Ragi Idlis ~ Idli with Finger Millet!

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Konda started her school today! I feel I still remember my 3rd grade and am really surprised my daughter is already there! Huffing and puffing, I bound all her first term books finally last night. It was quite late when I completed. I forced her to sleep and she was very worried if I will complete it or not. I assured that I will not sleep until I complete everything. And thankfully I was able too. She was up very early in her standards and got ready all by herself. I felt proud that my little one is all grown up now. She got dressed all by herself and had her breakfast. Which is very surprising. When she was all ready, I clicked my customary click on her first day of school. All with crispy new dress, with black shining shoes. It was one lovely picture. She was looking all so eager to meet her friends again. Hopefully she will have good company this year too. And hopefully this eagerness will continue!

Hubby dear dropped all three of them before leaving for his office, while I left for office straight. It sounds so strange all of a sudden. Life was so peaceful just a week back and now all of us are running around crazy cooking, packing and getting ready. I somehow remember that Home Alone scene! Settling down might take some time but I guess I can wait. In all this, I don’t fail to remember my own school days and wonder how well Amma managed everything. I think all of us will take our own time to come in terms with the way life leads us on. But no complains absolutely, living with two people who have their nose into optimism, I can’t fail to get it rubbed off me! Any word of complain, and Dad or Hubby dear will immediately come out with a line, ‘Think of the possibilities, think what good can happen’. Well I do hope as my dear Lak said, my twins will go and conquer the Play school!

Since today is first day, I thought Idli would be easy to take in. So it was Idli with Groundnut chutney for Konda. I was happy to note that she finished it without complaining. I remembered the other idlis that gets done. Amma used to make quite a few varieties in Idlis too. Masala Idlis, Vegetable idli, Rava Idli, Spiced Idlis. The list was a big one. So thinking of that this Ragi Idli that we made was a good change. Infact, Konda saw that and was interested to eat it and she liked. So another version of Idli for us to include.

Raagi Idlis!

Ingredients Needed:

Rice flour – 1 cup
Raagi Pindi / Millet flour – 3 tbsp
Corn Flour – 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Cooking soda – 1/2 tsp

Method to prepare:

Mix the Rice flour, Millet flour and Corn flour with salt. Slowly add water and mix to form a lump free batter. Add the cooking soda.

Grease the Idli moulds as usual and fill each one as you do regularly. Steam cook for 10 – 15 mins.

It was little hard because we included corn flour. We still have the flour we ground from the corns that we got sometime back. So we are including it in any dish we can. I think without that it will be quite soft.

The batter can be poured in to the Idli molds immediately or you can allow it to rest for 5- 10 mins.

Also you can mix the raagi flour to the Idli batter if you have on hand.

Once steamed, let it cool before removing. Serve with Sambar!

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Ragi Idlis ~ Idli with Finger Millet!
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Course Breakfast, Dinner
By Diet Vegetarian
Dish Type Idli Varieties, Millets
Course Breakfast, Dinner
By Diet Vegetarian
Dish Type Idli Varieties, Millets
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  1. Yummy idlies Sri, i am so amazed by the way you balance life with 3 kids..oh my god !

    Kids grow so fast that by the time we realize, they are gone. My son used to always catch hold of my dress to stand next to me.Now, he has learnt to walk, so sometimes when he let goes of my dress, that weightlessness makes me a little scared. I always end up thinking he has fallen down, but, there he goes walking to another room…hmm..its like that.

  2. Since the price of rice is huge here i am looking for other options.Surely i will try this.Is konda in 3 rd grade?Hope she will make friends early and enjoy and the twins too!!1

  3. Nice narration Srivalli. I really admire you for putting together this wonderful blog with twins around and you are also working. I can imagine the amount of hard work it requires.

    I have always wanted to prepare ragi idlis. Not tasted or tried yet. I was thinking about the softness, then only I saw that you have mentioned about it. I’ll try it without using cornflour and see how it comes. Thank you very much for such a simple recipe.

  4. Sri, I m one 4 shure gonna try these-as u said minus corn flr–ok! Look great..Konda did all by herself- that truly surprises u, doesn’t? Gals grow so fast!!Healthy idli-loved the color of sambhar!

  5. Here in US the school year is going to end soon, while there in India, the school year is going to start, he he! Best wishes for your daughter in third grade.

    the ragi idli looks scrumptious. I am sure they are healthy too.

  6. 3rd grade,huh? I am sure she will make friends and enjoy this year too. Trisha has 1 more week of school, she won’t go back to that HS anymore! She is sad a bit, but she still can visit after school for clubs.
    Ragi idli looks yum, never made it. Gravy looks wonderful, I want that!:))
    Saw the ghee rice too. I probably post one for you and EC together on Monday!:))

  7. Srivalli Enjoy Kondas third grade.
    It will pass so soon.
    I remember shyama going to school ( not me :-))
    and that seems years and years ago.
    She will be 16 in jully. Her exams are starting June 16th and then after two weeks it is holiday.
    Before i forget let me say idli looks delicious.

  8. I do that – add ragi flour to dosai batter to make ragi dosas. Must try that for idli.. this looks like a good instant version. Why don’t you send this to Raaga for WBB# 24

  9. So Konda is a big girl now….she will sure do great and make good friends….Ragi idlis look nice with tht sambar..

  10. Hi Valli….yummmy looking idlis….should try them….however i have a question….do they stay soft in lunch box for a long time? pls let me know. Its good to know when i pack lunch

  11. I am one big idli fan and this is going to be my next experiment with Idli!!

    That was a very beautiful post. You are doing such a fabulous job managing 3 kids and the house and work ….. cooking and blogging to top it all. I am just so exhausted with blogging these days even when it’s just two of us!

  12. Reading your post brought back memories of H and P’s first days respectively! H refused to come back and sat for the next session of two hours. P took the whole thing very seriously! I was so glad the two did not cry while going in! The first day and the picture are so ceremonious:) Convey my ‘congrats’ to konda for growing up a little more!

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