Microwave Easy Cooking Event September Edition ~ Round Up!

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I know I know I am pretty late with the party menu. But I hope I am forgiven! After all I was seen obsessed with a different kind of feast.

But as the cliche goes, its better late than never. So ladies and gentlemen (if any?) let me present to you another round of lovely recap of dishes done in Microwave! After the second anniversary I decided I will make it an open party for folks to join in. After all cooking in Microwave is a challenge and on top I challenge you all further with specific themes, I felt its not fair.

So making it a potluck party, sure gives innovative ideas to all. And that is evident with the entries that have come our way. What a menu!

I like being organized, let me make it as a menu so that it becomes easy to browse through!

First to get you all comfy, we have a ready reckon with easy to follow tips to create easy dishes using Microwave.

This Top 10 uses of a Microwave in a South Indian Kitchen from Ramki, will surely help us all!

When lonely you got to have some interesting deal to eat well right?

And for Suma, Raitas are the best combo with rotis on such days and whats more she has it ready all in a jiffy a healthy Spinach Raita made in Microwave!

Next come Gethan with a delicious Soy Wadi fry that she learnt from her friend.

It happened to be an occasion when they visited them for lunch and guess what they were treated with these Soy Wadi Fry as snacks, which can work out as a cheat chicken fry too!

There are few people who endear themselves without making it very obvious and Lataji takes the cap! I still remember our almost first interaction, when she said she didn’t know how to link.

Wow she has been linking ever since with so much enthusiasm. Can you believe she did this bhaaji for the Paav with a bat of an eye!


I did tell you all that Priya is trying for the Guinness world record? Yea with her super duper dishes that she posts non stop daily, I am beyond shock to receive any new entry.

And this great looking picture is Egg Pulao prepared in microwave in minutes!


When Priya saw this Eggless Condensed Milk Chocolate Cake being done by another blogger, she was very tempted to try but was apprehensive that it might not be so moist.

But she tried and enjoyed! The proof is in that lovely picture of hers!


Imagine having little chefs around us? Well that’s exactly what Radhika did. Finding herself alone with her boys, she didn’t want to venture out, instead willing set out to make this Chocolate Cake, that her kids love so much.

The best part being the boys making the cake all in microwave!

Shalini makes a cake with dates and walnut.

Dates being so healthy you have a quick and easy way to include that in your diet!

Sweatha gets inspired by a book and adapts to make it eggless and quick by baking it in Microwave.

The Carrot Cake that she makes is a delightful mix of carrots and spices, what more can one ask!


Kamala Bhoopathy made this rich looking carrot payasam as part of the Navarathri treats.

Carrot is very healthy and eating it in this delicious way will surely make the kids reach out!


When PJ saw a tin of condensed milk lying around, she thought this is the best way to use it up to make Instant milk halwa.

Making it in microwave, saves you hours of standing to stirring the milk!..

Finally we have three yummy treats from Priya, this Tender Coconut Kheer is something I have never heard.

Then she makes a Thirati Paal with Chocolate, now who would resist it!

I think Priya loves coconut for she makes another sweet, this time coupled with chocolate to make Chocolate Coconut Fudge


Thanks to all the bloggers who have sent in. Please do check out Suma’s space for this month’s edition where you can send in Fresh Produce!

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  1. Hi sri, this is a great event n great recipes to go through..will see them all one by one……this is my second visit here n i already like what i see…..
    BTW in the last entry the pics of the fudge and tender coconut kheer have been swapped…..see to it..

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