Kindle Edition – Flavours from South Indian Kitchen from Cooking 4 all Seasons – eBook

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Finally my eBook that I published way back in November, Flavours from South Indian Kitchen from Cooking 4 all Seasons is now available in Kindle version. It was most interesting to document the learning experience while creating a Kindle book. Pratibha was always telling me that I should think about doing a Kindle version. When she told me I wasn’t even aware of these editions.
One fine day while I was browsing I landed in a space that led me to create an account and got me into creating this within minutes. But the process of converting the regular book to suit the Kindle Application took sometime. With my limited knowledge of HTML coding I really had to struggle.
So I am extremely happy when I was finally able to upload a version that was suitable to the application. I would want to thank my readers and friends for their support that they extend.


If you have a Kindle, then you should get your copy from Amazon! Thank you for the support again and hope to talk about my printed cookbook soon.

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  1. Congrats Valli ,u inspire me so much ,with 3 kids,a job and ur cooking interests,awesome job keep going.


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