Plagiarism, Blogging Etiquette, Defamation and some more!

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I didn’t want to do this post, but well you must know I am forced to take this step!

I sent a mail asking explanation for accusing me, from these two bloggers, Malar and Viki. They have not responded to my mail. After not getting a response from them, I spoke about it yesterday. But when I saw that the point was missed, you finally get to read about it fully!

I don’t like pointing fingers at anybody for anything, least without a proof! Accusing without proof is a case for defamation and can be sued for libel.


If they thought I was the one owning that spam blog, they could have mailed me to ask so. Instead they wrote a post, making it a public issue. Now lets get it cleared out in the open.

For those of you who don’t know what happened, here is a background.

On Tuesday, I spoke about my entire content being lifted along with few other bloggers. I didn’t check it until I got few mails from friends alerting me. Seeing that my entire blog has been lifted, lodged a complaint on Google, left it at that. I didn’t even have to time to look at the other blogs that were also copied.


On Wednesday, I got a mail from another blogger stating that these two bloggers have sent her, including many others, mail stating that I am the person who lifted their entire content and copied to the new spam blog. She was asking me to clear the doubts, as they have clearly stated in their mail and their posts pointing fingers towards me.

The reasons for this conclusion she said was, all their posts in the culprit blog was dated few days later, while my blog posts appeared even before it was published in my own blog. Now this is a brilliant deduction. Maybe they don’t know one can change dates in all blogging platforms.


So I ended up checking their posts, and saw them clearly pointing me as the accused person. But they have changed their content some three times since. In both these blogger’s post the original content read something like this. “All our post was published few days later, but not this cooking 4 all ” They have blatantly stated they don’t want to mar any body’s name and they have proofs. Yet in doing this they have done it anyway. If you have proofs, bring them out in open! I am ready to answer your questions.

I have come to know that they are spreading rumors that I am the person behind this blog.

Manisha left a comment last night in Viki’s post, asking them to get their attorney press Google to reveal the blogger’s identity, or else they will have to get their attorney to fight a case of defamation. This comment was deleted within 5 mins of being published.

If you weren’t scared, why did you delete this?

I won’t say I lost sleep over this, but accusation has to be fought. It wont take me two minutes in pointing back to the people who complain so much every other month!

Instead of making this a public nuisance, they could have mailed me and cleared the air. No they want a drama, so you get one for sure!

Blogging has to be a fun thing, done for relaxation. But when so much jealousy, hatred, commotion is made over such silly thing. It looses its meaning and objective!


I fail to understand one point though. When one can share so many recipes so freely, some folks actually try that and don’t credit you anyways. Why is there such a huge cry when somebody copies your content online and publishes it. That copied content has your copyright marks right, for any intelligent person to understand that it has been copied from you. So why create a big scene?

I can understand if a print media publishes after removing your copyrights. But this is beyond my understanding!

There has to be some etiquette. When you are part of a community, you got to respect the other person and their credibility. By your actions and accusations that are so blatantly I am not loosing my popularity but you are loosing your credibility and stand.

I am sure all bloggers digest plagiarism, but can’t be blind to such false accusation!

If you are interested you can check the culprit blog “”

And the two bloggers post



My intention in bringing this issue out in open is not to embarrass or find fault with said persons. Neither is this a case for getting sympathy nor an opportunity for readers or bloggers to take sides. This is purely to have an open discussion since they are not ready for a private one.

I am sure everybody is mature enough to understand and act accordingly!

Updated on 26th in response to Malar and Viki’s post.

Malar & Viki,

You said you sent me alerts on my content being copied and didn’t get any feedback on it. The reason being, my content has been copied so many times, that I have stopped being concerned about it. I do not have time for such things. Being online so many such things happen and we cannot do anything about it.

Maybe you haven’t noticed but my entire blog has been copied too. You can check from may 20th 2007.

Comment moderation has been enabled on for all my blogs since the day one. I have published all your comments, except one which had just hi. I still have that comment in my mail box, can forward you to if you want.

If you are referring to the Microwave Event announcement page, I have more content in my blog because I had recently update the page with latest details. I don’t have to explain myself but just to let you know.

You are talking about links of my post going back to the spam blog but not yours. Seriously I don’t have a clue on how this can happen but I think we have better job than going and investigating all these things.

You are talking about your labels being in tact, even yours is partial like in

And when we are talking about comments why did you delete Manisha’s comment, if you weren’t guilty?

Finally I have stated that I have nothing to do with that spam blog. If you want to believe that you can, else its your wish.

I repeat again, when you want to be part of a community, you got to respect and trust others. Instead of making this such a open mockery, if you had such doubts, you could have mailed me or else atleast responded to my email.

You did neither. Just because you want to keep pleading to your loyal readers saying you stood by their side, doesn’t change the facts.

Thanks for the dropping that anonymous comments to let me know you updated this!

I am updating the same thing on my blog for anybody who might be interested to know!



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  1. I really really can't believe this!!!

    This is really hilarious,to point on you!! really funny!! Can anybody think like this!! Oh my god!!

  2. Valli, I guesss there is a mis understanding of some sort, I have read their posts too and I always thought that even your blog has been copied by the plagiarist.
    I just pray that the real culprit is punished, and the mis understanding gets cleared.
    I have full faith in your blogging skills.

  3. srivalli,
    meeru chaviti chandrunni choosara enti? this is the first time one of us got hit the other way. usually we have the fun of our content being lifted kada.

    i know its the navratri season and while you are not losing your sleep over this, as you said you have to triage the situation. i am sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you. hope you get to clear it off with the 2 bloggers soon.
    take care!

  4. I totally agree blogging should be fun and others shouldnot steal peopls hard work.
    I didn't even know there was so much going on heer int the blogspere for few days.
    Good that you talked aobut this in your poast.

  5. Hi Srivalli, I am shocked is all I can say!
    I checked that spam blog and saw your recipes along with the others! But never once realised that you are being blamed! That's ridiculous! I have a feeling this is a misunderstanding of some sorts. Just hope things get cleared soon…

  6. Srivalli I know I do not come here & leave a comment very often.. But had to leave one for now.. what on the earth is going on? this is sickening!
    Shame on these creeps.. but the entire problem is that they who do it do not feel the shame.

  7. Hi Srivalli, Sad to know about the accusation. I could only laugh at the ignorance of these people.. I went back and forth between all the 4 blogs, I noticed that apart from your's, malar's and viki's there are recipes/pics from another blog too… And the whole of this hotkitchen looks so fake with too many crappy links…It is good that you brought this issue into limelight instead of keeping it to yourself..I have always amazed at your skills and we are 200% sure it is not you.. so don't worry and keep your (navaratri) posts coming… take care..

  8. Omg..Shame on such spam bloggers ..It is so clear that your posts have also been copied..Just a few observations that I would like to share in your support –

    Try copying any article in blogger directly in compose mode and you will end up with the article without the gaps for new paragraphs..It will appear like a single para and thats evident in all the posts on that blog

    Check out the labels – how does dosa mela have silly labels like malaysian, bread, curry, tamilnadu and sweet — How silly

    Check the pic of masoor dal in the spam blog- just the words "@cooking" appear as compared to ur blog same post where "@cooking4allseasons" is mentioned..

    Hope these will help u in your fight against such allegations..

  9. It's sickening what this woman is doing. I don't know how you are able to take it as well as you have. So many people have pointed it out to her that she is stealing, she seems to have no self-respect or decency (in more ways than one) to take action and do the right thing. It just goes to show some people have no class!

  10. I agree with Pari, i think there is some kind of misunderstanding here, i too did read their post but not for a second i believed that it was you!!! infact i thought that some of your content was also copied, i sincerely hope that this misunderstanding gets cleared, cheer up dear!

  11. Hi Valli,

    I have been a silent reader of your blog for so long. I love the way you handle your work, your kids and you maintain 3 blogs. I really commend that. I took some inspiration seeing your blog on how to schedule life to some extent even I have just one kid. I did see the spam blog and I also went through the other 2 blogs. By reading their comments I did feel as if they are pointing at you when I saw the "dates issue – that your posts have later dates on your blog than the dates on the spam blog and they were mockering you." I am also wondering why there are so lil people backing you up while they have some 30-40 people offering their helping hand. Anyways only truth prevails at last and we are there for you. Be strong and fight for it. Good luck.


  12. Valli, wanted to offer my support here too in addition to what I posted on fb, since someone mentioned the 30-40 comments on the other blogs vs here. Number of comments doesn't mean anything, you know that we are all behind you 100%. You haven't done anything wrong and I think you should take whatever action you can against these people, the ones that accused you in public without any basis! Hugs to you!

  13. Sri, i'm sorry all this has happened. I read their posts and i didnt really relate that you were being accused. i was thinking your blog was lifted too. This is really ridiculous. Hope things get cleared soon and get back to normal. Take care.

  14. hey srivalli, first of all I like your spirit and attitude. I know it is not easy to ignore something like this. The accusations seems so silly and ridiculous. Please don't take hear and just hang in there, girl.

  15. OMG Valli…this is too sickening…just becoz we dont bother to take corrective action, nice way to blame YOU for it? Its so unbelievble? To what extent can these people go???
    Hope you get them all cleard out..


  16. This is for Sig,

    I dont want to start another fight here. As you are entitled to your opinion, so am I? That being said, The no of comments do mean something. If you just say "you know we are behind you", one cannot assume if you dont say it out, right. Just say what you feel is right for you, dont comment on other's comments.

  17. Valli .. I had been to the site from another blog and saw those two people's contents there. And then saw yours.
    Copying is hateful enough … but copying text?!! Complete with the words Athamma and your husband and kids and trips … I mean the entire thing! Horrible.

    Glad you made a post out of this. Nobody can match up to you or your efforts for these blogs … and when you already have such wonderful blogs why create spam blogs??? Beats me. Chill lady. You are the best. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Wow, we have some 'detective' food bloggers in our food blogging community! May be they should consider taking it a full time job ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Valli, u have handled the whole situation with grace and dignity. Its pity that blogging world seems to be thriving on 3 mins of glory and fame (I'm not even sure if itโ€™s the right way to put into)! Why do ppl like to wash their dirty laundry in public instead of asking directly and resolving the whole misunderstanding is beyond my understanding! I hope they realise it and make a public apology. If someone has been blogging for more than 4 yrs then they by now should know how to deal with the plagiarism. Pointing a finger at someone is easy. But pointing a finger w/o any solid proof is laughable. Makes me feel we are back in kindergarten days ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Valli, hang in there. Enjoy the festivities with ur family and friends who matter the most and don't waste your precious time on absurd/silly things like this. Have a wonderful weekend. Will meet online sometime soon.

  19. This episode has taken an ugly form but you have to know that your readers know what is the truth. Dont be bothered by them now that you have clearly put everything in writing. I hope all this gets sorted quickly.

  20. Dear Srivalli, this is all too shocking. We all want this to be fun and sharing friendship.Hope everything clears up soon. Wish you well and I second all of those who said earlier! You are a super blogger and an amazing multi tasker.All the best!

  21. Hey Valli, forget it. Poor silly unskilled people who just earn for appreciations do this kind of cheap work. Just throw some pathetic looks and carry on your work.

  22. Sorry to hear that! It happened to me several times, but most of the time one or two images were stolen, sometimes few posts… I have even Wall of Shame for those that did not remove my content or I could not get in touch with them….

  23. I Just went thru all this…nd thought there was some serious issues….But its all Funny… I swear we all take our own efforts to create a blog nd someone creates a fake blog n one is named for it…Doesn tht sound Yeeaks… There is some serious mis understanding… Chill things willl get to Norm soon nd remember always God is always there to c who is ryt nd wrong…. the culprit will strike soon

  24. Thank you everybody, really appreciate the time and effort each of you took to give me your support!

    Shanti, thank you for de- lurking. At least this incident forced you to let your presence know!..:)..about your question. Let me see if I can answer rightly. Both the bloggers have their post on plagiarism for 3 days. As I said the accusation came in the second day. By then everybody felt bad this happened and naturally wanted to show their support and sympathy. Hence all those comments. Meanwhile when the content kept changing, ppl stopped commenting because they either couldn't understand their meaning or they didn't' want to believe.

    Its always easy to accuse somebody you don't know. But I suppose since we all are being part of the said community, other bloggers find it hard to believe the accusations being pointed to other blogger. All those 40 comments were in before any of this happened. Now of course their content is all changed and no indirect reference to me is present.

    That either means they accept their mistake or don't want to make this a big issue.

    It takes lot of courage to accept one's mistake and even more to apologize.

    I really don't want anybody's apologies nor do I want to waste my 2 hrs spent online. I just want this time to be more productive than spending on these.

    Sig, means no offense to your comment, nor you did I know…Thanks once again for taking time to write!

    Hope to see you drop in a word sometime..thank you girls…

  25. Valli,

    It was just out of the agony that somebody like you had to face to a situation like this and just wanted to extend my assurance. Me being a working mom always wondered how do you make time for all this. You write so much about ur family, ur professional life along vth the recipes, so as the days pass by you get so attached to this imaginary blogger whom you never met. Even I am a regular visitor of Sig's blog and like her recipes too.

    I am glad you are out of this mess. Keep up your good work. Good luck.

    Anyways I will be visiting as always for your yummy recipes, beautiful stories about your loved ones ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Dear srivalli
    I read your blog often but have never commented before. I appreciate all the effort you put into it. It is really shameful that there are ppl trying to palm off your work as theirs.

    Dont be disheartened and enjoy the holidays

  27. Have you started making your comments verifiable by blog owner only after the first notice from the other 2 gals about the spam blog?

  28. Hey Srivalli,

    Hang in there… Just saw this post and feel very sad for all this mud-slinging…

    Just be yourself and enjoy your Navratri…

    My regards and wishes to your family too…

    Take care


  29. I got know to abt the issue reading the comment in one of your post. I didn't know this issue has taken a different turn even after reading ur previous post. Hope everything gets cleared soon.

    Glad you made a post to voice your stand.

    Happy Weekend to you and continue with your blogging as before.

  30. Srivalli,
    Never knew blogging was so serious. Wow !!
    To me, the hot-kitchen blog seems to be a perverted guy's blog. I don't think it is a girl as most are assuming. If you look at the sidebar, you can see mostly Southern movie celebrities ..

    Anyway, just chill and take it in your stride. As you said, there are lot more things important than to be bickering others..

    I am planning to make my murukkus this weekend..


  31. Hi valli.. I am sad and frustrated after looking at the spam blog, I read the other blog post as well, never thought you were blamed for this.. I am sure its a misunderstanding.. We all are here to support you..Cheer up girl..Happy Dasara, Enjoy the feast ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Hi Valli, wow, this issue has really become so nasty! I can't believe it. I know you want to take the high road, but at this point this issue has become personal. I'd really take legal action, check out this article about defamation law, you have all the rights to sue these two people.

    I have posted a lengthy comment on Malar's blog, not sure if it will ever get published. Hang in there Valli, this will all get cleared up very soon! Hugs!

  33. Hi there!
    I am too one of the many silent readers of your blog.
    I feel really sad after reading this.
    I guess the other 2 bloggers could have handled it better. You are the one who is suffering the most in this mess!
    The spam blogger has taken extra effort in manipulating the stuff from your blog because she/he knows you are the BEST and thinks she/he will be able to discourage you by doing all this!
    Cheer up and enjoy the festival season! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Keep blogging.

  34. Gosh Valli…

    I'm a regular reader of your blog and much in love with your passion for cooking and also your presentation..esp stories of Konda, chinnu n peddu.

    Talking about plagiarism, it is just recently that we handled a similar case in many of our craft blogs…mine and a few other friends. you can find details of it in my blog.

    Such creeps require to be battered is the least I can say. But don't u worry.Keep up your lovely work.I'm with you extending full support.

    Sharmila: Dont be surprised to know what extent they can go to copy. The one who copied my blog did not even leave a smiley ๐Ÿ™‚
    Now what say about such people…

    Happy Navratri

  35. valli,

    I am a silent reader of your blog. Don't worry about these things i know it is hard still. Post more and more yummy recipes and ignore other things.

  36. Hi Srivalli,

    First of all thank you for the Menu plan you emailed me upon my request. I am planning to use it regularly.

    We all know about you so do not bother about those two bloggers. I read their posts and felt it is very silly and childish. You have responded to them well and as you have mentioned you need not justify yourself further. It is unnecessary.

    I love your blog and I wait to read about you mention about Chinnu and Peddu. They are celebrities indeed! hehe

    And you are so much an inspiration to cook as you manage it daily with so much love for family and cooking. You totally rock and you are the best!

  37. To all my salient readers who have de-lurked to extend your support, thank you very much! appreciate your support.

    About the comment moderation, no I had that enabled since the beginning.

    And thanks to all my blogger friends for the support and trust, means a lot for sure!

  38. Rude? Me? Really? So interesting that my comment was considered rude when it was a bit of advice that they were clueless about. That they should hire an attorney if they are serious about taking some action. That their attorney can legally ask Google to disclose the identity of the blogger. That they should also consider preparing for a libel suit because their clues were tantamount to libel. And that instead of throwing words around, it would be better to take corrective action.

    Ah! I love it though. I'm rude! ;-D


  39. Hi Srivalli,
    Its really very sad to know the situation you had to undergo.
    Wrong Accusation is worst thing than contents being lifted.
    We, readers support you Srivalli, don't give up.
    And also keep going with your wonderful posts.

  40. what a mess….and mud slinging in some one else's comment's page!!

    valli, am glad everything's cleared up for you girl…imagine someone stealing all your hardwork and someone else saying you did it!! blogging is becoming so competitive, i just wish we all remember why we started it in the first place!! hugs to you..

  41. OMG! I went missing for couple of days and such nasty things happened to you Valli. though it is all forgiven and settled now, I can imagine how u must have felt when you were accused. My full support to you now & always! Belated Dussehra wishes to you dear.

    May Goddess Durga give some common sense to ppl who accuse others without any proof and cause such mental agony and defamation.


  42. Been a silent reader always. Your recipes have saved many a days for me. Feels like I know you always. Glad to know the air is cleared up now. Well, truth prevails.

    I do believe you are a super woman but can't believe someone actually thought that you could manage family,3 kids, job, book, a popular blog and for whatever reason a 'lifted blog' !!

    Kudos to the way you handled it.

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