Onion Chapati ~ for Roti Mela!

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I was seen hoofing last evening! Well rather mentally I must confess. For finally hubby dear took the camera for a check up and found himself in the most embarrassing situation. The camera was all hale and healthy and the service man was giving looks that asked if the heat has affected us! Hubby dear called me from the shop and told me this news and I was mentally jumping up with joy! He said I can now cook how many ever dishes I want in the night, so I have two new dishes ready! I have a chicken dish and a chapati! I will reserve the chicken for later and proceed with my favorite chapati variety.

I am sure this must be a common dish at many homes, but this is my favorite one and I can’t miss this out from my Roti Mela. Amma used to make this for me whenever she makes non-veg for others. We call it Onion Chapati as its mixed with onions and spices and roll out as chapatis and cooked. How wonderful! Infact, I used to look forward to those days when it was non-veg for dinner, as I would get to have my lovely Onion Chapatis. Dad and hubby dear would feel bad that I won’t have anything interesting for dinner, but I always tell them that, nothing can beat this chapati in its taste and my love for it.

The aroma that comes out while you roast the onions and chapati in oil, you got to experience to know what I am talking about. The many dinners when I have longingly sat for a feast with Onion Chapatis, my folks would wonder what’s so special about it. Infact as Amma used to make these only for me, she would want to know why I used to like it so much. But it was a real treat when, one day she happen to eat this and got hooked to it. So after that, whenever she made these for me, she used to make it for herself too. I always wonder how small and simple dishes like these, kindle so much of our childhood memories and I long for those days back!

Still I find it strange that I don’t find myself preparing my childhood favorites so often. And those times I do, I get elated when Konda likes them too. I know I got to give her such special memories for her to remember on. Yet it becomes special when our kids love the same things we liked as kids. So I was happy to remember that taste again, as I was cooking this after a long time. Last night when it was chicken masti at home, I remembered this chapati and made for myself. And hubby dear remembered that Rhim gim song and played it for me! What else can I ask for, I felt so many memories washing by me!

Ingredients Needed

Wheat Four/ Atta – 1 cup
Onions – 1 medium
Coriander leaves – 1/4 cup
Red chili powder – 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Cumin powder – 1/4 tsp (opt)
Turmeric powder a pinch (opt)
Butter / Ghee – 1 tsp
Oil – 2 tsp for cooking
Water to make the dough

Makes about 3 chapatis

Method to prepare:

Chop Onions as juliennes. Coriander very finely. In a big bowl, take the wheat flour. Mix the salt and ghee. Rub well.

Then add the chopped onions along with the spices. Mix well so that the onions are coated with flour. Then slowly add the water to the flour. Gather them together and make a soft, pliable dough.

If you want, you can let this rest for 10 mins, else roll them out immediately.

Heat a tawa and once its hot, place these rolled out chapatis and cook on both sides applying oil. Takes about 1-2 mins for it to be cooked.

Serve this with pickle and curds, the best combo I have ever taste.

But this capsicum fry was also simply too good. It was just fried in oil along with onions and then finally topped with groundnut powder. Tastes great.

Check out the simple way of making chapatis .


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Onion Chapati ~ for Roti Mela!
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Course Breakfast, Dinner
By Cook Method Stovetop
By Diet Vegetarian
Dish Type Indian Flatbread
Course Breakfast, Dinner
By Cook Method Stovetop
By Diet Vegetarian
Dish Type Indian Flatbread
Votes: 1
Rating: 5
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  1. hahaha!! i just pictured myself hiding under a table eating the muffins! 🙂 LOL!
    this chapati looks great – never had this before – gonna try it today…

  2. WE love chapathis as they are much healthier than a cup of white rice..in terms of good carbs and calories..this one, I am making for sure.. did u check out the tomato onion s/w I posted in T&T..it was yummm!!.. and guess what, I made them the same day u posted on ur blog.. hehe!


  3. Hi sri..
    the onion chapthis are looking sooooooo good and so perfect…delcious…
    i had sent u the details of my dosa entry..i hope u got it..


  4. I love that one! I did not want to raise hopes yest. but most digital equipments like your camera are rendered non-functioning due to humidity (It was in cold AC room, right?) but if you just let them dry completely they start working on their own. Something similar happened to both my cell and my camera, and they worked perfectly fine 24hrs later. Cheering you from the aisles…for the marathon:)

  5. Sri, take the URL and stacked Naans photo for Roti mela, I have edited to add your event, will not be blogging today!:)

    Onion chapatis look yummy, they are my fave too, just need yogurt, it is yum!:)

  6. Onion Chapati I bet would taste wonderful. Will try it soon. I was about to ask about the side dish which looks very inviting too adn you mentioned it at the end.

    Did not realize you don’t eat non-veg though you whip all those wonderful dishes.

  7. Hey,this is really so nice.You are tempting to make something for Roti mela.Our camera also fell down,and we don’t know any local service center..i am taking with another camera and i don’t know why the pictures are coming good only if my husband takes them..

  8. hiii…..valli onion chapati is a favourite of mine too will send u the little varied version for the event

  9. Dear Srivalli,I made this chappati and was really awesome.Thanks

    Just now I check ur mutton curry from google reader. oh god that was so great and delicious, never tried using eggplants, sounds interesting. U always rock.

  10. i made these onion chapathis.

    It turned pout to be excllent in taste.

    Just that after kneading the dough, the moisture content in the dough increased due to presence of onions in it. so it got stuck to my hands and while rolling them out i had to use lot of dough.

    any tip ?

  11. SerendipityThanks for your feedback. I normally mix the flour with the onions first and then slowly add water. The dough is usually stiff as you said it lets out moisture. But if you felt you ended up adding too much flour, try using oil for rolling out. That should help.

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