Microwave Easy Cooking event 2nd Anniversary with Potluck Party!

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This edition marks the second year completion of Microwave Easy Cooking Event. Exactly a year back, I was writing about this, please read that for more details. I am repeating something from that post so that I can remember back on those wonderful months every month, spent looking over the entries!

When I was writing all those mails to dear friends who poured in to say they would love to host the Microwave Easy Cooking, I kept the August month for myself, being selfish to celebrate the second Anniversary, hosting it myself! Time has really flown! I know I repeat myself here, but I really wonder at the creativity and the enthusiasm shown by all my blogger friends.

I get many mails saying how they love this event as it helps them learn something new. Though when announcing the event, I knew its going to be hard for people to cook everything in Microwave let alone based on themes. But can you believe we have had nearly 23 editions of themed events on Microwave. Starting from Sweets, to full course meals everything has been tried.

Before we get on, just a recap of whats happened!

August 2007 – Microwave Sweets
September 2007 – Microwave Basics

October 2007 – Microwave Snacks
November 2007 – Microwave Side Dish
December 2007 – Microwave Gravies
January 2008 – Microwave Tiffins

February 2008 – Microwave Greens
March 2008 – Microwave Rice
April 2008 – Microwave Cakes
May 2008 – Microwave Steamed Dishes
June 2008 – Microwave Preserves
July 2008 – Microwave Soups and Stews
August 2008 – Potluck Party
September 2008 – Microwave Chocolate
October 2008 –
November 2008 – Pavani – Microwave Cheese
December 2009 –

January 2009 – Raji Microwave Paneer
February 2009 – Jayasree Microwave Puddings

March 2009 – Priya Savory Snacks in Microwave
April 2009 – Mythreyee Microwave Nuts
May 2009 – Rachel – Essential Extras
June 2009 – Simran Breezy Breakfast

Ramya Harish from Welcome Hunger – July
Srivalli – August
Neha of Tasty Recipes – September
Suma of Veggie Platter – October
Paru of Brindavan – November
Cham of Spice Club – December

So we have come a long way!

So to mark this special edition, lets have a party! A Potluck party. You are welcome to bring in whatever you like and we can all have one big virtual party. So all of August, plan whatever you want to cook in Microwave! You may use food processor to blend or do other things, but cooking has to be done in Microwave!

Send in as many ever you want, by 31st August, 2009, with Subject line MEC: Potluck Party! Check out the Microwave Cooking Event Announcement for more details.

Please ensure to give clear instructions as cooking in microwave needs specific notes.

Linking back to this post is a must and you can add on the logo too.

Entries sent to this event can be sent to other events.

Send in your entries to cooking4allseasons@gmail.com

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  1. Happy Anniversary Srivalli, I think its high time I should start using my microwave effectively. Hope I come up with some nice recipes for this party..

  2. Happy event anniversary.I have one rice recipe in my drafts,i have used microwave for cooking rice but the seasoning i did on the stove top,can i send that entry for this event,pls let me know it ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thank you friends for the wishes, hope you will all join the party!…

    Varunavi, would be great if you can make something for the event. But I don't mind getting clear instructions on making rice in microwave too…

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