Urulakizzangu Thoran ~ from Ammini’s “Grains, Greens and Grated Coconuts”!

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Its one of those wonderful experiences where you don’t have to work at all but enjoy the fruits of all the hard work! Yes I found myself in the receiving end of such experience and enjoyed thoroughly! This Saturday I had a fantastic time at Pratibha‘s place spending the day with her and Jigaysa. Both are so passionate about their work and food, that it is contagious, I must say. And when such an offer is made, would anybody say no for a fabulous lunch treat, especially if the menu is from a renowned cookbook author? Obviously not be. In return, all I had to do is click them. Wow I don’t think I ever had a easier job than this!

This cooking project as we call it among 3 of us, was very simple. During one of our discussions, Pratibha mentioned their difficulties with taking pictures. She was talking passionately about cooking thalis in tribute to all those wonderful cookbooks that she reads and falls in love with. She wanted to recreate Ammini Ramachandran’s Grains, Greens, and Grated Coconuts in her kitchen. So when she said all that was missing was taking pictures of the food, I naturally I jumped in offering to click for her. I can’t miss out the easiest part of the whole project right! We decided we can do this project on Saturdays and this Saturday was planned! And what a day it was.

Kerala Thali I called in Pratibha, to say I would try to catch her in action. But gosh try as I may, I may not have done it as she completed a thali containing 10 dishes by 9 am! I landed there at 11 am and saw she has completed the entire cooking and was waiting for me. She was praising the author so much that I had a pick up the book and read. And after enjoying a meal with 10 different dishes made from the book, I could very well join Pratibha in her praises! She said it was like a meditation for her, without any disturbance, she was cooking alone in the kitchen and enjoying thoroughly!

Agreeing that too much delay would prove bad, we proceeded to take the pictures. Pratibha set the dishes for me, while I got ready trying to figure out the right spot in her home. Then walked in Jigyasa. Seeing them together and working, is really shows what a great team work they have. We all had fun getting the dishes in the right angle and zoomed in. I transferred to their system and had great time figuring out which one to choose. All of them came out so well. Though I hadn’t worked much in terms of cooking this fabulous lunch, I had great pleasure partaking it. It was such a great pleasure when Pratibha insisted that I should share something with my readers.

So with all due credits to Pratibha for cooking and Ammini for sharing such a lovely dish, let me share with you all this simple yet delicious Urulakizzangu Thoran

I must thank Pratibha for sending the recipe sent by Ammini. Thank you Ammini for a wonderful recipe, it was simply too good!



Urulakizzangu Thoran: Potatoes Panfried with Green Chilies and Coconut

Here is our hot potato salad, spiced and garnished with—what else?—fresh green chilies and coconut. It tastes good either hot or cold. As there is no mayonnaise in this dish, it stays fresh at room temperature for a whole day. A garnish of toasted dal imparts crunchiness to this salad.

Ingredients needed:

5 medium or 2 large Idaho potatoes
Salt to taste
4 fresh green chilies (serrano or Thai) (less for a milder taste)
1 cup freshly grated coconut
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
½ teaspoon mustard seeds
1 tablespoon each urad dal and chana dal
1 dried red cayenne, serrano, or Thai chili, halved
12 to 15 fresh curry leaves

Method to prepare:

Peel the potatoes, and cut them into large cubes. Place them in a heavy saucepan and pour in enough water to cover them. Add salt, and simmer for eight to ten minutes, until they are fork tender. Drain them, and set them aside.

With a mortar and pestle or in a food processor, roughly chop the green chilies. Add the grated coconut, and mix well. Heat oil in a heavy skillet, and add the mustard seeds. When the mustard seeds start sputtering, add the dal, halved red chili pepper, and curry leaves, and fry until the dal turns golden. Reduce the heat to low, add the green chilies and coconut, and fry for a minute or two. Roughly mash the cooked potatoes and add them to the pan. Stir well to combine, and pan fry for another five to six minutes over low heat. Serve warm with rice and curries. This dish may also be served at room temperature as a salad.

Variation: Thinly slice a few shallots or a medium onion, pan fry in two teaspoons of oil, and add to the potatoes.

Urulakizzangu Thoran


Believe me, it might look very similar, yet there was something different in the taste. I may have eaten this in many numeral occasions during my visit to Kerala. But all that I can now remember is that lingering taste left from a fabulous feast!

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Urulakizzangu Thoran ~ from Ammini's “Grains, Greens and Grated Coconuts”!
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  1. OMG what a wonderful meal.. who will not say no to this.. wish i am there to eat the whole plate.. thats really wonderful treat for eyes, mouth and mind too.

  2. Wow..that's a great eventful day you had Valli:).Checked out Prathibha's post,the photos have come out great and the Thali looks so tempting:).

    Strange,living in Kerala for 20+years,I've never tasted this thoran made of potato.Its always mezhukkuvaratti-or rather the potato roast,upkari which did the tricks for me..:).

  3. Dear Srivalli,
    It was such fun watching you click at the photographs. Thanks a lot. It was a great day on all counts. Liked the warmth of your post very much. Cheers.

  4. I am a silent reader of your blog, this article inspired me and have made a similar one lik this today at my home too.

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