Announcing Microwave Easy Cooking Event ~ Curries & Gravies!

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Finally after many months MEC lands here again. Of course it wasn’t by design, Vidhya was not able to take up hosting this month and my call didn’t reach far enough for others to pinch in. Well I thought I might do it myself.
So friends, this month please get your microwave all ready and cook curries and gravies to send them along to me. Now let’s not go deep into what the difference between a curry and a gravy is. Let’s just say anything that you might serve for a Roti or Rice. Well that covers much you think?

Guidelines once again.

Please link back to Microwave Easy Cooking Event page or this page

Blog between now and Feb 28th, both veg and non veg is accepted. You can send in as many as you want.

Please read the Microwave Easy Cooking Details and mail me your entries by February 28th 2011 to

Please send me an e-mail  with the following info.

* Subject Line: MEC : Theme
* Your name
* Your post link
* A picture of the dish.

Non bloggers can e-mail me the recipe and the picture and I will include it in the round up.

Until next week, have a great weekend!

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  1. Happy hosting dear, I always look forward to your roundups specially. I will try to make something for this one though 🙂

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