Microwave Easy Cooking with Chocolate – Round Up!

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Finally after a long delay I am here with the round up of Microwave Cooking with Chocolate. Different things kept this round up at bay. I am happy that I am finally able to do this. Again we have some wonderful dishes out from Microwave. Unfortunately I wasn’t able make anything, but then there are so many dishes that I feel happy!

I finally thought I should invite fellow bloggers to help me host this event. So contact me if you are interested to host this event. I know this isn’t the most easy event but still hey we have a load of dishes coming out from this. Those interested, please mail me at cooking4allseasons@gmail.com. You have the liberty to decide on the theme and you can use the same logo.

Check out the Microwave Cooking Event Announcement for more details


Anjali gets an urge to make something new and so comes into existence the Chocolate Coconut Barfi.

Coconut Barfi is yum, and to top it with chocolate, thats ultimate!

If this is mediocre cake decorating, I don’t how beautiful cakes will be from Aparna. She says these are easy to eat.
All it needs is to peel them off and just eat!

These yummy brownies from Divya is made in Microwave are tasty and perfect in texture.

And of course who will say no to something so sinfully delicious that gets done in 10 mins.

This beautiful strawberry dipped in chocolates are sure to tempt anyone. And Usha says she never used Microwave for anything else till now than for reheating.

So its a delicious way to start the journey with chocolate delights!

Now who won’t be fond of something thats silky, soothing, and scrumptious. Well Cham is referring to Chocolates, especially dark ones.

So that prompts her to make Dark chocolate blended with fruits & nuts.

I am fond of Gulab Jamuns and if its glazed with chocolate, what more can you ask?

Thats what Priya does and no doubt also they vanish immediately.

Divya knows how to tempt me. Nevertheless I am stern not to succumb to her lovely choco chip cake.

Now imagine how wonderful it will be bitting on a chip in every other morsel of sinfully delicious cake!

There is always a never ending praises for oats and when its combined with chocolate, well I don’t have to say how irresistible it becomes.

Thats exactly what Jayasree tries for her guest, who I know would’ve enjoyed every bit of this!
Kamalika always wants to try out baked dishes if they are from microwave and this one caught her attention.

Well I know how delicious these chocolate brownies are.
These lovely nut chocolates are something nobody can resist. And Lakshmi says these can be made in a jiffy!

Looking at the picture, you might wonder its show! Well you are wrong, for its lovely coconut dusted over a chocolate cake, that Lakshmi makes it look so pretty!


Thank you for sending in and looking forward to the next theme!

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  1. Its nice to see the round-up to this one, Valli, because I personally love chocolate. 🙂
    I can see a couple I shall try out in future.
    This was a great theme.

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