Memories the Essence of Life ~ Best of 2008!

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Chalte Chalte Mere Ye Geet Yaad Rakhna
Kabhi Alwida Na Kehna
Kabhi Alwida Na Kehna…

yes, biding good byes are such tearful thing! I am not a person who stands much on ceremonial good byes. Infact during such times in my life, I take a moment to pause to think back on what’s come into my life and wonder how its going to be going forward.

The same time last year I did something very much the same! And this being the last post for this year, I thought I will again do something on the same lines!

December 31st always holds many wonderful moments for me. I remember all the years that went by and how we celebrated each one with such fun and merry. With parents, some years it was spent with colony friends and families, then some at home with parents hosting the parties. Then some with just us, cutting cakes at the strike of 12′ O clock! Then after marriage, with hubby dear not so very keen on such traditions, I used to drop in parents home to wish them. All of those moments so nostalgic. I remember the Jan first always being hectic, with Amma cooking elaborate breakfasts for people dropping in to wish us. The phones never stop, the calling bell never rests! Amma usually gears up to cook for some 50 plus people visiting us till afternoon. It used to be so much fun. With parents relocating to a different place, we somehow missed this tradition.

This year too, its going to be a quite affair at home. Its going to be an in house celebrations with just our kids. I can’t but think back on what’s been this year with respect to blogging. Writing my blog has become an important part of my life. My family has come to accept it as part of me and they make room for it, which I highly appreciate, as this gives me an opportunity to express my thoughts and interact with so many people. I have got to know so many wonderful people through my blog. And when I get a mail from a reader, saying they learnt many things from my blog, I feel so very happy.

I was happy hosting so many wonderful events, because of which I have come to know many yummy blogs out there! When I announced Dosa Mela to celebrate my first year of blogging, I never realized I will venture into a series of Melas. Each one has been a new experience and I am still learning. That also prompted me to focus on specific topics apart from our everyday cooking. Thus Spice your Life came into existence. Right now I haven’t been able to focus much on it as I wanted, but yes I will have to start focusing on it more.

Taking a stock of the recipes I posted this year, I found it hard to choose which one I liked more. I blogged about 270 recipes this year, most of them are our regular everyday dishes. But some which I experimented and made it a regular.

Since I wasn’t able to pin point on one particular dish that was best, I just choose the best meals we had.

First on the list is from our Weekend Cooking featuring Jeera Pulao with Aloo Peas Makhani and Mutton in Gravy

Daal paratha with Kakdi Nu Raitu ~ Our Gujarati Meal and Vangi Bath

Of course, my 101 Dosa Varieties are surely my favorite one. I was elated when my Dosa recipe got featured in a Magazine.

I was able to participate in both the Recipe Marathon organized by DK . I have got such good friends though it that I am happy that they fill the gap of not having any such friends in person!

Though I am not a person who is keen on resolutions, I think having some goals makes us better. Last year I decided I should cook more from other blogs, but sadly my schedules never permitted me from trying out the many bookmarked recipes.

And of course, there is baking. My blog so sadly lacks them. So I should gear to bake some and experiment new dishes. I am planning to come up with a new list of Lunch Box recipes. Plus some new features like Menu planner and of course my mela series!

I would like to thank my family, my blogger friends and my readers for the support and motivation I get everyday, to continue in this work. If not for you guys out there, I would be sadly talking to myself!

As my darling Peddu says, the moment he sees me cutting a cake, “Ahappy Beeday tu you” let me take a toast and wish all my lovely readers a Great Year ahead!

Have a great day!

Seasonal Greetings from the Su family!

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  1. yea times do change – I was always under great pressure to enjoy new year’s eve in some monumental way – now I am happy just geting some sleep on any given day! new year’s eve was spent nursing ill baby ill husband and ofcourse my own illness is of no consequence 😉

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