with tur dal too it tastes good…hahah…nice to know…

    satya, hhaah..wish I did too..but will try to post that sometime…thanks for reading and liking it, means a lot..

    Asha, yeah anytime for one!… you too sneak like this?..great to know…

    sra, thank you..hhahah…will try it sometime am sure I will be scandalised if my daughter tells me..

    Padma, thank you…its my pleasure..I infact felt that way…thats why I rushed when I saw an alert from your blog…sure…keep me posted

    Kalai, you boost me much with your words..if others complain I will point my finger towards you…:D…thanks

    Lavanya, sure you are most welcome!

    vimmi, yeah thats there of course…thank you!

    musical, glad you liked it…

    Uma, thank you very much!

    AnuZi, glad you had too..thank you..aahhaha..thats nice to know..I learnt a new word..:D

    Saswati, do try and let me know!

    bhags, Yes I remember you saying it, and I am so glad that I am not alone…even I won’t get bored eating it daily…though it might do something else on the weight part!..glad you liked the post

    Suganya, Oh thats a fantasy of childhood…well I can’t tell the whole world right..will send you a mail on that…:D..but I am sure you will feel for ever asking me…hahaha

    White On Rice Couple, welcome to my blog…glad you liked have so much going on your blog, doubt if I will have anything to show you…

    Lisa, hahha..anytime be ready for that..

    jayasree, glad you liked both…thank you!

    Raaga, hahaha..wish it had …glad you do..thats nice to know

    Viji, coming from you, means a lot..thanks…you have to your hearts content when you come down here..

    Deepa, thank you..glad you liked it

    Sig, ehmm..nice to know…yes the highlight of childhood…hahah…whats stopping you

  13. We made this cabbage dal.We didn’t think that the cabbage dal will turn out this much tasty and we all liked it a lot and had a nice dinner.Thanks for sharing it with us and for helping me in doing this.

    Thank you.


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