Microwave Easy Cooking with all Bottled – Round up and next Theme!

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Ok, I have gone and enrolled for a NaBloPoMo challenge. What’s that you ask me? Well its National Blog Posting Month, where the members who sign up for this challenge, has to post every day. I thought I might be up to the challenge, but hey I can’t duck now , even if I want too. So you get to read me non stop for the next 31 days, whether you like it or not. I do hope you will like it. Because the theme is Food, and I can chatter away on Food non stop for how many ever days you may want me too!

Fine, lets get down to business. This month its been some crystalline pleasure for me, gazing at the entries. We have two wonderful bloggers joining us new this month, Vandy and Sumi! I do hope I don’t scare them off with this month’s theme! Rest of the entries are from my loyal MW buddies! What do I do without you guys, thank you!

I know all the entries were all nicely bottled and sent. But before that, lets see what we got to do during the month of July! I know I am going in reverse, but lets do soups and stews! So all July lets dish out Soups /Stews, out of Microwave! But please, the cooking process has to be done in MW. You may use food processor to blend or do other things, but cooking has to be done in Microwave! Send in as many ever you want, by 31st July, 2008, with Subject line MEC: Soups / Stews! Check out here for more details.

Now lets see the how wonderful these bottled dishes look!
When I announced bottled, I was wondering if any entry will come. I was again proved wrong.

Asha sent in this beautiful and colourful looking pickles. I was not able to take my eyes off it!


Uma refers to sikkam cuisine to come up with this beautiful achar! All red and green, this pickle is a pleaser to eye!

Uma always comes out with some apple, so I was expecting an apple based one! She really surprised me this time!


Jayashree comes again with Mango Thokku. Mango being in season, gets cooked in many ways.

And this I must say is the best way!


Vandy is obsessed with tamarind chutney and always has this ready! And this one made from Applesauce, was something she learnt from a relative!

Well a Tamarind chutney without any Tamarind in it!

Sumi was excited seeing this month’s theme as she wanted to prepare this chutney that she is fond of.

Her mom used to make it very spicy, but it was worth every chilli!…Thank you Sumi for your mom’s Tomato Chutney!


Kamala is a lady with many secrets! What else should I say, when she whips out some yummy dishes and on top, this gleaming jam!

I only wonder how excellent how mom must be, when kamala can materialize such wonders!


DK on her journey gets enchanted by the luscious fruits and ends up with a load more than what she can manage. So what’s the best way to make the best of them? Well Jam them! Literally guys.

Look at that awesome colour that Jam has and one great shot!

Divya got her long lasting wish fulfilled when she finally ended up making her first ever jam.

I must say it sounds so simple that I am tempted to make it myself!


Well Siri was jubilant when she made her first bread. I was too, I even dreamt of mine own.

Anyway to make her first bread even better, she made this simple dip. Wow when its spread on the bread, it looks so yummy!

For all this lady complains about having a fear to cook in MW, she does whip out some yummy ones. And this time Anu comes out with a quick Mango Jam tossed with some whole cumin seeds.

Says she likes that cumin seeds popping in suddenly! Well I am glad whatever may be reason be!


EC comes out with an easy recipe for Meetha Chutney. All with tamarind and dates.

Now you can’t complain that you weren’t able to find an easy one for a chutney right!


Cham is one of those extremely nice people, who never say no and try and make me a dish, whatever may the theme be.

So its more encouraging when I actually see their entries! This time she makes this preserve with Apricot and it looks divine!..

Hit by the Mango madness, Aparna says they have consumed Mangoes in all possible ways, except maybe not deep frying it! Now thats quite an idea right!

Well anything its not gone that far, but to preserve the goodness of mangoes, she preserves it this time!

Finally from me, this quick Mango Chunda. I was taken to this, when I had first tasted it.

So when I finally made it, I was surprised at the short cooking time!
My apologies if I have missed out any entry, but do let me know!
Its been a great pleasure rounding up all these lovely dishes in one place!

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  1. hi srivalli,,,nice round up,..all the pickles,chutney..jam,..everythinlooks yummy…btw nablopo,..where we have to post in our blog or in the our profile page in nablopo,..i m confused m,..plz clear my doubt…

  2. he, he, he, so you expected another apple from me! How about apple soup for your next event (I can see that puzzled look on your face, he he!) thanks for hosting such a beautiful event dear Srivalli! round up is too good. lot of MW dishes to prepare. Yummy.

    Best of luck in your challenge…You can do it! I know your enthusiasm.

  3. Valli – thats one awesome roundup da! such lovely entries!..:)

    btw, the voting for OS 2 began in DH, do update your readers about the same..:D


  4. alas! don’t have a microwave oven with me. i have lot of soups and stews recipes with me to send. y cant u relax the rule of doing it in oven. let me try out my chance in next month theme

  5. Great round up again Valli & thank you for the nice word…. Other than baking or roasting in Microwave, i can definetly satisfy you :)Wonderful soup & stew theme!

  6. Quite a round-up, Srivalli. Looks like a lot more people than we realise are cooking up exciting food in the MW.
    Btw, you seem to have left out my entry.:(

  7. hey Valli – thats a wonderful writeup for all the entries. Luv it 🙂

    As for ur query for the m/w timing – it depends from m/w to another. I know that it took me abt 30 min to get the perfect consistancy, My neibhor took the same recipe and tried it the next day – and it took her 45 min to get the same consistancy – so thats why I roughly mentioned that it takes 30-40 min and of course u would have to be careful enough to chk it for every 5min and even more o while reaching the 20+min timeline

  8. thats a gr8 round up valli…so many jam entries..love it…

    i have posted ur snake gourd with moong dal today chk it :)..thank u so much for the recipe.

  9. Aparna, sorry about that. But I never received an email. I have taken the details from your blog and updated the post!..thanks for the wonderful preserve…not sure how I forget cos that deep frying was really funny!

    Uma, apple soup would be great!..:)

    Dhivi, thanks for the details!

    Thank you everybody for your lovely comments!

  10. You’re gonna do the NaBloPoMo challenge? I am just wondering why u haven’t done it already?! Your energy simply amazes me.:D

    That’s a nice theme u had this time. So when r u going to have no-microwave, only stove-top event? That’s something I can participate in. I really wanted to send soemthing across for the dosa mela ‘cos I *love* dosas. Oh well, maybe next time.:D

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