Microwave Easy Cooking with Steamed Dishes – Round up and next Theme!

Early Sunday morning and I find myself with the task of gathering all the entries that were sent in! Looking at each picture, it strikes on how pretty each one looks. And not to mention the fact that the entries seem to be all my favorites! Its like all the participants conspiring to send in my favorite ones! Thank you!

We have two new bloggers joining in and enjoying the Microwave cooking! Lets welcome Arundathi and Roma. May you, going forward always cook in Mw and send in your entries. Having said that, I got to give ample excuse for not coming out with an entry myself. I know I can fabricate excuses. But the fact is, I was looking forward to this Edition to learn what can be steamed cooked! Hope the next theme is easy on us!

Before checking out how each one came out of the steamer, let me announce what we can do during the month of June. Lets bottle in the month of June. This includes Jams, Sauces, Pickles. And whatever else you think can be cooked in MW and bottled. But please the process has to be done in MW. You may use food processor to blend or do other things, but cooking has to be done in Microwave! Send in as many ever you want, by 30th June, 2008, with Subject line MEC: Bottled! Check out here for more details.

Now lets see the how wonderful the steamed dishes look!

Puttu has always been a favorite dish for me from childhood. Even now if I can get a chance, I
will devour the whole plate!

So I was very happy Divya coming in with a sweet Puttu. She does a easy job in making these with Idli streamer. And those cakes look so lovely!


When I saw Sowmya’s entry, I started thinking that I am going to get all my favorite dishes this
time for the event. yes Dhoklas are my favorites too, though I have never made them myself.

I always fear I might end up with a big mass. But sowmya’s inspire me to attempt! With peas this sought to be great!


EC’s simple steamed corns look lovely for any time of the day!

Check out her easy recipe for a detectable corn for munching!


Asha says she couldn’t come out with anything else! But this in itself looks so wonderful and complete for an entry!

Asparagus is something thats enticing me for a long. And Asha comes out with an Asparagu in chilli garlic sauce!I must give in and try this out shortly!

Seeing Cham’s entries are always a pleasure. And this time since she didn’t want to miss out any event, she made something combining with a 3 in one for entries.

Check out her Sweet Mango Rava Idli!Trust her to be so resourceful!


Meera shares her family recipe with us and its one lovely looking Muthiyas!

Be sure to read her lovely instructions on making these!

Arundathi comes out with a beautiful dish of wontons but all steamed! Can you believe in bamboo steamer!

Anu’s pictures are always mouth watering and this is no different!


Uma comes in with another yummy dish made with Apples. This time she stuffs it with raisins.

The pictures of the steamed apple with raisins is enough to tempt anybody!


Jayasree brings along an authentic kerala delicacy, all made in mw!

I simple love jaggary filled Adai and seeing Jayasree make this in mw, is really inspirational!

Roma is joining us for the first with a yummy creme caramel. I was struck by her beautiful blog
with cute arts all the place.

Do be sure to check out her Mango Manthram art. Its simply superb!

Vandana comes out with traditionally Idlis. She makes both in regular and in Microwave!

She says its easy getting the same soft ones in MW too!


I sure had lot of fun going through each entry, please do click on and let them know your appreciation!. I hope I haven’t missed out any entry, my apologies, if so.

Looking forward for another round of exciting cooking in Microwave, lets bottle them as we cook!

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  1. hey – thanks for the welcome to MEC. it’s gonna really make me stretch my comfort zone since cooking in the microwave has never been my forte! looking fwd to the bottled event and thanks for the round-up!

  2. Some more cooking in the microwave. Lovely.
    I couldn’t send in entry for this but will for the next one. I have a recipe in the cans (should I say bottle?).

  3. Oh no Valli, when i posted Chunda (pickle) i thought u should not announce the jam or pickle theme for MW this month. I ve done in MW that Guju pickle. Ok any how i ve a month, i will come up with new one. Lovely round up Valli …

  4. that’s a lovely roundup, Srivalli! Good to see so many dishes at one place. thankyou. Ok.Now let me search for bottled recipes (In MW?). Sure.

  5. bottled? like can i take bottled water, pop it in the m/w, warm it up and send you an entry?

    bottled gin is nice too. muaaahhhhh

  6. Jams and Pickles in the MW! I have already got one for you which I always make in the MW! YAY!:)
    Great collection of MW steamers, love the Muthias, got to try!:)

  7. You are a hostess without an entry, great going Srivalli… ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€
    Lovely round up, I am a silent spectator of the MEC event….

  8. Very bad! No entry from u!:D

    You are doing a good job hosting this series. I am too scared to use the MW for such dishes.:D

  9. Arundathi, Its my pleasure to have you for the MEC, looking forward to your entries!

    sowmya, thank you…yeah do try and let them know!

    bee, heheh..knowing you, I can expect that too!..

    Aparna, thats fine..do send in for the next edition!

    Cham, Ohh..you can always send that too along with something new!

    Uma, thank you..am sure you will come out with something fantastic!

    A-kay, It will be my pleasure if you can send in some!..:)

    Swati, glad you liked it..do try them and check it out!

    Jayashree, yeah I was missing your entry!…sure..that will be just great!

    Asha, wow..thats just too good..looking forward to the entry!..yeah the muthias are looking lovely!

    satya, thank you …glad you like it

    Sangeeth, thank you!..very nice of you..

    Hetal , looking forward to your entries..hope you can send in some!

    Sig, hhehe..what to do..wish you can get yourself prepare something..:)

    Laavanya, yep thats what I always think…our bloggers do come out with excellent dishes!

    ec, thank you!

    TBC, hahha..what to do…maybe next time I can expect something from you??>.no

    jayasree, thank you..do try and let them know!

  10. Valli – Lovely roundup as usual.. believe me, all this month I was hoping to make something for MEC:steamed and googled about it god knows how many times.. choostu choostu 31st kooda ayipoyindi.. this time u can expect my entry a bit earlier.. I am all geared up to be bottled.. hehehe..:D


  11. Tchah! I should have taken part in this MEC at least…when are you coming up easy themes again…I missed this one out coz the cable guy was relocating himself:(…and that’s an amazing round up:)

  12. Hc, thank you!

    Vani, sure that will be great!

    Siri, thats fine..looking fwd to this edition!

    harini, heheh..maybe next month!…have not thought abt podis..so lets do it next time..this time we will just have liquid…

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