On the way to “One Million Visits”

Yes, I wanted to wait until it actually happens. But I was very excited not to hold on till that happens. In few hours time, Cooking 4 all Seasons will have 1,000,000 visits!

My dear readers and friends, I must thank you all for making this happen!

I started tracking the stats few months after blogging. But beginning of this year, I noticed that in another 8 month’s time this was going to come. And here is it!

This milestone really makes it so very special and I wanted to thank everybody for making it possible!

So a big Thanks for all the encouragement and support I get from all my readers, blogging friends and my family.

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  1. wow, that is a fabulous achievement. Hats off to all those wonderful delicacies that I get to see when I visit here 🙂

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