Wasabi Coleslaw on Roasted Paneer!

Taste & Create was one event that got me hooked on to its concept. This event hosted by Nicole of For the love of food, partners with another blogger and we got to pick a recipe from our partner’s blog and prepare. Last month, though I was having a note on the time and all, I completely forgot to send the mail. This time round, I had reminders to give my name on time. And on top, my dear friend gave me a gentle reminder. I was so happy she did. I sent out a mail immediately to Nicole asking her to consider my name for this month’s edition.

Then I completely forgot about the time. One fine day, I saw Simran doing a post on this. And I thought I was again missed out for this edition too. Simran sent a mail saying she saw my name on the list. What a shock! Imagine you are in something and don’t even know about it. Went to Nicole’s blog and yes, I was in the list. I promptly clicked on the link and landed in Culinary Disaster! But you expect it to be some disaster right? No its not, Jeff has given a misnomer to his beautiful blog. I was hooked reading through his posts and amazed at the many different chicken dishes he has! All with so many herbs and many different ingredients. It was literally a feast for a person to cook non-vegetarian.

While I was still browsing through the posts, my eyes fell on this and I thought wow, two events in one shot. Why not, especially when our dear local walking encyclopedia has got her hands on the tube. These days I only rely on her knowledge to know where to get what. So I sent her a mail immediately, asking if she still has that tube of wasabi with her. Bang the reply came saying she still has and will send it across soon! She was sweet enough to send them across to my office and my security was looking suspiciously at the bag. Want to know what the goodies Anu sent along with the tube. Her homemade cookies, can’t believe this is her first attempt. Both Konda and hubby dear got hooked to them. Infact, Konda took these for her school snacks, which I must say, says lot about the cookies! Thank you, Anu. You are too sweet!

Now, coming to the recipe I made. I had all of the listed ingredients except, Rice white vinegar. I used fruit white vinegar. I don’t know if the taste differs and used a wee bit less of wasabi as it was really strong! This is also the first time I using purple cabbage as its called here. Peddu was very much taken in by the looks. As coleslaw is also served with fried fish or chicken, I thought I could top it on my all time favorite, Paneer! I had a slab of this tucked in for making the ever in demand PBM, so I thought I could make it come out as something different!

Wasabi Coleslaw on Roasted Paneer
Adapted from here

Ingredients Needed:

Purple Cabbage – 2 leaves
Green Cabbage – 2 leaves
Carrot – quarter piece
Spring Onions – 3 stalks
Salt to taste
Fruit wine vinegar – 1 tsp
Soy sauce – 1/2 tsp
Ground pepper for the kicks
Wasabi – 1/4 tsp or even less

Method to prepare:

Grate the cabbages and carrot finely. Chop the spring Onions. In a bowl, take the chopped vegetables and mix all the ingredients.

I finally added the wasabi, tasted and adjusted. Take care to add very less as its quite strong.

Heat a pan with butter. Take a Paneer slab and place on the butter. Roast for a min or two. Sprinkle some salt and pepper.

Take a scoop of the coleslaw and place on the roasted paneer.

Tastes great as a starter!

I am sending this entry to Kay, who is hosting this month’s Think Spice event, and she is thinking Wasabi!

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Wasabi Coleslaw on Roasted Paneer!
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  1. You’ve managed to pack up quite a bit into one post:)
    Wasabi is one thing (there are many others) I don’t get here, so I’m sitting out this Think Spice.

  2. Srivalli…Kudos to you for cooking up those goodies..I would have looked in the opposite direction seeing the name itself and would have given lame excuses saying..oh God where to find wasabi etc etc.hats off to you!!!This is the prime reason I check your blog first thing when I log on…you inspire me Sri!!Hugs!!

  3. oh you’re so sweet! 🙂 Thank you! Glad Konda liked the cookies!!
    Your coleslaw looks so good – and a great idea to have it on paneer! Have to try this recipe sometime…

    Thanks babe.

  4. I read Arundathi’s wasabi post and it sounds like something that I wouldn’t like.:D

    Did you like it enough to make you want to try using it again?

  5. Valli, I have tasted Wasabi flavored roasted green peas, chips, sushi etc but never tried cooking with it. That Paneer topped with the wasabi flavored coleslaw looks great though I am not a big fan of cole slaw.

  6. I should have warned you it can be a tad bit spicy and that I really tend to go to the sweating can’t breathe spiciness level.

    Awesome job and I love the paneer idea!

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