Microwave Easy Cooking event 3rd Anniversary with Potluck Party!

I am a sucker for traditions, at least those that I come to cherish! And Microwave Easy Cooking Event is surely one of them! Ok for the history part, as I happen to love history too. I was hoping to create history by starting an event that was to be the most sought out and most favorite of all. Yes in a way even if MEC, as it is fondly referred by all, isn’t all that expanding at its brim, it is surely one of the favorite of many bloggers!
Read about the First Anniversary and the Second Anniversary and I am sure you will know that we are going to have another Potluck Party!
Clicking those links shows that I am way behind in updating the links of the round up, will surely do that end of this month!
Though I shared the hosting of MEC from end of 2008, I always wanted to host the August month as the party month. And continuing with the tradition, this month through August it’s going to be a month of enjoying with dishes made in Microwave!
You may wonder how 365 days of Microwave Cooking is going to be. Simple, for this month alone, it is going to be same. 
So to mark this special month, lets have a party! A Potluck party. You are welcome to bring in whatever you like and we can all have one big virtual party. So all of August, plan whatever you want to cook in Microwave! You may use food processor to blend or do other things, but cooking has to be done in Microwave!

Send in as many ever you want, by 31st August, 2010, with Subject line MEC: Potluck Party! Check out the Microwave Cooking Event Announcement for more details.

Please ensure to give clear instructions as cooking in microwave needs specific notes.

Linking back to this post is a must and you can add on the logo too.

Entries sent to this event can be sent to other events.

Send in your entries to cooking4allseasons@gmail.com

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  1. I am sucker for microwave cooking as I use it just for heating my stuff or cooking rice max. So, this time, may be I will not be lazy and try to whip something up in microwave. Congrats on the event's 3rd anniversary. That sounds like a great time 🙂

  2. Congratulations on MEC's 3rd anniversary. Its quite an achievement to keep an event going successfully for 3 years.

    I hope I can manage to join in this time. 🙂

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