Recap ~ Best of 2010

What a wonderful thing it is to sit back and read how things have treated so many across the globe! I don’t want to give reasons for almost the week that has passed before doing this recap of the Best of 2010. I can almost hear being told never to give excuses for a work not done, just do it. Of course with the Blogging Marathon that I have taken up, everyday is a high end drama of what to post next.
So I finally sat down to read through the entries and felt nostalgic reading back on the recap I did last year. Somehow the feelings and thoughts seem to have been similar.
Anyway I will leave you to enjoy this post with many of the bloggers sharing their moments with us.
Bharathy started the year with a band and ends it with another moment to cherish. Right from starting the year being featured on an online network, till the year end where she got published in a popular daily, the year has been a great roller coaster ride for her. I thoroughly enjoyed her Top Ten Recipes, wish you could grab them right off the screen.
Divya says she was right on time to bring in the Annual Report so as to say, which could tend to be boring. I don’t know why she thought so, when her blog stuffs full of drool worthy pictures of tempting cakes and what not. From a person who has enjoyed her treats, i strongly recommend this lady to start of her baking store! I know you would want too, please do hop on to catch up with her best recipes of the year!
Next recap comes all the way from Italy! Graziana who has a delight blog called Erbe in Cucina, shares with us the wonderful story of harvesting Lemon Grass. Now that is cool! Her list of other best through the year really makes you want to read all of them right away!
When Kamakshi sent me this entry as the best of the whole year, I was so surprised. It took me couple of minutes to understand there were two different pictures. Sometimes the joy is multiplied many times by sharing something. What you share is not really important as much as just sharing it. Do read on her post to see how beautiful an act it is..
Mehnaz takes you around a year full of eventful moments, right from getting married until the time she becomes The Top Chef, you can’t but chuckle at the time she explains how she made her family more prosperous on the waist.
Next recap comes all energy pack with loads of things done. If you thought baking was scary or making bread the hard, Monika tackled them all. Not just that, she lists her yummy best of best and her plans for next. Go read on her plans on publishing! Way to go my friend!
Nivedita takes a look back at the year that passed with her adventures of cooking. She gets poetic while naming some dish and yes you will end up being curious to know that it was. Read to know how the year was that went past!
For Pavani, it was year filled with new changes and lot more of family time. She lists out her Best of all that did she last year, including the best Pant! well you got to have that to know the difference I would say!
I never more thrilled than the moment when PJ said she was waiting for me to announce this event. She feels wonderful taking a moment to look and see. The year has been better than ever and I was really amazed at the list of things PJ seems to have done through the year. Kudos and wishes for more!
For Preeti, its been a year of memorable things as she started blogging to record her adventure with cooking. She wants to increase the archive by posting more and cooking more. I am sure that will be most welcomed by her readers.
Priyanaka takes warm of a kuppa to recollect how wonderful the year has been. This is one lady who never says no for any event and dishes out many as it comes..:)
For a dentist, Sameena thought handling computer was difficult. On top she wanted to take up blogging, which was entirely a new thing that she had to learn. But considering all these, she still has done a great job on her blog. Read on her best of the year that has been.
Sanjeeta talks about the tales her pictures spoke. She lists out the best dishes that she created for her family and how Lite Bite attracted more readers. Then was her venture Tasty Bites that features Guests and readers. It is indeed a great concept. Check on to read more..
Sayantani rings in the new year with some Marble Sugar Cookies, probing you to sit back to read her recollection of what the year has been for her. The bag is always with some good and bad, learn from the bad, remember the good..and she has re-initiated the wonderful friendship chain, about which you can read
Siri recollects the year in passing and paying reverence to each incident that happened and that which had it’s lasting effect on her life. I am sure it was wonderful being a new bride and start a new life all together! Read on her beautiful account that runs to two parts, so very well done!..
Smita though a late entrant into the Food blog, talks how passion for food and cooking took her to blogging. She lists her best of the months, including the best meal which can tempt a saint, a simple meal of KulchaCholey
Sushma does a recap of her blog with Rasam recipes being the most sought out of the year. Lets wait and watch what becomes the next most sought of this year.
This recap comes from Swaram who may not really talk about food most times, but can surely have you in fits with her rib tickling sense of humor. I enjoy so much of her posts that I never wondered to ask her why she wasn’t doing her Food blog. Well it is good to have a mix of all worlds is what I think.
Usha seems to have been quite active when compared to the previous year. What’s more she seems to have been part of wonderful learning groups which motives one to learn and experiment. I would think that’s more important than how many you really post.
Finally though the year in passing has been wonderful in many ways, I felt I didn’t actually do what I set out to do. Maybe other things came into picture that made it not happen. So the motto for this year is to just tackle a day as it comes, hoping to do the best I have to give in.
I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did doing a recap!
I sincerely hope I have included all the entries that came my way, do let me know if otherwise.
Have a great year ahead!

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  1. Wow.. Valli. What a great recap. Thanks for taking time and doing this wonderful round up. Loved reading the Best of all the blogger friends and thoroughly enjoyed reading your lovely write-up. You are THE BEST. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. lovely post oh and Shrivalli my bro in law told me ages ago he had cooked a few of your recipes and loved them ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Lovely post Valli. Thank u for the lovely event and the lovelier words abt me ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I hope I update my food blog more often too ๐Ÿ™‚ Long time since it saw some activity ๐Ÿ™‚

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