Announcing Mango Mela!

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I know I know, I am still getting entries for the Mithai Mela from bloggers who decided its better late than never! I can never say no to entries, after all there is something called life right, and life out of blogging does exist. So what you forgot to send in at the right time?
Before that, I wanted to share my excitement in getting featured in The Hindu. My recipe, another version of Andhra Chicken Roast, got published this weekend and I was all too trilled getting so many calls from friends who read about it. Some from friends who didn’t know about my blogs existence, so it sure was an interesting thing to discuss with them.

Coming back to the Mela, I know its hideous to think of another event, while Mithai Mela is still not done. I am hoping to post the round up by the first week of June.

I want us to bask in the glory of season and that being the Mangoes it naturally calls in for a mela. I have not really thought if I would want to accept entries of non food types, but if you feel you can’t cook anything with Mango but good at Art, well I am fine with that too.

I want us to really enjoy Mangoes in all forms!

Here’s how it works:

1. From now till July 10th 2009, cook any dish with Mango as the main ingredient and post on your blog with a link back to this announcement and use the logo.

2. Please make sure you rename the picture with your Name and the dish name. I would like it in this format please if its not a tough thing eg: “Blogger Name’s Dish Name”

3. Entries sent to Mango Mela can be entered to other events.

4. If you are not able to make anything in time, you may send your entries from Archives, provided they are reposted as New!

5. Once done, you can send in your entries to with the following details

Sub: Mango Mela
Blogger name
Post URL
Recipe name

7. Non bloggers can send their entry with the recipe details and pic, if any to my email acct.

Expecting lot of mango mania!

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  1. Congrats Srivalli,on being featured in The Hindu!! Feel happy for you:)

    Mango mela is sure going to be a super hit,happy hosting!

  2. hey Srivalli. I’m a new blogger and wanna send few recipes for Mango Mela but I dont know how to “link back to this announcement and use the logo.” Any help.

    Thanks in advance

    BTW Congrats!! for your feature.

  3. I have just finished the mangoes in my house .. and then you come up with this. πŸ™
    Congrats n your recipe being featured Srivi! Way to go! πŸ™‚

  4. Congratulations on ur recipe featured in Hindu πŸ™‚
    great to see another announcement already!Happy hosting and waiting to see the methai meal round up too!

  5. congratulations!! :):)

    mango mela does sound like fun!!! i missed the mithai mela but will not miss this one πŸ™‚

  6. congratulations Valli on featuring in Hindu.I will try to send some. Just curious, can we send the entries which we posted already cos we are going to India on June 2nd and lots of functions going on next month so not sure whether i get time to cook something new there. You can mail me to viyer79 I have posted some already in my blog with mango. If its ok for you, I can repost everything and send it to you…Please mail me before this weekend.. thanks

  7. Thanks for sharing the Hindu link Valli. I never got to read the paper. Sorry about the disconnected phone call as my charger broke only today I got access to my phone again. will call u soon. Congrats for the hindu appearance πŸ™‚ And yeah Mango Mania….count me in.

  8. raw and ripe mango?

    what about something I posted just in May… but before your announcement I think… don't ask me to repost ya… please πŸ™‚

  9. Congrats on all your success so far.. πŸ™‚ Happy for you.

    Could you just clarify it raw mango is allowed for this event. I had just posted an art kinda thing some time back with raw mango.. So just thought if I could send that. Will wait for your reply and then go on sending it. πŸ™‚

  10. Hi Valli, congrats on your recipe being featured in Hindu. That's a great honor. I just now found it while getting the link for Mango Mela. I'll send the details of my post shortly.

  11. Hi Sri,

    just sent u my entry, check ur inbox, waiting for the yummy roundup. I blog at mixcalculations, hope u will visit my blog.
    have a good day to u nd ur family

  12. Congrats on ur recipe being published in Hindu. I got an offer too in another magazine in malayalam…Being prepared for that and exited. Just send in my entry as i just saw the event now. Hope im not late:)

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