IndiBlogger Chennai Meet

I have met food bloggers before on couple of occasions and I am regularly in touch with few. But this evening I had a different experience meeting bloggers from Chennai. The meet was organized by Indibloggers. The event started at 2.30 pm and went on till 6.30 pm.
Things have been hectic off late at home, so I was not sure if I would make it till the end. Result was I forgot my camera and I lost the presence of mind to click with my mobile. Anyway will put up some pictures when the organizers do.
The meet started with 30 sec fame, where all bloggers got to introduce themselves and which in turn had everybody knowing about them. I felt really happy when quite a few of them came up and said they read my blog and was happy meeting me in person. And many came forward to know the site details because they were interested in sharing the blog with their moms. That was really very sweet!
All in all it was a wonderful occasion and I ended up meeting some nice folks. I know this makes me to announce the meet I was planning, that will be done very soon!

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  1. wow..that was quick! yeah..we all had nice time..isnt it? This is the first time i got to meet a food blogger. who doesnt like good food? from now on, count me in as ur regular reader!:)..happy

  2. You are the first blogger to blog about the event.
    Nice to know you Srivalli.

    I wonder why you have not monetized your blog with Google.

    Your Alexa rank is also good.

  3. hey Valli

    Was good meeting u.. apart from Aru n nandita,and Aparna not met any food blogger ๐Ÿ™‚
    I do share recipes on my blog, but dont have a dedicated food blog like u guys do!!

    Shall be visiting her more often! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hey Valli,
    Ins't it great to meet our fellow bloggers:) Its so satisfying to hear that so many people are following your blog:) Will wait for the photos:)

  5. I have read some great comments about your foodie articles! Look forward to be frequent here ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good to read that you folks had a rocking time socializing with fellow bloggers.

  6. Hi,
    just hopped in from Indiblogger..
    U know being an hostelite, ur blog probably gonna give me ulcers..
    But I guess i'll compensate for it by sending my mom mails for the weekend menu.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Nive & jayasree, Will be announcing it soon

    Umbrella,Deepa Raman, I am very glad we met..:)

    sra, you should've come! was fun

    Moulee, Oh yes we did right!

    Malathy, that is nice to know..:)

    PJ, you are sweet!

    OldSailor, rightly said

    Aaarti, Nice to know that! Saw your blogs, gosh wonder how you manage so many!..thanks, will look fwd to your visits!

    Prajusha, thank you..:)

    Rachana, I know it was so nice

    Anoop, thank you!

    Cynthia, will do that soon..

    Mohan, I am so glad to hear that!..:)

    Jay, Miri, shriya, thank you!


    Revathy, heheh..pls do that

    Soumya, haha..that was the fun part!

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