Cabbage Soup ~ Ultimate Diet Food!

We are just back from our two days trip and weekend saw us celebrating our twins 2nd birthday. I had planned for few things, but looks like plans are only for paper! Chinnu was not keeping well and everything was so hectic that we didn’t get to do anything properly. I wonder if all parents face the same pressure during such time. We had the birthday party at home and then hurried up to start an early day for the trip next morning. Luckily both of them are much better today. We even managed to send all of them to school on time. We had gone to Tirumala for blessings and now Peddu and Chinnu spot a shinny tonsured head! They are now going to be referred as bold and bald head boys for couple of weeks!

Getting back to today’s recipe, let me warn you upfront that, coming days you will be seeing some soups taking the center place in my blog. I had always wondered why I never got around featuring Soups. which is missing from my Recipe Index! Yes, as I have said, I am not really a very keen soup person. But I decided I am going to address that and so you will be seeing handful of soups parading over here. I have few delicious soups tucked away and have tried many in those bygone days. But then thinking of making soups and then having it included in regular dinner, makes it such a lengthy process. So had always kept it for another day to come. Now that’s become the schedule!

Those days when I was making soups, I used to enjoy the time spent with Amma. We used to make together. So when I decided that I am going to make those soups again, I asked Amma to make them for me, as I was not able to get back home on time during nights. This delicious cabbage soup was entirely Amma’s own concoction and she was hesitant if I would like it or not. But believe me, it was simply so yummy that I have already made this again couple of times. Cabbage, as you know, is very good for health. Consuming a bowl of raw or half cooked cabbage helps you in losing weight, apart from so many beneficial factors.

Ingredients Needed:

Cabbage – 150 gms
Onions – 1 medium
Garlic – 3 – 4 medium sized pods
Salt to taste
Pepper as per taste
Oil – 1 tsp
Maida / All purpose flour – 1 tsp (opt)
Butter – 2 drops (opt)
Milk – 3 tbsp

Method to prepare:

Wash and chop cabbage roughly. Chop Onions and Garlic. Keep aside.

Heat a pressure cooker with oil. Roast the chopped Onions till they are pink. If you are using All purpose flour, then roast once the onions are done.Then add the cabbage and roast for 2 mins.

Then add 1 cup of water and pressure cook the roasted vegetables. Pressure cook for 1 whistle and allow it to cool.

Once cooled, grind to a smooth paste. Sieve and run for a smooth paste. Add water as per consistency.

Cook without lid, add salt, pepper. Simmer and add milk. Cook for 1 min. Bring to boil or till you get the required thickness.

I have done without adding APF and butter, there is not much difference in taste. It was yummy this way too. I simply couldn’t believe it was a soup with Cabbage!

It was filling on its own, but I also had a serving toasted Brown bread for some!

This is off to Divya for her event on Diet Food.

Its also for Lisa at Lisa’s Kitchen for October’s No Croutons Required featuring Vegetarian Soups

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Cabbage Soup ~ Ultimate Diet Food!
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  1. There is actually a diet plan called cabage soup diet..I follow the cabbage soup recipe given in the plan..It comes with lots of veggies..This sounds a nice version too..Thanks for sending this !!

  2. Belated Happy B’day to two sweeties..Cabbage soup is something new..For me soup is only mutton and tomato..It is in my list to try out Valli..

  3. Hmm..I love cabbage in any form,so gonna love this soup for sure..but have never heard of a cabbage soup before.Thanks to your mom for coming up with something simple and healthy like this!!

  4. I love homemade soups but am invariably lazy to make them. Recently made one with broccoli and that came out nice. But not this creamy. A must-try 🙂

  5. lovely soup..i have to try this one, always added cabbage to my veg soups, but not a diet soup like this one..belated birthday wishes to your twins, and love the bold and bald heads:-)

  6. Awesome! Looking forward to your other soup recipes. Me and my husband are big time soup enthusiasts. I am always looking for new soup recipes. Thanks for posting them:)

  7. I am glad you did not go in for that whole “cabbage soup diet” thing. Yes, cabbage is good for you, but to stick to the same thing for two weeks is just asking for failure.
    But the most important thing is that your soup looks really yummy!

  8. Belated Birthday wishes to the kids..i was searching for your post in taste of india all these days..

    waiting for the batch of soups!! btw cabbage soup is new to me, will try it.

  9. Like Divya said, there is a cabbage soup diet which helps you lose weight. Has vegetable juices and lots of other healthy stuff in it and that’s the only thing you are supposed to have for all three meals of the day plus any other time in between that you feel hungry.

  10. Belated wishes to the twins.
    They must be looking really sweet with their bald heads 😉
    My MIL did this cabbage soup diet few years back ( that is one of hr many diets, which she drags us along too :-))

  11. God bless your kids! And good that you will be coming up with a lot of soups .. with winter coming am looking forward to fresher veggies in the market … so looking forward to your soups too. 🙂

  12. Well to start with ,belated b’day wishes to bold and bald guys!
    And yeah ,it often happens with us too that some one or other falls ill or stuck up in problems,and that leave us cooling our heels at home on such fun days!
    Cabbage soup is one i had never heard of b4….i guess i m more aware of junky oily stuff,and less of some really healthy things !

  13. Thanks for the lovely comments. I am sure my twins would love to know their beautiful bald heads were much appreciated. Cabbage soup is delicious, so do try when you get guys get a chance!

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