Microwave Paneer Vegetable Rice | Step By Step Recipe to make Paneer Vegetable Rice in Microwave | Indian Microwave Recipe

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When you think about making a Paneer Vegetable Rice, making it in microwave works out pretty good. As I have already said making a rice dish in microwave takes time but on the whole when you consider the texture and the time you get to attend to other chores, making a Rice dish sounds good.
Paneer Vegetable Rice goes great with Potato Peas Roast that was also made in Microwave. This is another of the recipes shared by the MW Chef. And make it quite often.
I met a reader of this blog yesterday and it was such a pleasant surprise. This was the first time I was meeting a person who reads this blog of mine other than my family and friends. Of course I have met my blogger friends. Meeting a reader is an altogether different thing, it puts lot of things into perspective. I have to thank R for her kind words and the appreciation she was so generous with. Though I know I don’t get lot of comments from the readers, I was happy knowing what I write here is actually appreciated and beneficial. For that I am ever thankful. Thank you my dear readers!
Another exciting event for us was Konda’s Cultural program. I took the day off to attend it and was at school quite early to get her dressed up for the program. It has been a different day of sorts. Never felt so relaxed and task less in long while! Well that only shows I ought to do this thing often.
Coming back to the recipe on hand, I hope you enjoy the step by step recipe!

Step by Step Recipe of making Paneer Vegetable Rice in Microwave.

In a microwave bowl, add the cubed paneer with a tsp of ghee

Chop onions and tomatoes, keep it aside.

Cube carrots and beans into 1 inch pieces.

Microwave paneer for 2 mins in microwave mode.

In a big bowl, add the oil and whole spices.

Next goes the onions..

Finally the tomatoes and chilies.

Followed by the ginger garlic paste.

Microwave for 10 mins.

Take it out and mash it well.

Add the vegetables and again microwave for 2 mins.

Remove and stir well with a ladle.

Add the chili powder and stir well.

Microwave for another 3 mins.

Add water and rice and microwave for 25 mins. It can be increased for 30 mins also.

In intervals of 10 mins, stir the bowl.

Next 10 mins..

Add Paneer pieces to rice.

After 10 min…

Stir well..

Final stage..once done cover with a lid.

Paneer Vegetable Rice in Microwave

Cooking Time – 45 mins in microwave mode
Serves – 5 -6 persons

Rice – 3 cups
Water – 6 cups
Paneer – 200 gms
Onions – 2 medium
Tomatoes – 2 medium
Green chilies – 2 long
Ginger Garlic paste – 1 tsp
Mixed Vegetable – 1 cup (I used Carrot and Beans)
Ghee – 1 tsp (opt)
Cinnamon – 3″
Cloves – 4
Fennel – 1/2 tsp
Red chili powder – 1 tsp
Salt to taste

Method to prepare:

Wash and soak rice for 30 to 1 hr. As you know cooking in microwave takes a longer time than in pressure cooker, so soaking for more time will always speedup the process
In a microwave safe bowl, take the cleaned and cubed Paneer pieces with 1 tsp ghee for 2 mins in microwave mode. Else you can also cook it for 5 mins in grill mode. Normally Paneer tends to get a little hard when you cook for more time in microwave mode directly.
Wash and chop the vegetables into 1 inch pieces, keep it aside.
In a big microwave safe bowl, take the oil, add the whole spices, then the onion julienne, slit green chilies, chopped tomatoes along with ginger garlic paste. Microwave for 10 mins.
Then add the chopped vegetables, to the above pan, micro for another 5 mins. Stop and stir after 2 mins. Add the Chili powder and continue cooking for the next 3 mins.
Add the rice along with measured water. Microwave for 25 mins. This takes about 25 to 30 mins to get cooked.

Please stop and stir at 10 mins interval. Add sauteed Paneer pieces to the Rice. In the final 5 mins interval, add the salt as salt needs to be added at the last stage in microwave cooking. Add a tsp of ghee if you so wish.

Sending this to Indrani who is guest hosting Microwave Easy Cooking event, themed on Combo Meals.

Sending along with this Rice, a Potato Peas Roast and Homemade Chocolates.

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Microwave Paneer Vegetable Rice | Step By Step Recipe to make Paneer Vegetable Rice in Microwave | Indian Microwave Recipe
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By Cook Method Microwave
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  1. Pretty interesting to make rice in microwave ๐Ÿ™‚ Looks yummy too ๐Ÿ™‚

    Do you use mw safe plastic wares to cook for more than half an hour??? is that really okay to use it??

  2. Thank you friends..

    Nithi, I have used tupperware vessels which are normally resistant to such long hr of cooking. Though the vessel does get hot nothing happens, it is safe still.

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