Microwave Easy Cooking Event Round Ups | Host Lists

Below is the list of future hostess for Microwave Easy Cooking Event and the past round ups

If you are interested to host, please leave a comment. Else I will email individuals myself..:)

Event Details for 2012
Month Host Round up
January Kalyani MEC: Jan
February Veena
March Privish MEC: Mar
April Nalini MEC: Apr
May Pradnya MEC: May
June MEC: Jun
July MEC: Simple n Easy Snacks
August Srivalli
Event Details for 2011
Month Host Round up
January Indrani Dhar of Appyayan
Combo Meals
February Srivalli Curries and Gravies
March Priya Mitharwal Rice Dishes
April Lataji Lunch Box Dishes
May Lakshmi Venkatesh Calcium Rich Food


Party Appetizers

Monika Manchanda

Microwave Potato Feast
August Srivalli Potluck Party 2011
September Nutan Tea Time Snacks
October Pradnya October Edition
November Vatsala
December Kavi December Edition
Event Details for 2010
Month Host Round up
January Manju Mahadevan
Dips and Spreads
February Sara Soups
March Jay Celebrity Bloggers
April Priyanka Kids Party Food
May EC Healthy Diet Food
June Kamalika MEC Delicious Dals
July PJ My Favorite things
August Srivalli Potluck Party 2010
September Nivedita Fruits
October Smitha Festive Dishes
November Priyadarshni Sweet Tooth
December Monika Savory Snack
Event Details for 2009
Month Host Round up
January Raji
Microwave Paneer
February Jayasree Microwave Puddings
March Priya Suresh Savory Snacks in Microwave
April Mythreyee Microwave Nuts
May Rachel Essential Extras
June Simran Breezy Breakfast
July Ramya Protein Rich Foods
August Srivalli Potluck Party 2009
September Srivalli September Edition
October Suma MEC Fresh Produce
November Paro MEC: Sweets ‘n’ Savouries
December Cham MEC: Festival Foods
Event Details for 2008
Month Host Round up
January Srivalli
Microwave Tiffins
February Srivalli Microwave Greens
March Srivalli Microwave Rice
April Srivalli Microwave Cakes
May Srivalli Microwave Steamed Dishes
June Srivalli Microwave Preserves
July Srivalli Microwave Soups and Stews
August Srivalli Potluck Party 2008
September Srivalli Microwave Chocolate
October Break
November Pavani Microwave Cheese
December Kamalika MEC: Halwa

Event Details for 2007
Month Host Round up
August Srivalli Microwave Sweets
September Srivalli Microwave Basics
October Srivalli Microwave Snacks
November Srivalli Microwave Side Dish
December Srivalli Microwave Gravies

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  1. oh my God..are you for real…thanks for putting up everything in one page..and guess what I have actually saved this to my favorites..so any new MW stuff and I head for Sri's site Sri's site Sri's site 🙂 you rock…you truely rock!

  2. Shobana, thanks for dropping by..pls click on the links and have a look..in short these are links to the past Microwave Easy cooking Event Round ups..if you have a microwave oven, you will be happy with the entries..:)

    Nutan Thank you for the interest. I have booked September for you, as two others mailed me before you left..hope it is not a problem.

    R's Mom Thanks so much for the kind words..I am so glad that this page is helpful

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