A drink on the side!

This is got to be my most hurried post. I know the due date for MBP is just round the corner and I can’t disappoint dear Sig. Though I have been actually been doing a patrol and thinking of so many, finally when it was time to get it done, I couldn’t get the things on time. Then I saw Nirmala posting this and also saw her asking if we knew any other blogger who could’ve blogged on those things that she used. I said I have my perfect MBP entry…

MBP, is an event started by dear cooffe..oops..coffee..another coffeer lover on side..(psps..like me)..oops..well I am tying this after I drank the glass..can’t focuc properly!

Well let me cut it short..and present to you the drink!…Here it is….Thanks Nirmala for the entry..:)

Sig, here comes another for your drinks party!

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  1. sra, hhaha…so true..you never fail to crack me up…

    Sig, glad you liked it…and now you say you extend it…:)

    Uma, Dhivya, thanks

    satya, thank you..it was too

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