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Not that I need anything more to spice my life. But I wanted a space where I could share and discuss ideas and thoughts about how we can spice and better our everyday life. Hence the origin of Spice your Life, a blog created basically because I wanted to have something very specific for discussing topics on Parenting, ideas for Kids Lunch Box and some. If you have been following my blog, you will know that we take packed lunches and it becomes extremely difficult, packing for a 7 year old kid. So this blog is a place where I thought I can discuss ideas and get more ideas from everybody.

Another important topic close to heart is Parenting. I am sure you all agree that we have all, at one point or the other, felt that we need assistance while handling our kids questions or in their activities. I have always reached out to my family and moms of my kids friends. Many a times, I have felt the need to touch base with Konda’s friends Mothers, to ask how their kids are faring. So this topic to cover everything about parenting and bringing up children. Everybody’s welcome to share ideas and thoughts.

Two other things that will be discussed and blogged will be Bachelor’s cooking or recipes that are simple, quick and tasty. I have had many requests from people who ask me for simple recipes or recipes for Bachelors. So I thought this blog will be a perfect solution for that.

The other interesting and important topic will be the dietary needs for Diabetics and what’s needed.

So check it out and give me your suggestions and support!

Spice Your Life will aim at spicing your life and me!

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