Celebrations of Dosas ~ Dosa Mela Part three!

Finally here I am with the most awaited round of this Mela. Dosas from the quick and hassle-less batters. After working non-stop on the entries, I know all of them by heart. Well, at least most! The entries have since gone up and its now 177 entries with 172 dosas varieties. Lets proceed to check them out!


Adorable Adais

Coming first to us is the multi facet Adais! Adais are simple, yet so very tasty. All you need to get these ready – are just a couple of dals and voila you have a complete meal on your table! You need not worry if it’s fermented properly, ‘cos this need not be and what’s more exciting that that! Lets see what each one looks like!

Here comes a lady with who is dreading this mela roundup! Do you want to know why?’cos she might want to try them all!. Arr yaar, that’s point right??..Ok, a joke apart, Arundati has come a long way! Now her dear hubby thinks she can make dosa out of water!. gosh, hope she goes through the entire list and makes a dosa and not just water for him!
I don’t need to introduce Asha right, she can be rightly crowned the Dosa Queen, she has blogged on about 20 dosas and still plans to do more. I was so happy that she had few left to post for this mela. And you believe, she had a Mela right there at her place! Phew, I actually thought of bringing all those, but I better leave you all to check out yourself! Her beautiful Adai makes for an easy and very nutritious breakfast!
Foodie, is a real foodie! She gave me with a pinch of love four entries in one shot! Wow, actually make it more than a pinch. It was so much entertaining going through her blog and have already bookmarked quite a few. This Adai, she makes is with instant adai powder. Not that, you can also get a recipe for making the instant Adai mix yourself!.

Jennifer Kumar comes in with her version of protein packed dish that can be good for any meal. I was in awe when I went through her site. She not just cooks well with focus on Vegetarianism, but has an active site on India, Hinduism, and spirituality! wow. I shouldn’t be partial, but her living in Chennai had me all proud! Thanks Jennifer for letting me discover your wonderful site!

Check out Mrs. Kannan’s Spicy Adai. She has done a great job of putting up in steps and must’ve surely tasted great! Toor dal is very dear to us. We use it in many forms in our daily cooking. So imagine Mythreyee sending me an Adai with it! It ought to be great! Priya does a comeback show with her tempting Adai. she is one creative gal and her new getup is rocking! Well she says she is scared of making the regular batter. What a reason to enjoy these lovely Adais at her place! What can I say about mine very own. Except the fact that I simply love it! This is why it’s so very sad that both Dad and hubby dear don’t like it. Shhhh..you know what we do??..When Dad or Hubby is not around, this is what we feast ourselves with!

Beseeching Besan

Medhaa showcases the sindhi cuisine. I had a Sindhi friend, whose lunch boxes I had enjoyed so much. Now I know where to go if I want to make some sindhi food. She brings in Chilro, which is made with Besan and vegetables. What a way to enjoy Dosa!

Pooja comes with a classic Gujarati dish called Ghaaroda. It’s simple yet to an amazing way to use up left out cooked rice. What an innovative dosa!…Thanks Pooja for sharing this with us!

Sunshinemom is one rocking mom. Not only she dishes out exciting stuff for her kid and hubby, she has a trick or two up her sleeve! Imagine grinding channa dal at home and making bajjis with it! But that’s true I tell you, cos that’s what she does and say we might never want to get a store one again!


Gratifying Greens

Divya says it’s safe to assume that when one loves dosas and one has creativity, one can come with at 100 or maybe 50. You are wrong Divya, we have more dosa lovers than we thought. Well, she comes with dosa filled in with the goodness of Drumstick leaves. Growing up, I have always been told eat Muringa ila, it’s good for health! Mansi makes sure she comes out with something exciting always! This time round she comes out with gluten-free Dosa using Gram flour! Not just that I tell you, with added goodness of Spinach too!
Who will ever say no to Paneer! And if it comes packed with Palak, its double damakka! And just look at plate! Trupti is one creative lady!
Well when you see so many coming along with Spinach, how I can ignore it. I added these to the batter, and with Spicy podi, it was just too good


Flooring with Mixed Flour

Anjali wants a quick dosa and only option left is to mix up all flours and make a quick one. Mind you, this delicious dosa is ready in just 10 mins!
Jayashree turns to a vegetable one, which will balance the needs and the quick requirements. This lady is quick in all her dishes. Doesn’t believe in toiling long in kitchen, when you can get the same done quickly. I have few things to learn from when I meet her!

Miri said she came panting and puffing to join us for the mela. Well I looked on her and she looked pretty gorgeous. So maybe she said emphatically, though her creation was worth the while! She comes with a kid pleaser, the Sandwiches! Now,

Now, Nanditha’s post was awesome! I went back reading her post not once but thrice! The story she regales on the magic spice, is something one can’t miss! And the story of the overcooked vermicelli taking the form of pancake is just too innovative!

Rinku confesses a universal truth! Dosas are great salvation food! So true and she finds it so convenient to get the vegetables into her kids food. But this dish comes out of need and it was not having enough flour on hand. No worries, we still ended up having a lovely one. The doc has to come with some magic dish to cure the needs right. And truly Nandita comes in with multigrain pancake that’s made with yeast! This is a great way to avoid eggs!

Smita serves you right! yea I tell you, not only does her dish look tempting but she keeps us hooked with her tales! I rush through two or three times expecting to read what comes next! Read through her account of undeniable dosa craving!

Uma comes with a quick solution for the quick dosa and that’s with all flours. Isn’t nice that we can get these quick ones without the hassles of preparations! She showcases authentic Andhra dishes, which sure can’t be missed!

Honey & Butter comes with her version of mixed flour dosa. Well, these tell me that I got to store a lot of flours if I ever want a quick fix!

Lathamma’s Tricolour Pancakes are so colourful!. She came across this during one of her experiments and wow am I glad that she did!And mine is very simple one! Though I loved the carrot in it!

Pacifying Pesarattus

This mela has brought in lot of things, most prominent is the awareness of wonderful people around you!. Arundathi sent in her Pesarat and I had a recovery of her wonderful blog! Her picture was just too good.
Divya was let into this wonderful dosa while she was talking to her friend. She was so happy ‘cos this doesn’t need all that preparations one otherwise need to make the traditional dosas.
Check out EC’s Green gram dal dosa. I can always trust EC to make me happy with loads of entries. Thank you very much, EC.
Mythreyee comes with a nutritious dosa, that’s definitely not filling like other Adai varieties, she says. And that looks so yummy too

Priya sends in another sprouted moong dal dosa…and wow with that garlic I simply love it. I know I have said this many times, but I do love my garlic! Thanks for sending along Priya!
Here comes another story teller. She knows how to captivate you with her stories and beautiful pictures. And all done, she coaly asks if her narration was a tad bit long. Well, I don’t find anybody complaining Sia. And these chillias brings back those lovely memories of her hostel days! Reading that made me so J***, I never had a hostel experience you know!
Now that her first experiment was successful, our dear Siri needn’t prove anymore! She turns to Moong and says she doesn’t like Pesarattu, isn’t that strange, coming from a true andhrite? Well that happens, that doesn’t make her any less fond of Moong, for she makes Appachi with the pesulu!
From Telugu ruchi comes another pesarattu. And this time Uma spices it up with lots of chillies! What more do you want on a pesarattu!


Votes for Oats

Let’s move on to how oats are added on to make more healthy and delicious dosa. Foody Guru comes with her fond memories of her grandma’s Oats dosa. And what a lovely name Babu Ma!

Ms thought I might have a way with rotten eggs on her, oh why when she came with the unique entry. One with Oats, paneer and Eggs! Gosh, that’s one protein filled dosa. And next time you want to frequent gym, better gear up yourself with this!
Red Chillies in her busy schedule finds making dosas with the flour a much better task than remembering to soak the rice! I am sure many of us find ourselves in this!

Sashree comes with another moong dal dosa with added goodness of Oats. Check out her yummy looking picture here! Sowmya comes out with a dosa of all flours along with oats. This makes it one perfect healthy dosa!


Pandora’s Pancakes
I was so thrilled finally getting happy cook’s entry. For one, she was telling me that she will surely send in and then later found it very difficult to convince her daughter to ask for a pancake! I tell you, our folks sure know when to play high. Finally, she had to make the pancakes and her folks were left wondering if it’s for them or for the mela!!..well whatever thank you HC and your daughter too!

Now Kay brings in her beautiful Oats pancake! My they look so tempting. And she says these were her first meal request. Believe that! Yeah, I can understand so well. I remember those many Mickey cartoons that I have read growing up! From Lisa comes this beautiful plate filled with pancakes topped with those delicate beans. Wow, though I have never tried beans with Dosa, that plate sure looks tempting enough.

Refreshing Ragi

I thought she had sent me some. But when I checked in, there was nothing from her! Well, how can I have a mela without my buddy’s out of the world pictures! Well, I can only thank Suganya for taking pains to send me some though she was feeling under the weather! Check out her stunning pictures!

I know Ragi is good for health and if you gonna add some bitter gourd into it, what else do you expect. One healthy packed pancake! Thanks Trupti for your innovative idea, I know we have many events running around!..:)
Ok, here comes Lathamma with her version of Ragi dosa. No one can say no to these right!

Ravishing Rave Dosas

I must’ve already confessed my passion to Rava dosas, and I was successful in my attempt in recreating perfect ones Still I was left wanting for more after seeing these entries.

Asha perfects the restaurant style Rave Dosa after much trial. She says, her rave dosa is just like the restaurant one, that they need never go there to order that! Be sure to check out her own Dosa mela she has put up together
Bhagyashri from Taste Buds comes with instant Rava Dosa. She resorts to this for a relaxed weekend cooking. And I must say she has some lovely paneer dishes too, once my mind is free of dosas, I will be scouring through hers for my favorite paneer dishes! And do wish her success too, this is her 10th post. We all know how it would be….
I still remember my first time at her place, she had a tempting tomato chutney. And when I checked out, everything seems more exciting than the other. So how can we say no to Mythreyee’s Onion rava dosa
Neha is the new kid round the block. But she does put up exciting stuff apart from daily updates on general things. Thank you Neha, I am happy that you finished your first month, I can still remember mine!

Ok, what can I say about Sailu! Her pictures and her list are enough to talk on their own. But she still made a difference in this by showing us a step by step process for getting a perfect crispy Rava Dosa!
We again have another expert amongst us. I have read so many raving reviews of Lathamma’s rava Dosa and was so happy to include for the mela. Thank you Lathamma!
Next we have Zlamushka coming with her version of Rave dosa. Her success with moong dal leads her to try rava and was happy with the resultant!And I have my humble version to share.

Getting ground with Rice

Arundathi shares her experience making these Neer dosas. Thinking it might be easy task, they were in for a surprise. But as all things end happy in the end, they got themselves perfect looking Neer Dosas! Shhh…when I meet her, I got to check out her camera!..:)
From Diamond & Pearl comes a Rice Crepe. She says she has always tried out her grandma’s recipes and is sure a hit. Well thank you for sharing it with us! We have the dosa lover here. She sure is very innovative. For what else you call this. Out of Cabbage ambado, she makes a dosa. She says her mil makes the best of these. Well Divya, Mils are rocking ladies! You just need to know which side is buttered!..:)

Another variety from Divya is the Pan pole, these seems too simple to make.
For Ranjeetha, Cabbage dosa is the favorite. Well I haven’t seen many cabbage loves, so this comes in surprise to see a lover of this.
Simple dosas like these got Honey & Butter cooking up these often. No fermentation and no hassle. While you are at these, don’t fail to check out Prajusha’s Potato Carrot Dosa

Tempting Tomato Dosas

Jayashree comes along with her Tomatoes dosa and it sure looks yummy!
As I always say, mommies are the best. Laavanya’s mom too makes these so well. These makes these much to the delight of her lil one!
Last I have mine! Well what can I say, I simply love these!

Whimsical Wheat Dosas!
Cham has her innovative ideas coming to rescue and she changes Korean pancake into Indian! Now that’s patriotism!. I guess with all those veggies and wheat it must’ve tasted great.
Divya is another dosa lover. She keeps trying new varieties very frequently. No batter on hand, don’t worry we have the life saver, she says. Yes she called Wheat flour dosa as that…And she prefers no chutney for this, cos she likes it sugar!. Hope her folks don’t’ get to read this!
Peas uttappam though normally made with regular batter, EC tries to make it with Wheat! And it turned out well…well that’s a good change, I must say!

Foodie turns to this for a quick and easy dish and a dosa is a really soft, melt-in-the-mouth variety..
Sandeepa dishes out one delightful read her funny anecdotes and humorous jests. Hop on there to have a good laugh. She says she lacks what requires for a perfect regular dosas, though she can’t deny her passion for these. She turns to wheat nevertheless to enjoy herself!
I remember goduma dosas to be part of mine since childhood. Chap Dosa name got its name from my colleague of mine who used to resorts to these for a quick dinner!


The exciting Others!
From Anjali comes the Mishra Dal Dosa, yeah you read right. She says these keep you warm till afternoon and you are set for a heavy work. And not just these, you got to check out her Eureka Chutney, yep that’s name she has given!
OK, Arundathi said she has one final one to send along. I said she can send as many as she can. So she sent this Akki rotti. of course, this is not a rotti. Instead of patting them down, she poured. That makes these dosas right!
Innovativeness comes in a different shade. What else will call this other than that. Deepti has a bread dosa! She shares with us her ma’s special one!. Thank you Deepti
Divya mixes all dals to make an excellent protein rich dosas. Check out her exciting ones!
Update, I guess my eyes have failed. Just as I thought this is Fatafat Masala Dosa from Foodie!. Kudos to you Foodie, you are really a life saver! Imagine having a Masala Dosa fatafat! Thanks for letting me know. I checked and yes you are right!
Jayasree brings in a rare variety that’s soon disappearing. It’s called the koozhu kaachina dosa. Well that’s indeed too good. Thanks
Kamala shares a quick one and that’s made with Maida. I was so happy seeing this cos I missed making these. Her blog is one excellent resource for authentic south dishes! so go and check out! Meera’s Chora daal na Pooda had me singing for a long time. When I read through I came to know it’s made from Chora daal. wow this is the first time I am hearing this! Vijaya makes a Dosa with a difference that’s with Sooji and Urad Dal, It must’ve been good. as she said it was crispy and great!

And from my kitchen comes Corn flour, Sada pindi dosa and Potato Dosas. Athamma brought corn flour and this is the best way we thought we could use it. But I tell you, it was so good. Potato dosas works out best in a hurry!


Sweetening Sweet Dosas!
Finally we have sweet dosas to finish this off!
Dee attempts to Kelapura. She says it’s a Banana coconut pancakes from Tamilnadu. Well this is the first time I am hearing about it. And reading through the recipe and of course her reaction, I know it must’ve been simply great!
From Foodie comes another, this time it’s a sweet one. well that’s one dish that can cover for many occasions!
Thinking of Vella Dosa, Jayasree takes us down her memory lane. Well, how wonderful it is those days right!

Nangil Girl is addicted to sweet. So what else will she bring but a sweet one for the party. Well, that’s so sweet of you!
Suganya tries out Sweet Ragi Dosa and remembers her mother giving them these. Cooking up dishes that we had a child is so nostalgic. We wish we go back to those days! Well at least we have those dishes to make us happy!
Finally from the Honey& Butter comes a sweet Dosa, this time it’s with Jaggary. What a wonderful way to eat jaggary!

Phew! I am done!..I have checked and cross checked some 10 times and I think I have filed all the entries that have come my way. I apology I have missed any, do let me know I will rectify immediately

I would like to thank all for having taken time to send me the entries and have made this mela a grand one. My heartfelt thanks! And all those multiple entries, yes I have many Dosa loving friends! Its been a great pleasure knowing so many wonderful blogs out there!

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  1. Wow Srivalli!! Amazing!!!
    I have to say I have to study at length very soon. I wanted to let you know the link for Foodie Guru under oats section did not work properly for me!
    Thanks for adding my entry!!
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  2. Way to go Girl!! That was an amazing job! After the minor computer glitch, I’m sure you worked overtime! Thank you for doing such a great job – and I’m so glad I could contribute to the Dosa Mela! 🙂 Maybe we should all get those together and publish a dosa book?! 🙂

  3. Sri, I should thank you letting me participate in this exciting event even though I sent my entries quite late. Now you chill, gal. You have done a lot of work 🙂

  4. Sri, you have done a fabulous job of collecting and presenting to us the most loved Dosa to us. Kudos to you. I can see your love for dosa and also the great effort that you have put for displaying so well. Every dosa has apt caption and you have done this so beautifully. Thanks for creating a dosa recipe index for us. Bookmarked.

  5. I think i will have to sit hee few hours to drool over all these dosas and chenk their places.
    When i have time i am goinh to make few of these.
    Thankyou for hosting the Mela.
    Going on a breal will see you engy of May

  6. You have done a simply amazing job with this event and the roundup, Valli! I am totally awestruck. Hope you take some time to rest an relax for a bit now. 🙂

  7. WOW… You have done such an amazing job as a host Srivalli… With just about 50 entires I struggled, and you have personalized the round up for 177!!! Kudos to you girl… 🙂 Sorry I missed it… 🙁

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  9. Hi Srivalli,
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  10. Thank you everybody for your lovely comments and encouragement. This was possible only because of all the participants enthusiasm!

    D&P, Thank you for the appreciation.

    indo, yes I am indeed happy that I dont’ have to go anywhere to look for new ones

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    Uma, Its my pleasure!..thanks so much!

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    Cham, Glad you find this useful…its been my pleasure!

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    Divya, yep..lets cook these over next coming month!

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    Swati, Oh I understand…would’ve loved having it for the mela, anyway thank you

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    Asha, Oh you came…good good!…thank you…you want that???..that will be fun too!..:)

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    Sarada, thank you..looking forward to other things

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    Miri, glad I could do a decent job in putting them together!..and thank you!

  11. Hi srivalli,
    thanx for posting my late entry too…hehe
    really a gr8 applause for u for such a nice round up
    i just can’t imagine the time n effort u must have put,to have such a mega round up…gr8 patience too….

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