The Mega Curry Mela Round Up ~ Part 4!

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Life seems to be void of any music off late! Not that we aren’t dancing to the tunes of our kids, I am referring to the Music as in listening to songs or watching movies. For me, music means those soulful songs that were sung by Kishore, typically those old classic hits. It was almost like he sang those just for me, for my imagined pathos in life. I wonder why life is so ironical. When you have no pathos in life, you get to hear all those soulful songs and cry a bucketful, for no cause or reason. But when it is actually so, you hardly get time to even stand still for a moment, let alone listening to numbers, which gets your sore soul elated!

But yesterday I happened to listen to one of those songs, that instantly has your spirits up. It was Aadha Hai Chandrama from Navrang. Though I am particularly fond of Kishore Kumar’s songs, I am generally in love with all those old classics. Maybe it has to do with my Dad being fond of old classic Hindi songs and I grew up on that. Dad has this habit of suddenly remembering a song and gets me to find him that song. This time, the best thing I did was search net and got this on Youtube. He is so very fond of another number from Shera. I am yet to get that one downloaded. But this song, magically transported me to those many late nights, spent listening to these soulful songs in a dim lit room, for an effect! Thinking of those days of wonderful childhood, leaves you gasping, longing for those moments back. All my young days were spent trying to emulate my Dad and married life, emulating my mom. I ardently hope, I have atleast some qualities that my kids feel worthy to think back!

Anyway, enough of my single minded bantering, its time for the final part of the exciting Curry Mela. I was so two minded on these lovely entries. Should I put them together or combine them with the rest. But I decided that the best way to show my appreciation to the contributions these wonderful bloggers did to Curry Mela, would be to put it together in a single post.

So here comes the Multiple entries with so many exciting and interesting entries. An update on the total entries, its actually 350 entries now. This final edition showcases entries from bloggers who have sent in 10 or more. We have 32 entries from Priyanka, 11 from Divya Vikram, 10 from Aartee, Lakshmi of Taste of Mysore, Srilekha, including 70 from me.

I was actually stumbled to write on the individual entry as they were one too many!


I couldn’t really believe Priyanka started blogging just some 6 months back. In such short span, she has managed to create a beautiful place for herself. Very talented blogger, she has other interesting talents to add on to food blogging. Managing her arts, taking care of a 1 yr old, she manages to cook beautiful food with so many varieties. I actually couldn’t point out which was more interesting. When you land in her place, you get the fast pace she has, through her post.

If I have to talk about one post I liked over the rest, was her Mughlai Paneer. A busy day finds Priyanka hard pressed for dishing out the lunch plans she had. And hubby dear comes to rescue and she accounts her own creation of a Mughlai Paneer to save the day! Creatively pours in many forms I must say!

Now lets have an overdose of Priyanka’s other Vegetarian dishes and I warn you, each of those will leave you craving for more. I really wonder how she takes time to make new ones so frequently! Not to mention her lovely paintings and others, its really nice that she does a great looking cooking too!

Priyanka is one blogger, without whom this curry mela would not have reached so many numbers. Sweet lady that she is, she sent me without hesitation all her wonderful curries! And my, that enthu she conveys through her post is infectious…after reading them, I feel I am geared up to race again!

Do check out her lovely veggie curries and her awesome non veg curries. You won’t believe, she seems to have tried one chicken variety from all states. You can find authentic pubjabi chicken to andhra kodi gasi, not to mention those kormas…

Sorry Priyanka, I so wanted to comment on each, but there were so many, I thought it will be great to have all of them in one place! Thank you very much for your many entries and support!

Next set of entries comes another young lady, hardly out of her teens! Well Divya Vikram, my dear ninja friend didn’t let me down and you can’t believe she can dish out so many recipes everyday! She sent me all her curries on list. And I was left drooling at each picture not knowing which one was more delicious. Be is all those Kuzhambus, or those yummy curries with channa, mattar or black eyed, or with other veggies, you name it, she has it for you!

All her pictures are delicious to feast but the one that caught my eye is her Channa Masala. Maybe because of nostalgic reasons. Divya tries this delicious looking channa masala for the first and wasn’t disappointed. So we know how yummy it must’ve been. She likes it with poori and bread. Yea I remember eating it with bread too!..

Not to be left out without a non veg dish, she sends in her Chicken Chalna. I know where my next chalna is going to come from!


From Nalabagham, comes Aartee with her set of curries, each with a tale of its own. Be it this exciting curry which came about because Aartee had couple of things on hand like baby corn and soya and quickly comes up with this great looking dish. Guess what we are happy she had those on hand!

Or the couple of dishes that Aartee prepares with Ridge gourd, which are easy to prepare and quick to finish too. I personally like it better with dal but I have never really known this to be cooked with Lime!

Not to mention her non veg entries which gets about some delicious ones. Aartee getting tired with making the same old recipe, tries out a variation and gets laurels from her hubby. Now there is nothing more than getting approval on your dish right!

If you are bored with the chicken, you have the egg curry. Aartee makes her favorite dish from her childhood. Egg curry for sure is something all of us resort to, when the need strikes for a quick yet tasty one. And Aartee no doubt looks great!

In the hurry don’t forget to check out her other chicken dishes or her seafood spread! And after reading through all Aartee’s posts, I know she has a great friend named Bindiya. The way Aatee praises her cooking skills, sure makes me want to meet her.


Lakshimi of Taste of Mysore, tries to recreate the taste of different parts of Karnataka. Imagine, I am dumbstruck at the different cuisines we have in general, and here she goes talking about different way of cooking in one state!!!…And you must read the sweet tale of how we Indians complicate our lives!

While you are at it, check out her other lovely dishes! Be it the authentic Stuffed Brinjals or the famous Majjige Huli or the famed gojjus, she has it all!

Sowmya Tripurant does a guest post in Lakshmi’s Cooking Station blog. And what a delicious dish she has to share. Its none other than our crowd pleaser Aloo Dum!

Next comes another lovely set of curries from Srilekha. She sends all her curries with gusto for the Curry Mela. Be sure to check out all her curries in one place!

Be it the Mutton varieties or the veg curries, she has got them in one place!

Finally from me, my set of gravies


Thank you everybody for your wonderful contribution. I hope I haven’t missed any entry, do let me know if so, will update the post!

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  1. Valli,that was so sweet of you writing about me..I was looking at each roundup looking for my entries to come..But I never expected this..Am flying high now reading this post..Thanks a lot!And you rock as amela queen..

  2. Sri it was a lovely and tasty Curry ride…..
    It was lovely round up, Congratulations for the success of Curry Mela.
    Just want to remind you, my first entry for Curry Mela which is ‘Gatta Curry’ is not being included in the round up

  3. Srivalli..Priyanka, Yourself and Ashakka amaze me of the enthusiasm, passion, and energy levels that you all have and how wonderfully it is displayed on blogs. Fabulous round-up of delicious curries from around India and world. I am waiting for next mela-theme 🙂

  4. Srivalli, you rock girl. This is a great roundup with such beautiful entries. 350 is an amazing count!

    You know you should also tell us how you manage to do all this kids, home, family, work and writing in multiple blogs. Phew!

  5. Sri, what an awesome job. you must have the patience of a saint to go thru all those lovely recipes, compiling and posting them. Whewwww. Great Job. Glad to have participated in it.

  6. I forget to tell one thing..Nandu is a grt lover of kishore kumar songs..Her fav is from the film Aradhana..She loves only melodious songs..

  7. Splendid roundup !…after a forced break ,when i m back again,i can see the whole lot of curry dishes,beautifully compiled…Hats off to u for working so hard on this
    Btw i went thru all the four parts in bit hurry and was unable to find my entries for ur lovely event..will surely come back to check out all the four episodes of ur Curry mela…to bookmark some gr8 recipes and also search mine entries;-)

  8. today i finished reading every part of the whole round up. cheers to u girl u rock! I am on cloud nine as I read thru mine.You have given a big huge collection of yummy dishes to try out for each day!

  9. omg u have written so much about me i am flattered….really sorry for comin so late,..i hope u understand why i couldnt cath up with ur posts,…:-)now when i am ack to bloggin i feel like catchin up previous posts,..i have missed so much including the marathon ….u won believe i missed the first one too because i was on blog break,..and ya will sure ly send my entries for rice mela,,,tc,,,,ceeya soon ,..nd thanks again for makin me feel on top of world by such wonderful words,…happy bloggin…..:-)

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