Microwave Easy Cooking with Rice – Round up and next Theme!

Here I am, to find another round of Microwave Easy Cooking recap upon me and I am surprised at the pace time is flying!. I thought I had just done the recap on Greens. Well, this past month has been quite hectic. And on top, I went and announced a mela for dosa, boy, am I ducked into batter or what! But read me correctly, I am enjoying every bit of it and expect all of you to join me in this crazy drive to get all dosas in one place! Many wrote back asking if they can send more than one. I thought I had said in the beginning, that I am never content with just one!.
Coming to MEC round up, we have couple of new bloggers joining us in this party and old gals, finally deciding they better cook up in mw. By old, I didn’t mean they age, mind up. Just that they have a long standing status. I am sure when you go through the list, you will identify them on spot!
Now before going to the recap, let me announce what we can do during the month of April. In April, lets bake Cakes! No Puddings, only Cakes, we can have them next time, please!The cakes obviously need to be done fully in the Microwave, no half baked stuffs please, I know it can’t be that way. But I just putting it here to be more clear.Send in as many ever you want, by 30th April, 2008, with Subject line MEC: Cakes! Check out here for more details.
I feel very happy to find new members joining us in the merry of cooking in MW. I do hope, given due time, there will be more dare devils.
Lets proceed to check out the beautiful rice dishes!

Eskay from A Bon Vivant’s Chow Chronicles, lets us peek into the beautiful adventure she had, while cooking Rice in Microwave. She gets a surprise ingredient as apart of Arusuvai Friendship Chain. And its none other than Sambar Powder.

What can be more wonderful and delicious to a south indian like me, than a Sambar rice. I got sold looking at her beautiful picture which spoke volumes of delicious treats awaiting!


Asha brings us this lovely Masoor dal Khichdi. Khichdi is a mixture of rice and various dals cooked with flavorful spices, usually it’s thinner and wetter than the usual Pulao or Biryani. Cooking Khichdi in MW is relatively easy since it’s a one pot dish. Or so she says!

Trust Asha to make a dish sound so simple. She always manages to bring on very exciting dish for whatever event it may be. I was so pleased looking at that picture when I opened my mailbox. Thanks for the lovely looking bowl Asha!

No South Indian festival is complete without a Paal payasam. But I seriously never thought about a sweet dish, when I decided for Rice as the theme. So I was very pleased when Cham gave me this pleasant surprise by coming up with a mw method for preparing this very traditional delicacy…

and the dessert for the whole round up! Cham, thank you for giving me a colourful dessert..you are very sweet!

There is nothing more complementing than somebody trying out your dish and loving it. And Laavanya indulges in this link love many times. She has amazed me many times, with her dedication in trying out other blogger’s recipes. I get trilled just seeing those lovely dishes replicated!..Mera Number Kab Aayega kalia..oops Lavanya..:D

This time though its her very own, Mushroom Biryani. I am strongly compelled to try it out myself..

You love Orange, Yellow and Green??..then its Capsicum Rice with Multi-Colored Peppers for you. Uma brings us this lovely looking rice, made so quickly in mw.

Now all of you, who want to have this rice rise your hand. What I see one hand not up??..well that’s Uma’s cos she is going to cook this for us!
Meera brings us this beautiful looking dish called Tahiri. Tahiri is the vegetable pulao popular in Uttar Pradesh.

When its a dish from Meera, I am all excited. She does know how to make maximum use of her mw. This dish is its proof!
EC, as always brings in many varieties of rice. Be sure to check out all the versions of rice being cooked her place. Cabbage Rice, Coconut Rice, Tomato Peas Pulav and Bisibela Bhath jus to name some.

She cooks so many varieties in mw as I may do, on a stove top and yet make them sound so simple!..thanks for the entries EC.
Divya started her blogging very recently and I am amazed at her enthusiasm.

She prepares this lovely lemon rice in Mw. The simple lemon rice looks way too yummy!

Sig’s place is a lovely space to wander about and you get trilled at her yummy looking dishes on display. I was so very glad when she finally made a dish in the mw.

Cravings for homemade food, led her to prepare this awesome looking saffron Rice. I do wish they get more such cravings to cook in mw!


Jayasree from Kailas Kitchen brings with a yummy Jeera Rice and serves Aloo paneer along with it.
I am sure they had a lovely time.

One thing I have always noticed was very strangely, I always have both the jayashree’s commenting at the same time on my blog and it was no surprise when they sent their entries at the same time. They may not know this. But I find it so strange!

Jayashree experiments with food and makes a Paneer Pulav.

I must confess anything with paneer is my favorite!
Priyanka, a new blogger round the corner, makes rice in mw and then cooks up masala on stove top to make Tomato Rice.

Though I wanted everything to be made in mw, I guess its fine if we learn how to get the perfect rice too..Thanks for the entry!

Divya made Kalkandu Sadham or Misri Bhath as its also called. This is a beautiful dish made with Kalkand. I am so fond of Kalkand and sometime back I had seen this recipe online.

I had thought of preparing the same, but couldn’t. so I am so happy Divya prepared this. Her picture looks so yummy, don’t you think!
Rachel cooks a lovely fried Rice in mw. It has carrots, chicken and eggs..what more can you ask for in a rice!!

Its a great one pot dish out from mw.
And finally my own dish. The dosa excitement has kept me from cooking anything else. As I have said I am thinking only of dosas these days. So finally last night, when I realised that round up has to come out today, I couldn’t postpone it any longer.

So thought of the saffron rice I had been planning and got things out. I was really amazed at the quickness of the dish. Of course, I tried out only a cup of rice as I had already prepared chapatis for dinner. All of us liked it a lot and I am sure I am going to be making this in mw from on.

Saffron rice

Preparation Time : 1 min
Soaking Time : 15- 20 mins
Cooking Time in mw : 8 mins


Basmati Rice – 1 cup
Water – 3 cups
Warm Milk – 1/2 cup
Saffron threads – abt 5-6
Ghee – 1 tsp
Jeera – 1/2 tsp
Bay leaf – small piece
Clove – 1
Cinnamon – 1″
Salt to taste

Method to prepare

Soak the rice in water for 15 mins. The rice was a bit hard, so thought next time will soak it for 20 mins

Soak the saffron strands in warm milk.

Once you are set to cook, place the ghee along with all the spices in a large microwave safe bowl and micro for 2 mins uncovered.

Remove from the microwave, add the drain rice and micro for 30 sec, Stir well and keep for another 30 sec.

Add the drain water and milk along with saffron to the rice. I measured about 3. 5 cups totally.

Micro again for 5 mins. Then stir well and keep it again for 1 – 2 mins.

Let it rest for another 2 mins, before serving. The rice was prefect except for a tiny winy bit. But I guess since we have always had it either pressure cooked or in a pan this might be so for the first time.

Totally I had the rice ready in appx. 10 mins, whereas normally on stove top, it will take about 15- 20 mins. I liked that convenience.

Serve hot with any spicy side dish.

I hope I have listed all the entries sent to me, do let me know if I have missed out any. If you have sent entries, do link back to this event announcement post.

That’s all folks, thanks for dropping by and to those who participated, thanks for keeping this event rolling. Now lets get on our measurements cups out, to bake a perfect cake!

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  1. that is a beautiful array of rice recipes using mw. I am disappointed i couldn’t participate. Hope to send a cake for you. Already have one in my blog, but will try to make a new one for event.

  2. Nice round up.I missed this one srivalli.sure i will be around in the next month.Waiting for the Dosa mela round up

  3. Wow such a lovely round up. You are superfast! What a rice festive… Oh! God the next theme cake in mw it will be challenging definetly . In India , MW have the option of grilling and baking but in US we don’t Sri! Or is it simply an April fool prank!

  4. oh $%^&*ยฃ”…. i wanted to send u MW-Rice but i couldn’t make it:( now u have asked for cakes!!! girl, i am scared of using my oven to bake and u ask me to use MW!!!!
    anyways, my next post is for ur dosa mela ๐Ÿ™‚ this one i cant afford to miss;)

  5. I guess I’ll miss the next MW event too… not too good at using MW, u see… not for making cakes atleast!!! Will come up with something for your dosa mela for sure ๐Ÿ™‚
    very nice round up, btw!!!

  6. Gorgeous roundup, Srivalli. I must admit I am quite intimidated– I usually only use my microwave to make rice and boil veggies. This is so inspiring.

  7. Hey Srivalli, what a great round up… Love the personal touches… ๐Ÿ™‚
    I will have to sit the next one out, I don’t even bake cakes in the oven ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. easycrafts, thank you..yes these events brings us new bloggers to focus..all of them have done a great job

    jayasree, thank you..glad you could participate

    Sia, hahhah…now I am surely expecting something from you

    Jayashree, thank you..yeah thats what I am waiting too

    Asha, Oh thats so nice to have you..think you just sneaked to look at this..lovely..pls do pls do..:)

    Siri, thank you…do try

    sowmya, thank you..oh..that will be great..looking fwd to your entry

    Laavanya, you are most welcome…hahah…thanks..

    kamala, thank you..looking forward to your

    Divya, glad you liked the recap

    Hima, thank you

    Cham, thank you…is it true..should I change it??

    Uma, thank you..glad you liked all of them

    Rachel, yeah yeah..great

    Ramya, oh thats bad…dosas..I am ready always

    Vaishali, oh..you could’ve sent just that too right..anyways..thanks

    musical, thank you..glad you think so…

    Nags, oh..they try it sometime when you are home!

    Divya, thank you..you are welcome

    Sig, hahha…girl you do so many things..this shouldn’t be a big thing for you!

    arundati, well this time I will remember to remind you then

    Anshu, hahah..that nice..what you make will be good..so send them in

    Manju, thank you!

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