Masoor Ki Dal ~ Simple Comforts!

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I had seen quite a few tempting pictures of this beautiful dal that goes by the name Masoor. Well I really don’t remember when I actually seen this or touched it. It was always there. We are more a toor ki dal fans and of course moong ki dal fans too. In all my interactions with friends who happen to be hailing from the Northern parts of India, I have seen their affectations to any dal as such. Sambar when offered, one slurp was what happened. Most of them said they simply loved dal. Infact hubby dear says that he used to do the same when he lived in Delhi for some years. He said its just natural, you would end up wiping the bowl clean when you order a dal, be what variety it is. The taste is simply cannot be reproduced. And its so yummy one can’t just stop eating it.

Well since I have never seen him doing that to the south indian dals that I serve him, I thought its got to do more with the type of dal that goes into the dish. Anyway when I actually met Masoor dal, I knew this was the candidate. Amma when she was leaving to Calcutta, gave me a packet and said I can experiment with it. Well it laid in the fridge for a while, finally got used up somehow. Then came a time when I thought I got to try this dal again. And it was such an apt time as I was hosting the MLLA, you know this ought to have come up then. Anyway its making way now.

I went to the grocery in hopes of buying all the different dals he stocked and my eyes fell on the “Mysore Dal”, for a moment I was wondering if it was Masoor dal indeed or not. Anyway its not a thing to debate right, it was our candidate in presence.

The Masoor dal finally found its way to please us with its exquisite taste and texture.

But before that, do have a look at the breakfast items that my boys carry!

Ingredients Needed:

Masoor Dal – 1 cup
Onions – 1 small
Tomato – 1 medium
Red chilies – 2 long
Chili powder – 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste


Mustard seeds – 1/4 tsp
Curry leaves few
Cumin seeds – 1/2 tsp
Garlic – 3 flakes
Oil – 1 tsp

Method to prepare:

Wash and pressure cook masoor dal along with red chilies, tomatoes till dal is tender

Then heat a pan with oil, splutter mustard seeds, curry leaves and then saute onions till they are pink.

Add the chili powder and salt, fry till its done.

Once the pressure is off, mash the dal well. Pour this over the dal and bring to boil if the consistency is not thick.

Since hubby dear likes it spicy I added Masala chili to the dal before serving.

Serve these with Pulkas dabbed with a dollop of ghee, heaven is not far away!

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Masoor Ki Dal ~ Simple Comforts!
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  1. Yeah Sri .. North Indians do have a thing for dal .. I started to like dal only after my marraige. Masoor dal is my fav … but I like to make it simple. Your version sounds good. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Sri, masoor dal is comfort food alright, great for cooking and digestion too.

    I am busy cooking for Shiva Ratri, you must be too if you celebrate it. Have a good Sunday! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I too make this,just love it! Agree that North sid eis famous for dals,which we cant reproduce…And my north indian friend says,they cant reproduce the kuzhambus ans sambhars we make ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Sounds simple yet yummy,well yes Dal and rice was,is and will always remain a comfort food for Indians(i hope so )There is no satisfaction as great as gulping some hot plain rice with piping hot dal,a little bit of dry subzi,achaar,papad,salad,roti….wow a direct ticket to heaven.
    Though i hardly make this red masoor(i always make the black colored whole masoor dal),but i would definitely give it a shot

  5. I don’t cook a lot with masoor dal. Just used up my packet of masoor recently.It’s usually toor for us.:)
    Dal look good.

    On another note, the music that plays as soon as your page loads is a little distracting and makes it difficult (for me at least) to read.:( Always have to turn off my speakers when I come here… don’t like that. BTW, where does one go to turn it off? I’ve looked hard for it… cannot seem to locate it.

  6. Thank you everybody for your lovely thoughts, guess masoor dal is a hit with all…

    TBC, I am not aware of the music that comes when my page loads…I know how irritating it must be…let me search for the origin and pls do let me know if you find it out…I haven’t tuned anything as such,

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