The Mango Mela ~ Part 1!

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Imagine this and let me know your thoughts– You are walking into a Mango Crop with the trees all heavy with mangoes hanging in every branch in thick bunches! What would you do?

1. Run around and enjoy the sight!
2. Try to gobble as many as you can
3. Frantically think of all the possible dishes you can make and share them on blog of course!
4. Instead of reaching out to pluck them, you resist the urge and pose beautifully for some clicks, which naturally gets shared on your blog!

Ok if you are a food blogger, you would naturally do the 3 & 4th. The first two came to mind as an optional points. I wouldn’t know for sure as its been ages since I have been doing the 3 & 4 points, that I forgot how people normally behave! Infact when we visited our BIL’s farmhouse, I clicked so many pictures of the yield, they were really amused. I should remember to post them sometime soon.

Coming back to the Mangoes, Mangoes have been my most favorite fruits ever. I might say the same for Banana, Chikoos and Jackfruit. But since its a mango season, lets say these are more favorite on the menu!

I can still remember those many summers spent eating just mangoes the whole day. I like mangoes best as well you guessed right, as plain whole fruit! But what does one do when there are many of them to be consumed on a day, other than coming out with different dishes. I remember making Ice creams, Mousses, Soufflรฉs, Cakes and what not. If there is one thing that I envy my spinster days, its this!

But yes I am planning to catch up with that too shortly. So the next time you walk into a mango farm, think of these statements and if you are planning on making different dishes, am sure this Mango Mela will come to aid.

When I wanted to enjoy the season with mangoes, I sure wanted to get ideas and ideas came pouring! We have finally confirmed that we are Mango Fanatics and this surely is a Mango Mania! We have a total of 151 entries all so very different! With Priya Suresh contributing about 12 of them, followed by Kavya Naimish with 8!

Relax and enjoy the Mela!

Note: Please click on the pictures to visit the participant blogger and leave your thoughts.

Lets enjoy the goodness of Mangoes in all the forms one can enjoy!


Charming Chutney!

I am sure you will agree that Chutneys save us lot of headaches when we are short of ideas. With the season starting and you find yourself with loads of raw Mangoes, I am sure you will find this awesome collection very useful!

First one comes from Cham who shares her Mango Mania with us, the first one being this beautiful Mango chutney

Then we have Indrani making us a Tomato n Green Mango Chutney

I must say Kavya Naimish really had a fabulous mango season with so many mango dishes. this Koru Maagai Pacchadi being one of them.

Chutney Collage

We have Kayal Arul making a pachadi with Mango, while Shama Nagarajan shares her way of making Mango pachadi.

Then comes Notyet100 with her version of Aam Chutney which completes her meal!

And finally from me, the way Mango Chutney my mom makes it!

Then we have a bounty of mangoes in form of these condiments which are essential for a quick and fast meal!

We have two wonderful dishes from Divya Kudua.

First one is a bright sunny Jam with Mangoes that will be a great spread on a toast and the next one is a delicious Aamras that makes a great dip for puris!

We then have different methods of making Aamras, first comes Indy with her version of Aamras.

Then we have Preeti making Aamras her way.

Condiments Collage

Not to be left out on any area, Priya Suresh churns out one great looking Aamras

Next comes a lovely Marmalade made with Mangoes from Sudeshna.

If you want new ideas for topping your ice creams, then this mango syrup from Notyet100 will work out fine!

If you find yourself having a big bowl of ripe mangoes all grated and not sure what to do, then Pari Vasisht has just the right recipes for you! Check out her murabba, and Upvasacha kairi takku.

Finally from me, two quick dishes made in Microwave, one sweet and one relish both served so well during times of digress!


Lets now pickle our way to these dishes! Pickles are great dishes, they help you enjoy something over ages. And comes so handy when you run short of a chutney!

First on the list comes Jayashree with her lovely experiments with food, this time a tempting Avakka all spicy and superb!

Then we have the duo Kavitha n Gayathri sending us a bunch of their pickled mangoes. One the Mango Pickle , then two yummy thokkus, one with raw mango and the other with sweete mango

We then have Kavya Naimish sending us some Sweet Mango Pickle. You are keen on salt and spice, then you ought to check out the lovely Mango Pickle that Lissie sent!

Next comes Notyet100 with pot of Mango Pickle

Pickle Collage

On reading the dish name as Methamba I thought it was something different but one look at the lovely picture that Preeti sent, I knew it to be a Pickle!

We then have two dishes from Saraswathi, one an Instant Manga Urugai and the other a lovely Manga Thokku

Next comes Shanthi krishnakumar with her version of a Mango Thokku! I am sure we have happy with the different versions!

Then comes Shoba Shrinivasan with a tempting treat to the southies, the Maavadu

The instant ones always works out good and you got to check out Shruthi Dinesh’s version Instant Mango Pickle

Finally from me, though I haven’t personally made a normal uragai, this one was a great exception to rule! Pickle with Mango n Amarnath leaves


Next we have some lovely curries and dals making our way! I love the idea of adding the raw mango pieces to the dals or the curries that we make, so these other ideas are just too good for me to try out!

First lets check out these kuzhambus, one from AnuVenkat who sends in her Mambazha Morkuzhambu.

Then we have a maavathal kulambu from Pooja Sekar. While another version of Mango Kuzhambu comes from Shoba Shrinivasan.

When all these kolambus have come will pulusu be far away? Nay check out this Mamidi Tenkala Majjiga Pulusu from Kavya Naimish.

We then have some delicious Kerala dishes coming our way, be it the Mambhazha Pulissery from Dhanya

Curries Gravies Collage

Or the killer Maambazha Kaalan from Jayasree Satish. Who also sends in her Maanga Curry.

Then we have a Thuvaiyal from Usha Nandini.

Next we come to an array of dals made along with Mangoes. First comes Divya Kudua with Mangoes cooked in Dal. Then we have Kavya Naimish blogging her version of Mamidikaya Pappu

Along with others we have Nithya sending us her Raw Mango Dhall, which looks so pretty, of course not to miss out this Mango dal from Shama Nagarajan!

Well I want to join the zing back with a Maamidikaya Pappu.

Finally we have a delicious Mango Dal fry from Suneetha, my blog reader. I am giving her version as she has sent!

Mango Dal fry..

Toor dal – 1 cup
Water – 1 1/2 cups or 2 cups
Raw mango – 1 (cut into small pieces without peeling the skin)
Onion – 1medium
turmeric – pinch
red chilli powder – 2 tbsp (add more if spicy is desired)
tamarind – little bit

For seasoning:

Mustard, cumin seeds
Curry leaves,
Red Chillies -2
garlic cloves -4 or 5
onion – few sliced thinly
oil – 3tbsp


Clean the toor dal and soak in 1 1/2 or 2 cups of water.
add to it pieces of mango, tamarind, onion pieces, redchilli powder, turmeric
and pressure cook the dal for 4-5 whistles or till dal becomes soft.
once the pressure is done, mash the dal and keep it for seasoning.
take a vessel with 3tbsp oil and heat it,
add mustard and cumin seeds to temper,
then add thinly sliced onions, red chilies pieces, garlic cloves, curry leaves..
once the seasoning becomes brown colour add the mashed dal to it..


One pot meals are always such delights. You can whip them in jiffy and when flavoured with mangoes they make all the more interesting!

We have three different varieties of sticky rice served with ripe mango pieces. Whether these are made sticky variety or not, you got to check them out. But the entries are so delicious, am sure you will end up making it!

First one comes from Anuradha who makes a Thai version of Sticky Rice With Mangoes.

Next comes Dhanya who brings in a Sticky Rice with Mangoes and coconut sauce

One Pot meal Collage

Then comes a tempting Mango Quinoa from Sadhana & Muskaan.

If you have sevais and not sure what to do, then you can check out this Mango Sevai from me!

If you love pulihoras, then I am sure you will be noting down these variations from all these lovely bloggers!

First we have Mamidikaya Sojji Pulihora from Kavya Naimish, followed by a colourful Mango Rice from Laavanya Arun.

And finally from me a bowl of Mamidikaya Annam!


We then move to the delicious drinks. I was really surprised seeing so many beverages made with Mangoes!

First on cards are these delicious Smoothies, one from Deepti Srivastava blended with banana and Mangoes! and the other a plain Mango Smoothie from Kayal Arul

Lets get shaken with these milkshakes coming from Faiza Ali and Anu. The other one from me.

Then we have some lovely lassies on the offer! One from Deepti Srivastava and the other from me.

Next we have pannas made with mangoes. These delicious pannas are great way to enjoy the fruit! So check out the Aam Panna from Oriya Foodie and from Priya Suresh

Drinks Collage


Then we have an array of Aguas frescas or chilled drinks coming our way! Aguas frescas in Spanish means “fresh cold waters”. And very common to make with liquefied fruits.

First on the way is a lovely green Raw Mango Juice from Kavya Naimish, followed by a beautiful Vasantha neer comes from Lata Raja.

Next Agua Fresca comes from Meera, while the other lovely one is from Mints. Thank you girls I learnt a new one here!

Then we have two lovely drinks from Priya Suresh one a Mango N Almond Sorbet, the other a Mango N Dates Syrup Juice.

Finally we have a punch made with Strawberry and Mango from Rekha.


That’s all folks! We come to the end of yet another delicious feast to eyes. Stay tuned for the second part!

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  1. We have our own bagaan(orchard) back home … and my favourite stunt is to just sit on one of the branches (they are pretty low) and swing my legs. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Great roundup Valli! ๐Ÿ™‚ I'll try to be a litlle more regular here henceforth. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. wow, so many dishes out of mangoes !!, great event & a great roundup, lovely mouth watering dishes from all the bloggers….., hats of to all of them

  3. Wowee! Great round-up, and this is just part 1?! I've been looking over the pickle recipes, but am really looking forward to the pics from your BIL's farm… ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I would love to participate on this lovely event, Srivalli, if ever I live in a tropical country where mangoes can be easily found with reasonable price! Anyway, thank you for your invitation and keep rockin' roll!

  5. Hi Sri,
    Congrats on accomplishing such a big round up. I just love mangoes in any form, and this round up will give me ample scope to try out different kinds of mango recipes.My father is now posted in Malda, a district in West Bengal, famous for its mangoes. I visited him this summer and had a mango feast everyday. Thanks for the roundup, and also for changing the URL :).

  6. nice round up…. but a small request – could you put the full recipe rather than link in case of private blogs? it'll be easier for those who dont have access to those blogs… thanks in advance….

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