Being more organised with Menu Planners!

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Being more organized helps a lot. As I said in the beginning, when we are harried we resort to planning the menu for the week and mostly try to stick to it. Of course ,there are always a time when we might skip certain items because it was not available or something else came up! But most of the time, I plan to stick to my menu. It gives me a great relief to know that I have an idea what to cook.

Many of you have always asked me how I manage to do so many things with such short time. Though I cannot claim I am able to do all of them myself, as I rely so much on my family to help me manage the tasks. One of the important things that always helped me is, having a planned menu. We arrive at this by sitting together and discussing what we want to do for the week. This hardly takes more than 15 mins for all three of us.

Daddy always tells us to note down everybody’s favorite or must-do-a-week dishes and pin them up in kitchen. He says that will help during those times when we don’t’ know what to cook. And when my hubby’s sister family visits, we always plan the menu for the entire time they are visiting and pin it up! Infact we even ask them what they would want. They don’t mostly make some of the dishes that I do, so we reserve them for the occasion. Menu planner is a great way to handle during guests visiting!

These days its even more helpful as I ask Konda what she wants for lunch. I have created a Sample Menu planner and also shared what I had planned for this week. I will be updating it with our weekly plan. This only has what I make for the adults. I am planning to update a list with the kiddos lunch in the Spice your Life blog!

The first in the series of Kid’s Lunch Box, check out Tadka dal that I made for the twins lunch box.

You can click the Sample Menu Planner

View My Menu Planner

Do check it out and let me know your thoughts. And do try it and see the difference!

If any of you want this Menu planner, drop me a mail!

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  1. I made many such menus but never followed them! You look like well organized, Kudos srivalli! I have to learn a lot from you! Thanks for the sample menu!

  2. I follow this every week and it works great for me! Been doing this for many years now. I make my menu planners on Saturdays and usually get the things on Sundays. I generally know what my breakfast is going to be though it changes sometimes at the last minute!

  3. I also do it Valli. Usually we go grocery shopping here on Saturday or Sunday. So I plan the week’s menu on Sunday evening. That’s definitely a sanity saver.

  4. Very well organised Srivalli. I usually work up my brains only before guests visit and think ahead as its really helpful. Your idea is very good.

  5. I usually have this exact same details in a text file when I am expecting guests to stay with us. It helps me plan the cooking as well during their stay when I am toooooooooo tired to think straight!!

  6. I am trying to be better. I spend too much time in the kitchen and also in deciding what to cook cause I get bored too quickly. I know I have to get back to work soon and then I will definitely have to plan ahead or we will end up eating junk which is not good. I would like to use your tool. Send me a copy, I am too lazy to make one myself. Thanks a lot for this post.

  7. Thanks everybody, its wonderful to know how many ppl already use such methods!..

    Nidhi, your copy is on the way!

    Rajani, most of the time, we cook enough for 3 adults…mostly, sometimes there is something always left out…but we never prefer leftovers, so that’s the hard part :)..

  8. I sometimes try to make a plan, especially it is easier when one goes for shopping, but in the end i am never ablt to stick to them.
    If i ask Shyama wht she want to have for unch i know her aswer would be french fires, or pasta 😉

  9. Hi Srivalli,

    This is amazing. Nice way of being organized. Could you please send me a copy of it. I would like to use it. Also, I have been trying lot of your recipes and as mentioned earlier is turning out ot be beautiful. If I can convey more than thank you, do let me know.

    Will update you as I start using the planner

  10. I wish i was so organised! I do have a planer on my fridge but never quite managed to follow it. Besides, cannot help cravings! I feel like eating something out of the blue in the middle of the week! I wonder if there are any tips to manage such cravings

  11. Hello..
    Looks not like a menu planner…but a Restaurant planner. You must be a very big cook yaaar… Lots of patience …Your husband and kids must be very lucky to have you in your life.

  12. I make a menu too every Sunday – makes it much easier to manage the week especially juggling work and home. Of course we deviate a bit depending on our mood.

    Your menu planner sounds like it will be really helpful – especially for young brides!

  13. Thanks for your planner to improvise our menus, though we follow an adhoc menu plan.

    We have mandatorily Sambar on Tuesdays and Fridays, a Fried Rice variety on any one week day Puliyodharai/Lemon rice/Tomato rice/Veg Biriyani) and one of these Puli Kuzhambu/Mor kuzhambu/ Vatthal Kuzhambu/ Urundai Kuzhambu/ Vendhaya Kuzhambu/ Rasam with Paruppu Kuzhambu)for other 3 weekdays.

    Poriyals are based on the sunday inventory & the Kuzhambu made on that day.

    Ofcourse, Sunday, is for special breakfast varieties and non-veg lunch items.

  14. Yes thats true that planning before make sit all very easy! That too if we have some elders to halp us in anythinng,even a small help means a lot,though i dont plan for a week,i will surely think the before day for the next day:)

  15. Sri, sorry about that. I fixed that link, test it. It took 3 attempts to do that girl. My font and links are all acting weird these days, don’t know what’s wrong!!

    Anyway, great to see you at FH. I don’t plan everyday menus, use whatever I have in the fridge but for RCI event I do plan BIG!:)

  16. Hi, you are so amazingly organized! can i get a copy sent to my email- for my days have become disastrous with a toddler in tow- want to try and see if I can stay more sane by being a bit organized. TIA,Subha

  17. this is a wonderful tool. i have done it for a single meal when i invite people for dinner. yours is very professional. would very much like a copy of this.

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