How to Make Rasam in 5 minutes | Thin Lentil Soup | Step by Step Recipes

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And pack yourself to work in next 10 minutes. Well of course this post is not about how you can pack yourself to office. But it surely is about making Rasam, the famous South Indian dish. Many refer to this dish as a Soup, somehow I am not really comfortable. Though I have seen and known many who drink this as such. Rasam is an integral part of the Thali or even the regular meals.
Making rasam is an everyday affair in most South Indian and they won’t consider making this a task beyond them. As I said in my Cumin Pepper Rasam, Amma is known for her lip smacking Rasam. Dad teases her that she makes it extra special when she has guests to entertain.
Though I have already posted Jeelakarra Miriyala Rasam/ Cumin Pepper Rasam, I am posting it again in clear step wise as few of my bachelor readers wanted to make at home. Hope this helps!
Rasam can be made with different combination. We normally add cooked dal to the rasam to give some thickness plus the required protein supplement. Mostly dhal is not added.
It is a thin base made with tomatoes, tamarind and other spices. Rasam is very good for digestion. Since I mostly send Dal rice for my boys, I make it every day. Though cooking the dal, soaking the tamarind etc right then will not take much time, it is always convenient to have certain things. I tried making the rasam everyday, some days it gets too hectic. That time I used to wish I had some short cuts. I never liked refrigerating the rasam for the next day.
So the next best option was having the ingredients ready on hand for a quick Rasam to get prepared.
Following are the ingredients you need to have ready, if you really wish to make the Rasam in 5 minutes. Don’t worry I have timed it exactly many times.

1. Have cooked Dal ready at hand.
2. Tamarind Paste/ Extract
3. Cumin Pepper Powder
4. Coriander Leaves and stacks, Scissors.

For getting the entire recipe, check out Cumin Pepper Rasam,

Lets see how this can be done so very quickly!
Toor Dal can be cooked on Sundays or even on Mondays. I normally cook bulk amount on Mondays and store through the week. Take the dal water you get and make rasam. Else scoop out a half a ladle as in the pictures. Rasam powder is made to last me 5 days.

In a bowl, take the cooked dhal, finely chopped tomatoes, Tamarind extract.

Mash the dal, tomatoes and tamarind very nicely to get everything mixed up. ..Update..see in the hurry to get this done, I forgot to mention that you should add Salt at this stage..Thanks Anon…

For Seasoning, this is what you need. Rasam Powder, Crushed garlic. It is always said that you should crush the garlic and allow it to breathe, this way it is supposed to be very healthy.

Here’s where you need the scissors. Wash and clean the coriander leaves. Chop down the coriander leaves very finely over the cooking rasam.

In a deep botton pan, heat a tsp of ghee. We normally add Ghee/ Clarified butter. Then add the ingredients kept aside for seasoning. Saute well.

Then gently pour the mixed dal and tomatoes on this. Be very careful at this stage as it might splutter.On top of the rasam, chop in fine coriander

Allow to start boiling. Rule of thumb is never to disturb the cooking process.

It is coming up…

spilled over..well I don’t’ normally allow it spill over, but all for a photo!

When you have all the other ingredients on hand, this hardly takes only 5 minutes. Since most of the ingredients are pre-cooked, this rasam will not taste raw or  uncooked or some thing.

Do try this at home and let me know. Happy Weekend!

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How to Make Rasam in 5 minutes | Thin Lentil Soup | Step by Step Recipes
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  1. Good tip..will try it..
    Srivalli, I was just reading thru ur blog and I'm convinced that you got super powers. I'm a working mom of one kid and I don't have time for anything…and you, working mom of 3 kids, couple of blogs, 500+ recipes, working on cookbook etc etc…really???? are such an inspiration…

  2. I agree with you… rasam is the best form of fast food and it's so good for health too! Love the shortcut!

  3. I can't stand rasam being called soup either…..I have no problems with people drinking rasam, but I wish they'd refer to it as rasam and not soup.

  4. Dis was very helpful especially wid d photos,as my mum wasnt well i had to cook today n dis was d 1st time dat i made rasam,it was perfect,all thanks to u….thankyou tons…:)
    Made my mum happy!!:)

  5. Anon I have updated about the salt in the post..thanks.

    Second Anon It depends on how long you had it cooking. Boiling of the rasam after it is mixed takes about 2 – 3 mins cooking time only.

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