Update on Plagiarism!

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Dasara, the festival of Victory of Good over Bad, God over Devil. Nothing very dramatic, but being wrongly accused leaves a bad taste!

Thanks to Lissie’s son Alfred, who investigated this plagiarism and cleared the accusation with technical reasonings.

There is no reason for me to gloat over it, I know truth prevails in the end.

If you read through the comments in Malar and Viki blogs, it was obvious they were not ready to listen to reasons. They decided that it was me and were not willing to accept that I am not at fault. They even didn’t publish few comments that carried technical reasonings.

Ignorance can be a bliss, but it can also be devastating and have serious repercussions as in this case.

I don’t want to take legal action on these bloggers for defaming me. But I demand a public apology from both Malar and Viki on their blogs, so that their readers and friends know they were misinformed. If they don’t take corrective actions, it will be seen that they purposely defamed me with cunning intention.

Everybody can exercise freedom of speech on their blog, but they need to have moral responsibility on what they write and claim.

And to those bloggers who were ready to jump the gun on me based on the misinformed mails sent by these two bloggers, I understand you felt the need to support your friends in need. But I only wish you had exercised it better than this. I have no ill feeling towards anybody!

My sincere heartfelt thanks to all my readers and friends who had the faith in me.

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  1. Happy for you Valli..actually Kudos to that guy Alfred..:)..I actually lol'ed at the end..so all these are the misdeeds of some palaniappan who wanted to make some quick bucks n what a havoc it reaped in blogosphere..:D..Glad that it all got sorted out..:)

  2. happy that things got over. God is always with the right people. Don't worry. Please continue to write more and inspire more people.

    ~Pavithra Vijay

  3. What, who in their right mind would accuse you of plagiarism ? Sorry I have been out of blog hopping but this is insane.

    Happy Dassera and am so glad everything has settled out

  4. Srivalli, so glad that this got resolved & you could psot this in public:-) great that you got technical help. the entire thing was so ridiculous, & then you had to spent all this time & energy trying to prove things around.. i don't understand how the fellow blogger can do it to another:-(

  5. This is the best news for sometime. Great! I shall read the technical reasons part at leisure to understand that. Just once again, I'm very happy that you were cleared of this big way! Whew! what a releif.

  6. Hi…Almost 3 weeks since I checked the site and so much has happened. I feel bad for the mental agony you must have gone through and though I know you only through your blogs, I cannot understand how 2 people can accuse you of plagiarism.
    Good everything cleared up and they must be thoroughly embarresed by now.

  7. Glad your name is cleared. Truth aways prevails.Even I thought the guy must have started editing with your posts first. If not yours it must have been one of the other blogs. Let this be an eye-opener for all before they point fingers at anyone.

  8. Happy Dusserra Valli! Good! I think the whole post should be in bold and capitals. Destructive mentality, lack of knowledge and faith has such results. And what about the hits those two blogs got too? 🙂

  9. I am quite a newbie in this food blogging world and I was really shocked with whatever was going on – Oh all this does happen???
    Blogs are for fun and should be refreshing with your hectic life, but all this really turned quite ugly!
    Thank God, Now I feel relaxed and very happy for you with everything sorted out.

  10. Dear Valli,
    Though I am reading your blog for a while I never made any comment. After reading about Plagiarism in your blog I feel like making a comment. I really appreciate the way you handle the situation. And thanks to "CoolSlim" making an effort to clear your name. Be positive and don't allow all the neagtive vibes to enter in to your mind. Good luck with everything.. By the way I tried some of your recipe, thanks for it. Write to you soon
    -Godavari (Singapore)

  11. Dear Valli,
    Though I am reading your blog for a while I never made any comment. After reading about Plagiarism in your blog I feel like making a comment. I really appreciate the way you handle the situation. And thanks to "CoolSlim" making an effort to clear your name. Be positive and don't allow all the neagtive vibes to enter in to your mind. Good luck with everything.. By the way I tried some of your recipe, thanks for it. Write to you soon
    -Godavari (Singapore)

  12. hi sri…
    i had gone thru that post on viki's blog.. though it was a much needed post, but i was shocked to see u being blamed outrightly!!! happy to know that all this has been sorted out now. And yes they do owe u an apology coz one has to look at both sides of the coin b4 reacting..

    take care

  13. Phew! Glad that's over Valli! I had posted a long comment on Malar's blog with explanations for every stupid points they had listed against you, but it never saw the light of the day. Anyway, I don't even know how it got to this stage! Yeah, you totally deserve a public apology from them, if not, I say you've got to take some legal action 🙂

  14. I've been away for a week and I am shocked to see/read what has happened.I went through all the posts mentioned[in Malar&Viki's blog],its ridiculous Valli..!!Its one thing being a victim of plagiarism and another to be blamed for it..I really feel bad about the whole episode dear.

    Anyway,as you said,truth prevailed and the culprit is out in the open.You truly deserve a public apology.And I am so happy that all the negative air has been cleared,whatever the issue,you have my full support:)

  15. Yep Truth won valli.I could understand the how bad u felt for the past few days but finally u proved ur side.Great valli. Keep Rocking . Good luck to u in all ur future endeavours

  16. Hey Valli, had been away for a while so cudn't follow all this nonsense going on.The given links of other bloggers (malar and viki) are not working,so I actually do not know what all went on for past few days, but one look at the blog in question(hotkitchen?huh? ) and even a fool will tell who is copying whom.The posts appear without any breaks in paragraph and part of your logo is clearly visible in the pics lifted from ur blog.So anyone demanding an explanation from u is such a $#*%.
    Dont give up without getting apologies from the two bloggers and if possible, do sue the blog which shamelessly copied hard work of yours.
    Now that everything is sort out, I am sure u are having a last laugh..cheers

  17. Nice to hear that the everything is cleared now.The person who got benefited with all these is undoubtly the plagiarist who copied ur and other blogs.
    But god is always there to be with the truth,god bless you.

  18. G8 news,sorry I couldn't respond to you earlier,Valli.I was very confused to say the least.Glad you spoke out clearly and very well defended the preposterous accusations.An apology is certainly due.

  19. Hi Srivalli…..thanks for coming to my blog and enlightening me about this….it's really very unfortunate that some other person creates such big misunderstandings …….but as has been proved, the dussera has been great for you….

    thanks for getting in touch n kudos for clearing the air…i'll keep in touch for sure..

  20. I do hope you get apology from them. I like their blogs too, but accusing yoiu like this was not correct at all especially as everybody here knows that you are such a nice and honest person.
    Now i know who to ask for help when i have trouble like this .

  21. Valli, very happy that Alfred took the time to explain this. I really appreciate the attitude with which you tackled the ridiculous accusations.

    I am perplexed how the bloggers in question missed the real point. Maximum hits for $$$$ and they handed that in a platter.

  22. Congratulations! It is good news! I hope you get the apology you deserve. I think the other blogs have removed posts related to this.
    I have been following your wonderful blog but hadn't posted a comment before.

  23. Congrats Valli. This is really good news. I went back to check those 2 blogs and they removed all their plagiarism posts. Man!!! not even a mere mention of the issue that has been going on for quite sometime. When they can accuse, why not apologize as good human beings and move on. If by chance they were proved to be right they would be all over the place asking for an apology. Hypocrites!!!!!!!

  24. Hi Srivalli,
    I am very happy for you. Glad that you could come out of it soon.
    Kudos to you for handling the issue properly.
    Now those two bloggers should apologise you to give the fair end to this whole issue.
    Keep going Srivalli,

  25. Hey Srivalli, i am so glad that this issue has now been resolved,as i said in my earlier comment i didnt event doubt for a min on you and m very impressed the way you have handled this entire plagirism thing..kudos to you dear..keep rocking!

  26. Srivalli, I'm a little late getting here. I've not been following everything that has been happening on the blogging scene lately. Your comment got me here. Glad to hear that the issue has been sorted out now.
    The bloggers who accused you so owe you a public apology- that's the least they can do!

    BTW, in case you did not know it already, you are a very forgiving person. 🙂

  27. Hi valli been an admirer of your blog for sometime.Congrats on your success here.I have a post related to this in my blog.would appreciate if you are able to read it.Keep up your good work.You are an inspiration to many bloggers like me.

  28. Srivalli, great to know that its now solved. Truth reveals itself, isn't it? And this Palniappan or whatever, sure deserves a bashing for rocking the blog world!
    Kudos to Alfred! I went through his explaination and he is a genius!
    And must say, you really handled it well:)

  29. Happy dussera.. sorry u have to go thru this, valli.. i just caught up on the news.:)
    take heart ur blog is still the most original one. accusing u of plagiarism is ridiculous!!

  30. Great news! Finally we can go back to searching recipes in peace! But i do agree with you Sri, if some one copies your work…it shd be taken as flattery and one shd politely handle the situation. I admire how cool and calm you were during this time.

  31. Hi Valli,

    Glad to hear that all the misunderstanding has been sorted..Truth definitely wins..

    Keep up the lovely work


  32. Srivalli, I am sorry for the pain you must have gone through. I must say you have been strong. I do believe in the saying 'Truth alone prevails'. Nothing that is true can be hidden for long.

    Nice of Alfred to spend the time analyzing the situation.

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