Coconut Coriander Rice ~ Tried & Tested!

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Tried and Tasted is the new event started by the lovely Zlamushka at her Spicy Kitchen! This is an event to appreciate other blogs – an opportunity to thank our fellow bloggers for sharing their recipes by re-creating them. Starting the very first edition of T&T, “laboratory rat” as Zlamushka says is our dear friend Cynthia of Tastes Like Home.

Appreciation from people who try your recipe and enjoy is such a pleasure. So I was all excited when I saw this event.

Cynthia is a warm and wonderful person who always has a kind word for every blogger she visits. She is too good in her writings and her pictures are simply awesome. I have been many times in her blogs, simply stunned by her beautiful pictures. Many looked too complicated for the poor me!

Then I saw this yummy looking rice. And I simply couldn’t resist myself from asking her for the recipe! I have the print out with me for many days. And I have been looking at it and wondering when I will prepare it. So when I saw this event and Cynthia being the rat, oops lab rat rather, I couldn’t stay away from making it.

Infact I tried recreating her picture, I know its no way as near pretty as hers. The taste was as she said. This recipe is sure keeper!

Thanks cynthia for wonderful recipe and zlamushka, for coming up with such excited event!

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Coconut Coriander Rice ~ Tried & Tested!
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  1. I remember that column from Cynthia…talking about how we are always learning new things in the kitchen, which is so true.
    The rice looks completely awesome, flavorful and colorful, and your picture looks great!

  2. Hey, lovely pic. It looks fantastic, just like Cynthias. Oooh, I should try this one for I adore cilantro. isnt it great to explore other tastes? Thanks a lot for your lovely contribution 🙂

  3. Do’h, I was gonna make the same dish from Cynthia’s…. 😀 I have to spot another now 🙂 Looks good dear!

  4. priya, so sweet of you!..thanks

    Nupur, yeah its such an inspiring one…thanks..glad you find the picture good!

    kamala, good…then we are going to have a cynthia fan club!..:)

    Uma, thank you and I know you had a great time!

    Sukanya, oh thats good too..and this together added great taste!

    zlamushka, glad you came up with something like this..thanks

    bhags, thank you!

    Sagari, glad you feel so..thanks

    Shweta, that will be my pleasure!..cos it was yummy!

    Ranjani, most welcome! thanks for dropping by!

    Sandeepa, you bet! was very flavorsome..cos of fresh roasted garlic in it

    Divya, thank you!

    Lissie, it got done so quick!

    TC, you are right!

    Jayashree, yea I have so many to join ..:)

  5. I love the photograph!!! 🙂 Thank you so much for the kind and lovely things you said. I am humbled by your friendship. Thank you so very very much.

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