Microwave Easy Cooking with Tiffins – Round up and next Theme!

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Looks like I crossed 200 posts but never realized it. I just remembered Lak saying recently that they crossed 200. Congrats, Lathamma andd Lax, this led me to wonder on my stats. Yes, I have and this is post 204!. Does that sounds like a kid cheering on scoring a centerm, I accept, I do feel elated. Blogging has brought in many joy. Least of all, that vague feeling I used to have before starting a blog. Then when I used to log on to internet, I just had my emails to check and I used to wonder what other browse. Now I don’t even pose that question to me. The moment I log on, I am blog hopping. Most times, I feel I haven’t visited all the latest blogs and feel bad that blogger friends will get disappointed at not getting people drop in to greet them! Well I really wish I could but its humanly not possible. But more than anything this is so important to me, because I can record all my mother’s recipes along with it all those memories that have faded back. Thinking about each recipe, brings back those fond ones!

Coming to do this round up, I pause to always think of this past days that just flew by. Wasn’t it only yesterday I did the December’s round up. God, time is flying away! This past month has been very eventful and stressful to say that least. Many hurdles and pressure came our way, but with God’s grace we have been able to overcome them. I can say that blogging helped me shift my focus from those tense thoughts. Because of this, I haven’t been able to participate in many events that I wanted to. I know how disappointing and tensed the thought is if you don’t get any entries for your event. it takes time and effort. But if you don’t get as many, you feel down. Luckily I have some loyal friends who never fail to send in their entries. To them, I hold the success of this event. I am in no means sending hints to others that they need to strain and send in entries. But its just something I always wanted to discuss. I know cooking in MW is not something everybody would want to. Infact to be frank, I normally don’t these days. Just few dishes and for my own event, is what I extend myself. But then the object of this event, is to help everybody on Easy Cooking in MW. So lets learn whatever comes this way!

On blogging front, Bharathy and I have been very busy with trying to identify people for Arusuvai. Its fun exchanging emails on this. Whatever it is, its got me a dear friend, who is so fun and enjoyable to chat with. She never fails to crack me. Another friend whose writing skills keep me enthralled is Kamini, she weaves tales of South India. She is a great story teller and you will be on the edge of the seat. Hop on to her place to get enthralled by her stories.

Lets me announce the theme for this month. In February, think Greens!. It can be anything but made with Greens. Send in as many ever you want by 29th February 2008, with Subject line MEC: Greens! Check out here for more details.

Lets now move on to check out the entries that came this month.

Siri has cooked up an tempting dish with Mwed Chole in Tomato wraps.

Well she was apprehensive if this falls under tiffin items, no hard and fast rule when it comes to cooking what we like. They had it for breakfast, so it should have been light and great. And it looks very tempting too!

EC brings in all her arrays of Tiffins to the party. No issues, more the merry.

I for one, have been happy to see her blog as all her recipes are in mw. Great right!. Hop to her place to check on other interesting things she does. She is one great Artist, Looks like she has everything possible, be it painting, handwork. Thanks for the wonderful entries EC.

As I said, I never fear when Asha dear is here. She always manages to send in for me. Thank you very much Asha. I know you have your resolutions to hold. But I am sure there are many who are missing you!

She makes one innovative way of making Idlis. Check out her tempting MW Thatte Idli.
Jayashree says she was feeling bored, cooking the usual rava idli. so for a change, tried with samba goduma instead of sooji. She was happy with her experiments! Well so are we that you carried out this.

Next dish from her is a comforter. On days when she feels pressed by things outside her realm, she turns to comfort foods. Well this familiar dish does wonders to soul and tummy. A simple Vegetable kichdi is what it is called.

Aparna from the her diverse kitchen, brings a diverse to this theme too. While all the dishes have been traditional ones, she was able to bring a change. Check out her yummy looking scones.

She says this recipe has been with her for a long time and she was contemplating on posting it. Well I am glad she did wait for this event!

Meera brings in lovely looking tray with idlies.

She says she got this as a gift but never really used it much. She got it out for this event. Thank you Meera, do you have other such items on hand that I can think of?


Rajeswari shows us a step by step way of making Wheat rawa upma. This is something she learnt from her MIL.
Now I wish her MIL also blogs, cos she promised she will try to post another tiffin from her MIL!
From a kitchen from Kailas comes a Mor Kali.

Jayasree brings us a traditional tiffin, which is mostly prepared in the evenings since it is labeled as a light tiffin. Now there is no better reason for preparing this right.

Till now we have seen traditional dishes from south, how about from north? When I saw the picture in her blog, I was really stumped by the beauty. Nupur, you are one great artist to have decorated that wadi so beautifully. It is simply a picture perfect.

I love reading the pre and post parts of her posts. She always ends up taking me along with the narration she has for each and everyone. This did the same too. I almost can hear her aaji, giving out those lovely rules to follow when you are attempting to do a wadi! Thanks to you and your Mom for a lovely dish.

She is known for her classic photography skills. I have heard many,say that they get so bowled by pictures that they hardly recover much to have a look at the recipe details. Well I have felt that many times too.

She has never failed to encourage me in any of my posts. And I am very glad that she finally joined us here. Suganya, its lovely having you here, if time permits, I do hope you can join me in forthcoming events.
Coming to what I made, its again Idlis. I almost thought I should not put up, this considering that there are quite a number of idlies. But I believe there is no such thing as enough Idlies.

I made this at Amma’s place. Few things that I understood from the experience are:

Prepare the Idlies the usual way, When you are using MW, remember these points!
You should pour in less amount of batter.
The time specified in the manual is never enough. You got to make your own judgments.
Eat it immediately. As if you store, it tends to harden a bit


Thanks to all who participated and to others who encourage me in this endeavor! See you all again in the next round up, meanwhile hop on to catch jenny in action!


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Microwave Easy Cooking with Tiffins - Round up and next Theme!
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  1. Its always a pleasure to read ur posts Srii, but the MEC RoundUps are even better!.. Love the way u describe each n every entry.. Love the next theme too.. and U can count me in.. as usual!!..:D

    Hugs and Thanks so much for voting for me dear.. I am so touched..:)

    ~ Siri

  2. Great round up.It is difficult to find recipes for tiffin that we can cook in microwave, but so many people send itn thier entries.

  3. Great round up and wonderful “green” theme,will see what I can do!:))

    DO NOT feel guilty or stressed if you miss few posts to comment on and missed few events. It’s quite okay. I went thru’ same thing and once you stop feeling obligated or feeling guilty, then you will relax and enjoy blogging more. So take care of yourself first, two cents from me!! Hugs to you!:))
    Happy 200th post, it is a pleasure to see traditional dishes always.

  4. Great round up with a personal touch as usual Srivalli.Congratulations on achieving a milestone.Looking forward to see many more.

  5. jayasree, thank you..looking fwd for your entry!

    Meera, thank you…I will be very glad..:D

    easycrafts, thank you for your contribution..

    Nupur, thank you. glad you could participate!

    Siri, thank you for your kinds words!..you are welcome!

    Asha, thank you…Thanks for your two cents, really appreciate your advice. Will surely follow!

    vimmi, thank you..glad you find this useful!

    Suganya, thank you

    Jayashree, thank you

    satya, thank you for the support and encouragement!

  6. ugh I cook everyday in the MW somehow I could’nt participate in any events for the past 2 months!
    Nice roundup! Hots off to you for being so active all the time! I suppose you have never taken a break from blogging! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Congrats on Crossing 200!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    They are not just posts!so much of your experiences giving due importance to tour fellow bloggers, last but not the least 200 Spreads!..also recipe spreads..2-3-4 at a time!!
    (if I ever try your method I will run out of recipes in a month for sure!)

    Glad to see this post, Valli! Dont we enjoy exchanging mails on arusuvai!!??

    Fine round up as always, sri ๐Ÿ™‚

    I should startlearning MW Cooking from yours without delay!!

  8. Valli,
    Fantastic post, as always. Hope the days and months ahead will be more peaceful and stress-free for you. And thanks so much for mentioning me – that was really so sweet of you!

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