Microwave Easy Cooking event Party – Round up and next Theme!

Well its a great party we have for the celebration of first year Anniversary of this event themed on Microwave Cooking. I had got in the word Easy in the event and most times we have had easy recipes being discovered and enjoyed. For this month I thought we will have a party with everybody cooking what they want and send in the entries. I must say that we have an exact menu items that’s come. And they do make a great party dishes. Let me know tell you guys, that if you ever want to host a party just using Microwave, well here comes an entire list ready to refer. All of them as usual have excelled in their best to cook in the MW. Lets welcome Vidya and Simran who have joined us for the first time.

Before seeing what’s come our way, lets see what we can make this month. Lets do Chocolate! Well I know many are fond of chocolates. So you are welcome to bring in whatever you like in chocolate, provided its cooked with chocolates and not just store bought! Send in as many ever you want, by 30th September, 2008, with Subject line MEC: Chocolate! Check out the Microwave Cooking Event Announcement for more details.

Lets check out the Items on the Menu before we proceed to see the entries!

Most Indian feast starts with Sweets, this is no less.


Laavanya’s Thiratti Paal
Vidya’s Theratupaal
Kamala’s Rava Kesari
Srivalli-Attukula Payasam


Jai’s Purple Potato Crisps
Jayashree’s Tandoori Aloo


Jayashree’s Spring Onion Chutney


Jayashree’s Baingan Bhartha
Cham’s Vegetable Badam Curry
Jayasree’s Malai Kofta

Stir Fry

Mythreyee’s Beans carrot palya

Main Course

EC’s Tomato Peas Pulav
Jayasree’s Vegetable Pulao
Meera’s Spinach Rice


Manisha’s Almond chocolate
Divya Kudua’s Chocolate Yogurt Cake
Sireesha’s Eggless vanilla cake
Simran’s Chocolate Shots

Are you ready for a virtual Party? Lets feast..

Laavanya brings in my all time favorite dish, though I avoid it most times. I seriously had thoughts to make this, but getting such lovely entries, made me choose something else.

I knew this was easy to make but from laavanya high recommendation, makes me want to try it right away!

Another version of thiratti paal comes from Vidya Its the Milk Kova again or the Theratupaal. I am really amazed at how fast this gets done in Microwave.

Another winner dish from her. And I am not about to say for another dose!

Kamala says Rava Kesari is her next most favorite sweets. Well its mine too and I don’t mind getting treated to her lovely looking kesari.

And yes its a tradition at my place too to make these for birthdays. I guess those days are extra special because of this yummy sweet!

Well coming to my recipe, I actually wanted to make something that’s missed out in the menu, but looking at the beautiful entries, I knew I don’t really have to worry. so this simple dish came to rescue. Attukulu payasam is simple to make in MW. I used to thicker variety of Poha. It needs some time to soak.

Wash and soak Poha in water for 10 mins. Squeeze out water.

In a MW bowl, take ghee and add Cashew and keep for 1 min.

Then in the same pan, add the dry Poha and MW for 1 mins. Remove.

Add Milk and Sugar, Cardamom and mw for 2 mins. By then you will have milk little thicken.

Then add the roasted Poha and again mw for 2 mins or till its thickens a bit

I added same quantity of Poha and sugar and twice its amount of Milk.

Just before removing you can add the nuts and serve.

Jai makes a very fetching crisps out of Purple potato. Now I haven’t heard of Purple potato and on top he makes such a beautiful dish. Every time you land on their beautiful blog, you get to learn something new.

And they cook so much in MW, I am planning to tell that its mandatory they send an entry every month!

Jayashree makes a quick microwave Tandoori Aloo. From the sounds of it, it sure is yummy. So its really pity that they didn’t wait to click few pictures for us. But we can always get her make these again right!

Jayashree while trying to clean her fridge to make way for a tour, comes up with this lovely chutney made with Spring onions.

Now this is something that I have never thought, so next time I have a bunch wilting away, its going to be this lovely chutney!


Ever thought of the perfect scenario? Have everything cooking and you go do your other things and the dish is all ready when you are back.

That’s exactly what Jayashree says she did when she made Baingan Bhartha. I seriously never thought we could make this.

Ok if you want to know what a curry is exactly, you got to read Cham’s post. And I can only say I was elated that this curry she made in MW too.
Well I have heard of one shot two birds, she aimed both the shots at me, but you don’t find me complaining do you? check out cham’s delicious looking Vegetable Badam Curry


I know I can always trust Jayasree to come with some microwaved dish. But I was totally bowled when she made an entire meal in mw.

And what a combo, Malai koftas are my all time favorite, so imagine making those so quick!


Mythreyee makes a simple palya with beans and carrot. They make a great combo for rice and sambar.

And making it in microwave makes it all the more easy!

EC cooks so many dishes from Microwave that’s its always amazing to think what next. She has a whole blog dedicated to Microwave cooking and is always a pleasure seeing her come with her entries.

This Tomato Peas Pulao is no different.

To go with the malai kofta, Jayasree makes this vegetable pulao. I am sure it tasted great.

What a yummy feast it turns out to be for her to prepare both in mw

You know I was thinking that I may not get any rice dishes and was planning on making one. But these ladies sure made me rethink on that.

I was surprised at the beauties that came to the party. And what can be more pretty for the party than Meera’s lovely spinach rice!

Manisha misses her brother for the Raksha Bandhan and to make things better, she makes his favorite Almond Chocolates.

Well Manisha, from the looks of it, you can be sure we will love to have a bite too!

Divya bakes a yummyicious cake that looks and sounds delicious. I mean its her fool proof dish, so got to be yummy right.

The way she egges you with the details on how she had a feast, well I am tempted to ask her to make for me next time!
I love these eggless cakes. I guess Sireesha shares my sentiments exactly for she has been on search for one perfect eggless version.

She was elated indeed finding one such one. Needless to say she is justified after seeing that lovely picture.

Finally we have Simran coming to the party with a coveted ones, called the Chocolate shots. Now who wouldn’t like chocolates.

I was really happy when she finally sent a mail saying she has her microwaved all fixed by her dear papa. I am eagerly waiting for her creations coming out from the MW.


Thank you everybody for a lovely party. Hope I haven’t missed any entry. Catch you all again with a round of yummy Chocolate creations!

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  1. I keep wanting to send an entry and am not able to manage it.:(
    Now chocolate is my thing so I’m definitely going to see if I cannot send in something this time. Just a question, is cocoa allowed?

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