Weekend Herb Blogging Round up!

I have been taking a tour round the world whole of last week. How you ask? Well I had the pleasure of hosting the Weekend Herb Blogging, an event started by Kalyn of Kalyn’s Kitchen and about 33 bloggers all round the world, have been kind enough to educate me with various things they could think about! WHB is a weekly event, which gets hosted by different bloggers round the world. For me, its been immensely interesting to visit all the new blogs I got to know through this event. I couldn’t decide which was the best. Every single blog I visited this past week, has been a great inspiration and very nice read. They gave a peek to their life and their kitchen. What more can I ask!

Ever since I knew about this event, I have managed to send in an entry. And every single time, I had learnt a lot about the ingredient I used. Plus you have the advantage of surely expanding your knowledge from the beautiful posts that gets enrolled. So it was indeed a great pleasure, when Kalyn gave me this opportunity to host an edition. Thank you Kalyn.

Now let me proceed with the entries. I have listed as I got them, though I wanted to categorize them, I can only apologize for not doing that! We have 34 entries in all!

Kamala makes a different combo of Fenugreek leaves in Pongal, which is a rice based dish prepared in South India.

Methi or Fenugreek is very healthy and including it in Pongal sure makes it very healthy and ensures the kids get to get these leaves!
Maria from Organically Cooked makes these lovely Vegetable chips and fritters. She loves potato chips and laments why these are not considered healthy! Well she shares my sentiments to T.

But she makes them better by serving these delicious looking chips made from Zucchini and eggplant. Eggplant fritters are something that’s gets to be seen on my table but I am eying those Zucchini!

Kamala from India talks about Balloon Vine. This green plant, called as Mudakathan Keerai in Tamil, is used mostly for its medicinal values.

Kashayam, as its called is a tonic prepared using plants that have medicinal values. This method forms the bases of Ayurvedic method of curing.
Have you heard about winged bean? I haven’t and was really glad reading Ning’s post. Ning from Manila and cooks this beautiful bean stew in a coconut base.

Its also said to be comparable to the soy bean in protein and nutritional content. So I can say its really protein packed!

Sharona May from Atlanta talks about Leeks and its way to being cooked. Though I have heard much about leek, I have never really cooked.

So getting to know so much through her post was very interested.

TS and JS are from Vancouver, and they have a beautiful blog called [eatingclub] Vancouver. They decided to cook couple of things, trying to get all in hand. So it was fun reading through their post to know what they finally cooked. And its Salsa Verde.

And they also mixed and matched what went best with this. Be sure to check it out!

Did you know how Pesto was made? Atleast I didn’t, until I read Sukanya post on Pesto. Blogging from Singapore, she gives some awesome information on making Pesto and storing it.

Pesto is a green sauce originated from Italy and used with Basil. How wonderful, I haven’t really tried my hands at Basil!

Ramona from Virginia, cooks a Tarragon sauce. This is the first time I am hearing about this spice and it was really interesting to read the details and to get to know a new recipe!

But what captivated me more was the beautiful inclusion of blackberry with this sauce.

Mary Cheng from Washington DC, has a confession to make! Watching the Olympics, gets her all geared up and she thinks she is ready for the 2012 Olympics! Well don’t you worry Mary, if you want to run, you have a cheerleader ready!

And while she is contemplating about the games, lets check out her great looking Italian Salsa Verde.
Maybelle’s Mom has always great stories to tell us, that is if she is not busy running after the little belle! This time Fennel catches her fancy and see what the result is. She sings a song in praise of Fennel, the lovely spice, without with most Indian food is not complete.

I have a serious mind to ask her make all that she has mentioned.!

Basil in a dessert? you ask. Yes that’s exactly what Anne Marie does. She makes a dessert with basil and what, oh yes, blackberry! So lovely.

Though I have never actually got down making anything with blackberry, the picture sure tempts me to try. And with this simple and interesting recipe, I am sure it will happen soon.

Next entry comes from none other than Kalyn herself. She makes colourful salad with Green Lentil and Red Pepper. My goodness those red peppers are a beauty. To make things ever more attractive, she adds lentils and tosses them in olive!

Hold your breath she adds mint. I love mint in all my dishes. But the final stroke was adding feta. Now how can anyone say no to such a deliciously looking salad!..

Maggie from Michigan has been very diligently watching over her garden. Very aptly said, watched things never turn out soon. So she decides to ignore for a while, only to be rewarded with the most prettiest cherry tomatoes.

Before blogging, I never knew there were so many different tomatoes and Maggie’s cherry tomato surely are the most beautiful ones. With that bounty on hand, she makes use of Mint and does a salad along with lamb steaks. What a lovely picture it makes.

Well Cate loves to cook with wine. she says it takes a dish to a different level. I am sure she is right, if I go by the looks of her lasagna. And she calls Deconstructed Lasagna! Now how about that for a name.

She mixes herbs and spices to make this one lovely dish! You like Cheese, don’t you worry she has that too. I can’t think anything else that sounds as wonderful as this!


Nikki from North Carolina, has been trying her hand at infusing lavender in many things she can. The result you ask? Well you can check the awesome creations she has come up with! She figured out many ways, finally coming out with Ice Creams and Cakes.

It was some few months back that I discovered Nikki’s blog. I was amazed at her collection of tempting dishes, and these just go on to prove that!

Have you ever worked on Beet leaves? I have not and it was really interesting to see Yasmeen making the curry with beets and its green. Beet I know are very healthy but always discard the leaves.

But after knowing you can make such tasty dishes, I am not going throw them away!

Jen from California, is very clear about her thoughts. She does not like Fish! Now if you would offer her some deep fried or camouflaged inside a shell, she is fine. But then those are not always healthy versions right.

So with that mind, she whips out a easy quick meal. With green onions, cilantro and ginger, what else can you ask for!

Gita from Virginina talks about the goodness that’s found in Cilantro/ Coriander. Though I use Coriander for almost everything in our cooking, I never really knew about so many facts.

And to top Gita makes a healthy combo of Whole wheat tortilla pizza topped with amazing Cilantro Pesto!

Divya Vikram from Los Angeles makes a creamy soup with broccoli with added flavour of Mint and thyme. Now this is so rich and creamy it makes you want to grab for it.

I have never cooked with thyme, so its really interesting to note how thyme brings out that subtle flavour!

Cheryl from Gluten free goodness, enjoys cauliflower! And spends quite a while trying it out in different ways. When she saw a tamarind pod, she was all exciting to try it with cauliflower!

The resultant dish is something, am sure she is going to make again. And for sure makes me want to try it too!

Haalo from Australia, has a beautiful blog named Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once. She makes an excellent use of the stalks that remains on Chard or otherwise known Silverbeet and turns it into a mouthwatering dish with onions and tomatoes topped with Parmigiano cheese.

My, the dish looks all too exotic to think it was made from a stalk. Be sure to read on the nutrient values, am sure after that we might never want to throw the stalk away!

Did you know everything you need to know about Mustard? Well if you didn’t, don’t worry, Katie from France, digs out all that we ever need to know in cooking a mustard. Her posts have always been exciting and fun to read, packed with information.

This is no less. She gives in detail, the different mustards that’s available. Not just that, she makes Mustard Chive Sauce… to make well go read it yourself!

Well Pam has made a recent discovery! Basil is competing neck to neck with cilantro in regaining the numero uno position for Pam. But she is sad that she just learnt two new things about this wonder herb.
She is so kindly asks you to act surprised if you already knew. She needn’t have asked me, for I never knew even the first thing about Basil. So I am only glad I got to read her post!

Ivy from Athens, Greece wants to record all traditional food of Cyprus. I will surely be checking on her blog for more details. She says she gets distracted in trying out other cuisines.

And this is a Must in her list. Well Must refers to young wine. And she makes Palouzes, maybe not as traditional as her mom’s. My, so her mom’s must have been even more exotic!.

Manisha from North Carolina, quintessential Rajasthani dish of all times – The Panchkuta. Rajasthan is, a northern state in India, mostly a desert land. Its cuisine predominantly displays dishes that can survive in its land.

And travelers mostly carry this on their long journey through desert. Thank you Manisha for this lovely authentic dish!


Anna from Sydney has a beautiful name for her even more beautiful blog. What’s musing without morsel. And she gets all sentimental about samphire being tossed in butter. What a wonderful dish it looks.

This is the first time I am hearing abt samphire and I was really hooked reading through her post. If you want a virtual trip to her land, you got to read without missing a word!

Divya Kannan brings in another minty flavour! This time, a classic Indian Flat Bread stuffed with Mint. Mint is used widely in Indian cuisine. We get it included in as different ways as we can.

And I must say getting it stuffed by flavouring it with ginger and garlic, adds real taste to the bread! And for Divya, this is a real treat as she is just getting to know the value of Minty mints!

Valentina from UK, is fond of crunchy salads. What can be more deliciously crunchy than munching on pomegranate seeds! And to top it all, she adds Tarragon, Fennel. Fennel comes with its own punch of values.

So this salad is one that has healthy benefits and comes looking very pretty too!

Christine from Kitschow makes this beautiful salad with Zucchini, mint and Pine nuts. She is resolved to cook something new every week. I am really glad that she was on keen, for its one delicious looking salad.

Pine nuts are a good source of protein and dietary fibre, she says. And with added flavor of Mint, I am sure its a delight to your taste buds.
I never knew there is so much for Parsley, not until I read Notyet100’s post on Parsley. She makes a delicious looking soup with cream of onions topped with parmesan cheese with parsley.

She says the fresh flavor of chopped parsley sprinkled on top adds a great taste to the soup. With so many medicinal value, I am sure we will be glad to include this in our food.

Jennifer from South of France, a lovely sorbet with Reine-Claude Plum. Well these are also called as greengage plums and have perfumed flesh that very unique.

No wonder Jennifer couldn’t resist buying these to make a sorbet!

Well Sra has a way with words. She makes sure you forget what you went there for in the first place, with the way she twists and turns the post to keep you in a abated suspense to know what she is going to say next. This post is no different.

Read on her adventure in cooking a thai dry mushroom. Silver ear mushroom as its known is known for its great health and beauty aid! Read and learn!

Jerry from Ontario, Canada talks about Peaches and Rosemary! Now doesn’t that sound coming straight from a Classic English novel?

When I read through Jerry’s post, I thought I was stepping in right into a world filled with peaches, plums, apples. But for this edition, we have the pleasure to read all about Rosemary blended with peaches!

And finally from my kitchen comes Red Sorrel leaves being cooked in Mutton. Though I have cooked with Sorrel leaves, I haven’t cooked this type and this combo. It was very interesting to note the blend of these tangy leaves that made the meat taste very differently!

Well I can’t give first hand information on the taste, the satisfied reaction from my hubby’s was enough
I have included all the entries I have got, my sincere apologies is any is missed. Please let me know I shall update!

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  1. So many entries that look interesting. I’m just about to go to school (first day of school today!) When I come home I will return and make sure I read them all. Thanks again for hosting. I can tell you have done a great job.

  2. My gosh, how many great entries! What a great job you did with the roundup.

    Thanks so much for the description of BBB. I never knew, although I had read about it years ago.

  3. Valli, thanks for the nice, personalised round-up. I came here to see what you said about me and I wasn’t disappointed. And you seem to have got a lot of unusual ingredients this time!

  4. Srivalli, I am still in awe about how you have so much energy and so much still left in you to hold all these events and give fabulous round-ups! Amazing job girl. Great going.

    Wonderful collection of recipes!

  5. I’m still working my way through the entries, so I hope no one feels I have ignored them if I haven’t gotten to their entry yet. Unfortunately tonight I ended up spending several hours with a repairman here trying to fix my refrigerator (and ended up have to order a $400 part and the fridge is still barely working!) Hope to be back to this soon!

  6. Every time I read the round-ups for WHB I get amazed at the number of ingredients I don’t know about – this one was another eye opener. Lovely round-up

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