A plate for a Balanced Breakfast!

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Ok here comes a post for which I didn’t have to cook anything but got things together to make them very balanced. Now you know for which event this is going right. I guess the life of a food blogger revolves around the different events that get hosted. Had my folks really understood this concept, either they might sulk or try to get the different hosts to host things more on their liking. I guess it might be the second thought mostly. We have always been on pursuit to find the ideal breakfast to help us going for the whole day. Though the lunch is typically rice and dal types, since its always hurried, we don’t really pay much attention to it. And dinners are always very light. This pattern has been our life style for a while. So we plan to eat a balanced one with all right one in its proportions. So towards that, we normally include eggs, nuts and fruits to the breakfast plate. A while ago, we had Plantain stem juice or Beet and Carrot Juice accompanying our breakfast. Once I met a dietician, who advised on only drinking Tomato juice and should not eat anything solid. Well I followed that too for a while. Though it was good, because you got to slip a glass full of crushed tomatoes for 15 mins, I couldn’t continue for long. Then came the days with fruits and salads. That continued for a season. We are now back to our regular breakfast with addition of nuts and fruits.

Now I thought I have the perfect balanced breakfast in front of me, when Hubby dear played the spoiled sport and refused to have eggs the day I was ready to click. However much I tried convincing him, he wouldn’t agree. So I just got to do with a plate without the eggs!

Mixed Fruit Sandwich, Cheese Sandwich with Almonds and Raisins along with Banana for a healthy balanced breakfast.

This plate goes to Mansi who is hosting WBB, short for Weekend Breakfast Blogging, an event started by Nandita of Saffron Trail. The theme for this edition is Balanced Breakfast.

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A plate for a Balanced Breakfast!
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  1. Old habits are hard to break. In Mysore my mom used to make these for me before school and these days it is still my breakfast. In fact my husband’s breakfast is the same ;o) Very healthy breakfast dear.
    PS (Ashaji, Sriji, I’ve actually eaten at the Dosa Man’s cart. and its unbelievable how perfect his dosas are even though he is making them on his cart!)

  2. that plate looks lovely…my idea of healthy balanced breakfast keeps on changing too…but i do like the inclusion of fruits and nuts for breakfast…

  3. Guess what – I love ‘Tomato Juice’, its my fav juice of all and never miss to have one when I am traveling thru flight.. there is sumthing abt *U flying in the air with a glass of tomato juice*.. weird a?.. hehehhe..:D The plate looks healthy Srii!


  4. LOve the sandwiches Sri, great plate of breakfast to have.
    Btw, I found a street vendor called Dosa man from New York who was a runner up for the award in 2007. I linked them at Dosa post y’day, watch the videos there when you get time!:)

  5. Bread makes me sluggish, but sometimes I just can’t face one more fruit in the morning, and crave for bread – I rarely keep it at home.

  6. Rachel, hheheh…then you say it was good that I didnt’ feature the eggs too..:D

    Asha, yeah I too..it just boosts me so much…Oh yeah will surely check it out…if its ok, I might include it in the round up too..

    Anjali, thanks

    Happy cook, hhahah…I somehow thought you would say this. yeah I read all about it at your place…though seeing your picture I never understood why you follow a diet!..:)

    Servidores, thanks for dropping by. Will check your blog.

    Pooja, hahah..you are most welcome

    AnuZi, I can understand how it must be..I too grew on these. Oh thats nice to know…yeah those cartwallas are experts..

    Uma, glad you liked it

    Kalai, yes too balanced you think πŸ™‚

    sowmya, yeah thats the way to it..else we get bored..

    Mansi, glad you liked it..thanks for hosting the event…and yes so glad to know that!

    Lavi, thanks..I too love to munch on them in the end!

    Siri, hahah..weird not at all. Everybody to their fancy!

    Vanamala, Thank you

    sra, come again???..as you say this..I can imagine your facial expressions..prizeless…:)

    Trupti, Divya, Pooja, thank you for your thoughts

    Kamini, thank you…yeah even I wanted to have that for the plate..though normally we try to get it..the day I decided to click, it wasn’t available..its like it was playing against me…:)

    Namratha, Glad you liked it…

    satya, hhehehe…everything is a season right…we are yet to go on an oats season, though its been on our minds for a while…

  7. It sure is a healthy one….but somehow for me, I don’t feel that sandwiches give me the right start to a day…it’s fine as a snack but not for brkfast….but then, that’s just me πŸ™‚

  8. You are eating way too healthy girl… πŸ™‚
    I cannot imagine drinking just tomato juice…. now, if it is a bloody mary, then may be πŸ™‚

  9. Jayashree, yeah thats true..me too get hungry soon on a bread day..but then these days since we include so many other items..its manageable..

    Sig, hhaha..thank you thank you..trying to keep up to it…now now..we can’t get into bloody mary so early in the morning right…or can we..LOL!

    Raaga, thanks!

  10. I don't see how that is a balanced breakfast. The fruit jam is very high in sugar and white bread is just a processed piece of crap..Whole wheat is a healthier option.
    The only healthy items are the banana and the almonds….

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