Breakfast Mela ~ Round up 1

It’s became a custom to think of a mela for the blog’s 4th birthday. Cooking 4 all Seasons turned 4 this April and I wanted to celebrate the occasion with a Mela, which was on a break for a while. Breakfast seem very ideal as I always run short of ideas when it comes to planning a breakfast menu.
Melas have always been successful with many entries coming my way. With appx 213 entries, Breakfast mela is literally a feast to enjoy. I am still counting, so wanted it to be posted in 4 parts so that you will get a chance to read through all the entries.
I want to thank each one of you have been part of this celebration, I can’t thank enough for all the support you give me.
As this is a round up in 4 parts, please do bear with me and let me know if your entry is missed by any chance, I know I have not but my sincere apologies if so..

First comes the baked dishes that can be served for Breakfast. Check out these interesting dishes..

Ambreen’s Almond Cupcakes
Binitha Shajesh’s Home-made Garlic Bread
Champa’s Strawberry Cream Cheese Bread
Champa’s Vegan Banana coconut Bread
Lavanya Selvaraj’s Baked French Toast Casserole
Madhusmita’s Cheese Puff Pastry

Nithu’s Spinach and Artichoke Souffle
Paaka-Shaale’s Take away breakfast cookies
Priya Suresh’s Grapefruit Breakfast Eggless Cookies
Priya Suresh’s Savoury Bellpepper & Broccoli Cake
Raji’s Monkey Bread
Sobha Shyam’s Vegetable-Egg Casserole with Soya chunks

Then we have some delicious muffins in many forms

Prathibha’s Savory Cornmeal Muffins
Priya Suresh’s  Eggless Orange Poppyseeds Muffins & Vegan Pineapple Muffins
Rituparna’s Fresh Fig Muffins

Shylaja’s Eggless Whole wheat oast & dates muffin
Sravani’s Papaya Muffins
Sravani’s Healthy Apple Muffins

Now a breakfast is not complete without a shake right! Check these cool ones and enjoy..

Jyoti Sethia’s Strawberry Banana Shake & Dates Mocha Shake
Paaka-Shaale’s Date and banana Granola

Priya Suresh’s Apple Oats Smoothie & Mango & Cornflakes Smoothie
Suma Gandlur’s Ragi Drink in 2 minutes

Now comes the combo dishes that you can make for breakfast, not only do you get to see the main dish but also the side dish.

Binitha Shajesh’s Aloo Poori
Chithra’s Potato Masala with Poori
Chitra and Dibs’s Kumbakonam Kadappa
Harini Shrinivas’s Vegetable Rava Kichidi
Krithika Rajgopal’s Flax seed Watermelon Dosa and Moong dal Sambar

Laxmi Priya’s Idli and Fried Coconut Chutney
Nirmala Gurunathan’s Idiyappam and Stew
Nivedita Thadani’s Puri Kurma
Nivedita Thadani’s Tri Colored Chapatis and Tomato Chutney
PJ’s Tadka bread with yogurt dip
Prathibha Garre’s Uttha Rotti with Avarekaalu Benne Usli

Prathibha Garre’s Rava Pongal with Pongal Gojju
Priti’s Vade Kari
Raji’s Chole Bhature
Raksha’s Idli – Sambar
Richa Priyanka’s Rava Ragi idlis and potato sagoo
Rinku Naveen’s Coconut Groundnut Chutney

Shobha’s Dal Pakwan & Seero
Sreelu’s  Homemade waffles with mixed berry compote
Urmila’s Rava/Semolina idli and tomato chutney
Vardhini Koushik’s Mini Idlis and Sambar
Vidya’s  Aamer dal and chapathi

I have thoroughly enjoyed going through these entries, come back for the next 3 parts!

Breakfast Mela Part 2
Breakfast Mela Part 3


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  1. 213! Wow! I well know the mammoth undertaking of hosting these extravaganza events. Great, great eats! Keep 'em coming, Valli. I know you will. ; ) Congrats again for C4AS's 4th.

  2. Thank you for the hardwork in putting up these lovely roundups Srivalli. I feel you have created a mini database of breakfast dishes here.

  3. Hey
    Thanks for all your efforts taken for putting up such a great round-ups for all the events you host they are of great help—I have you on my side bar links…

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