The Mega Rice Mela Round up ~ Part 1!

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Well I wouldn’t have guessed there were so many Rice lovers out there. Especially in so many forms. When I thought of Rice as the next ingredient to celebrate and learn, I knew I would get to see lot of new dishes, but this many I never expected. I would really like to thank all my dear fellow bloggers, who have taken up this challenge and made me happy by being so enthusiastic about the event!

For the record, we have a total of 350+ entries, sent by 126 bloggers. Special thanks goes to Priya and Divya, who have really excelled themselves in sending so many of their lovely dishes!

Before seeing the entries, some info about rice. Rice being the staple food of Asian countries, is used in different forms. As a whole grain, as a flour, it lets itself be recreated in many wonderful dishes.

As the whole grain, we have the one pot dishes, the mixed rice varieties, the pulaos, biryanis etc! As a flour, you have the different snacks and starters taking form. I am pleased to note that we have entries from all categories.

Lets proceed to check out the entries. Believe me the posts are long, so do take patience and read through all of them. I have done my best in reading the entire post before taking a synopses, but please feel free to comment if any error found. And of course if any entry is seen missing!

I had some real nice time, discovering new blogs through this event. I would be going to check on them again. Few bloggers didn’t link back to my event, I have included them in the round up, but please do link back, else you will be depriving your readers a chance to enjoy this showcase of Rice in its beauty!


Well it almost looked like a Mini Dosa Mela again! For the variety that came in surely elated me!

Chitiaps are Rice Pancakes from Goa and Ann makes them in remembrance of her stay in the place. She muses she was lucky in getting to learn and enjoy the delicacies of the land of paradise. This interesting pancake makes use of egg and is served with spicy kurmas. Can really imagine the awesome taste of these lovely pancakes!

This super crispy Dosa comes from my dear friend Anu. I rediscovered Anu during the Dosa Mela. When I asked for dosa varieties, she never failed to impress with her quick ones. But she has gone the nine yards for the Rice Mela, with all that soaking and fermenting the dosa! Whatever, her killer Dosa is surely the die for types!!

Deepika finds the abundance of cucumber getting to her and she ends up making this dosa, which I am sure will taste great! Nutritionally these are very good for health and what a wonderful way to include this in our diet for the breakfast!

Gomathi makes this healthy tomato adai, which is tasty and simple to make. I always love adai and adding tomato makes it more interesting!

What do you do when you buy something, only to realize that you already have them at home. Naturally right, these tiny ones get lost amidst the loads of groceries. Well Jay found herself in that situation and comes with a perfect answer for it. She throws a handful of these Pohas into the dosas, only to discover how soft these make the dosa batter! Well try it and enjoy!

If Jayashree came, will her namesake be far away? Jayasree brings out a Kerala special for the mela, with the super duper combo of Adai with Aviyal. Though I have personally not eaten this together, reading her post sure makes me want to try this next!

Another entry from Jayasree are the lovely Set Dosas, which are something I haven’t got around trying. Though I am yet to know why its called Set dosa, it always looks very appealing. Combined with Dhansak, Jayasree makes one interesting breakfast!

Next comes my dear friend Kamala, with her couple of entries. first being Aappam, which are my most favorite ones. Seeing her yummy ones, reminds me that its been a while since I made. She says her grandmom used to make both vellai and with jaggary. Awww….wish she stayed closer to my place!

Not being satisfied with tempting me with Appams, Kamala makes Cone dosas. Imagine going to a hotel and getting to eat these eye catchers. But hey you needn’t go further, Kamala sends one fitting the bill so well!

Keerthana comes with yet another crowd pleaser, the Neer Dosa, which is a famed dosa from Karnataka. This one has always has been on my to do list and seeing her beautiful picture, makes me want to venture into this right away!

Finally we have Lakshmi Venkatesh coming with a healthy dosa. She tries different ways to include pumpkin in their diet as her folks don’t like them. But she is very keen because this vegetable has lots that are required for our consumption. So when nothing else works out, sneaking this into a dosa is the best option she can!

Steamed Dishes

Archy makes a very innovative idlies with methi and what’s more, you can get them done instant. You don’t require to wait for hours for the batter to ferment and on top its spicy to excite your taste buds

If you ever had doubts about how to pronounce the ZH as in most tamil words, then this post is where you got to head! Chitra’s amma’s smart grandson comes with an explanation on rolling the tongue and Chitra amma comes with an tempting post on making Mor Koozhu!

Jayasree always comes out with authentic dishes and this is no different. The much loved and wanted Sevai, is the one that’s on spotlight. She explains different ways this is made and the different flavors one can add to this basic one! Its truly a delicacy!

From Kamala’s corner, we have three exciting dishes. She has ensured she used the rice in all possible ways. The Neer Urundai and Uppu Adai are delicious. But nothing can beat the sundal she has prepared. I have seriously never heard rice being used as a sundal! Kamala, that’s a rocking recipe indeed!

Idli seems to have lot of fans too. I am die hard fan who can eat these anytime. Well you ask if I am eating Dosas and Idlis all the time, when does other fit? Well you can’t really ask after seeing such soft ones as Kamala’s Idlis. These look enough to tempt a saint!

Idiyappam is a lovely thing, it captivates you and induces you for a happy slumbering! And Lakshmi Venkatesh’s Idiyappam, which she calls as String Hoppers are very inviting!

If there is one thing that I love to distraction, its the Puttu and Shifa makes it worse by presenting such a lovely and tempting picture of puttu topped with kadala curry. I really wish I could dig into that picture right away!

Savory Balls ~ Upma

Ok this savory versions of these lovely paniyarmas have been calling to Lakshmi venkatesh to post! How sweet, I mean how savory of them! The savory version is her hubby’s favorite, so she gets down making these often, and no sooner they disappear. I can well imagine that!

Another authentic dish from Chattinad is the Vellai paniyaram, which gets adored on all occasions. So Rekha comes with her version to tantalise our taste buds!

Rice balls or Undi as its called, is a famous Mangalorean breakfast item says Ujwal. Being in a different country, preparing this traditional item was out of question. But finally luck favored her as she was able to lay hands on the things needed and they enjoyed those lovely balls!

Gomathi remembers how her mom used to make this Puli Upma, frequently during her childhood. This gets done just before making idli batter and they enjoy it with coconut chutney. I know how nostalgic it sounds!

Poha makes an interesting item for breakfast. Its quick to make yet tasty to the palate. Madhoo Gargya finds a new way of preparing this and enjoys with raisins and cashews to make it a very healthy dish for the breakfast!

Priya’s pictures always comes out beautiful. So its no doubt this Murmura Upma is a feast to eyes. It looks so colourful and vibrant, I feel I can just grab it off the screen! Upma with murmura is the easiest one to do, yet filling! So I am sure you will be tempted to attempt this!

Finally, from me, this upma was made with broken rice which tastes out of the world!

Next on Parade are the Southy Handsome guy Called Pongal along the Damsel from North the delicate Khichdi!

Ven Pongal is a dish that never fails to satisfy. When you combine this with the killer vadai and coconut chutney, awa…you needn’t have anything else! Kamalika makes a variant by serving it with masalai vadai..I can imagine how she must’ve enjoyed her breakfast!

Next version of this versatile Ven Pongal comes from Lakshmi Venkatesh. This she says is her family’s favourite with Medu vada and chutney. Well, I guess there are many takes for this combo!

Medhaa comes with her version of Pongal, using split moong dal and coconut. I have personally never known using coconut in this, so surely another version for me to try!

From Meera comes another traditional dish, this time Vaalachi Khichdi. The thing about Meera’s dishes are, I find myself so tempted to prepare them right away. I am sure you are too!

Khichdi is the dish for a lazy day for Shifa. Not only does she love this but her kids too, which makes it just too perfect! This makes it very healthy dish as it has the dal and veggies too!

Be it the occasion of the special day for the brother or when it comes to the comfort food, its this simple, yet much loved Khichdi for Simran, gets cooked. It was interesting to note how food gets related to the day and occasion, when such simple dishes takes the main stage!

When you talk about food for the soul or comfort food, there are absolutely The dishes that tops the list and, of course khichdi is bound to be there. This beautiful Khichdi prepared by Sunshinemom, is a treat to eyes too. With dals dancing in the rice with a speck of this and that, this completes the need for a satisfying meal!

Usha Rao wants to share her simple Chana Dal Khichdi, which she likes a lot. Yes, these one pot meals are treasure to have, what with the proteins they have and the quick and easy way to get your breakfast or any time meal ready in minutes!

Other interesting dishes made with Rice!

Next, we have the soups, salads and few other making its way with Rice!

Add a little bit more and that’s what you get from Divya. She takes a bit of this and that and comes out with one inviting looking salad made with Wild rice. Not just that, she gives a twist by adding mangoes and roasted cashews! I can only imagine the flavours that must’ve passed by the palate!

Ramki’s blog is a wonderful place for you to get all links in one place. And this collection of simple variety rice is no less

If you ever needed a guidance on becoming a TV reporter, then our dear Sia has all the tips for you! Not just that, she is planning to open a News Channel. But before that can happen, do check out her delicious Risotto with roasted butternut squash!..Its sure to warm up any chillness that you may have!

A moral dilemma has Sig lamenting on her passion for Kit Kats. Not sure if she has set up an elaborate plan to flick those kit kat, but this bowl of Butternut Squash Soup with Rice, will for sure steal your heart away!..psst Sig, what happened to that kit kat??

Well if you are in for lesson in Japanese cuisine, then this is for you. Not just that I learnt few things from this lovely post from Simran, who tries to make Sushi at home for the first time. I know I won’t even have the courage to attempt! Simran always does ensure she has something interesting in every post of hers and this was no different!

If there has to be an innovation done, then I am sure the winning shot will come from dear Sunita, who with her picture perfect pictures, gives a perfect meaning to things. Her dish
“Three rice and vegetable bake”, sounds more like the three men in a boat. And as the story of that goes, this too has some wonderful feedback from her folks.

Snacks with Rice make a great one to enjoy!

These delicious savoury crackers with rice and peanuts were what Aparna loved to munch on during her college days. Her mom used to pack a load of these for her then, and she used to enjoy with her friends. Now it’s her hubby’s favourite too.

Archana made this spicy Chivda for this Diwali, which the couple loved so much that it was devoured in no time. Chivda is almost a part of all festive occasions in all parts of India, though each variety varies in its proportions, yet nothing to beat its taste and popularity!

Cham always comes out with interesting ideas, This time it is Carrot rissole, well read on to know what rissole is all about, its a tasty looking appetizer, this time very smartly used up the leftover rice and then pan fried. I am sure this makes a great evening snack for kids!

Pakodas are everybody’s favorite and if its made with left over rice, what more can you ask! Karuna, back from a trip wonders why she hasn’t posted much and while on a patrol gets her eyes on this lovely draft! Well I am only glad she decided to post at least now!

Having always bought these delicious snacks, Roochi learnt couple of lessons when she finally made these Nippattu at home. First thing is, things that look hard are always easy to make and there is nothing like the feeling you have when you end up with yummy snacks like these!

Finally, from me, the Rice Pakodas stuffed with onions and Potatoes!

Before we can take for today, lets take a look at dishes where rice is sautéed and fried the imagination!

This simple, yet most satisfying rice dish using jeera is my most favorite one. And Arundhuti brings it to the Mela. What a lovely tribute to the delicious Jeera Rice.

Jeera Rice is always a winner and it sure helps to have it on table when you are partying. But when its combined with a killer Dal Makhani, what can you expect? Bhagyashri makes one tempting bowl of Dal Makhani and sends only the jeera rice! Well I don’t’ mind having the other bowl too!

Johanna makes this delicious looking Fried rice that she combined with vegetables, pineapple and cashews. Wow, I am sure it tasted as great as it sounds. She liked it the first time so much, that she already made it couple of times. If you ask where the inspiration, well of course, she remembers the one her mom used to make. Now there is no dispute for that! It must be lovely!

This simple ghee rice also called as the brinji rice comes from Madhoo Gargya. She says she makes this in a jiffy in the morning, to accompany some tasty kurma or channa masala for the lunch box. I am sure her folks are happy carrying this!

Now isn’t it fun, when you ask this lovely couple, Medhaa and her hubby, a question if they love Chinese, they will say no but still eat it every other week. Maybe they don’t want us to know how much they actually love this, as its apparent by the delicious looking fried Rice!

Navita makes this great looking fried rice with mushrooms and omelet. The very combo sounds interesting, though I can always replace mushrooms. Do check on her lovely post on her message to heal this world!

Shifa’s adorable kids gives her on toes and she finds out dishes she can convince her kiddos to eat. Ghee rice or Neyichor as its called in malayalam, is an all time favorite dish with kids and adults no doubt. The ghee with the spices added, sure makes it an awesome, yet simple rice dish to prepare!

My dear Siri comes with her version of fried rice, so beautiful decked up with tofu. Hearing so much about the goodness of tofu, this become sure must do one for many, am sure!

Craving for different food, has Sushma feeling bad. But she needn’t worry, most of us are like that! And in one moment of such thoughts, she wanted to prepare something and the result of what we have Mushroom Fried Rice. I am sure her folks are one lucky guys, if she keeps getting such cravings!


That’s all for today folks!…Please do wait for all the round up to be done and let me know if any of your entries are missed. I really hope not!.

Have a great week ahead!

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