Sandwich Mela ~ Round up 2

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After the interesting part 1 of Sandwich Mela, I am back with the second lot which are equally tantalizing. Going through the list I felt I will have to update my Sandwich filling ideas with these filling ideas too. It always helps to have the ideas ready right!

Now let’s check out the next spread of tempting Sandwiches!
Rajani’s Potato Sandwich
Raji’s Grilled Sprouts Sandwich
Ramya Rajesh’s Paneer burji sandwich & Mushrooms and egg on toast
Reva Madhan’s Egg Florentine Sandwich

Rinku’s Lemon, Watermelon Radish and Cream Cheese Sandwiches
Rinku Naveen’s Vada Paav – Indian Vegetable Burger
Sarmistha Roy’s Chicken Sandwich
Sharada’s Grilled Eggplant Sandwich
Shobha’s Corn Raita Toasted Sandwich & Carrot-Paneer Toasted Sandwich

ShyS’s Burger with hidden talents
Sravani’sSimple Egg Sandwich

Tadka Pasta’s Eggelicious in No-mayo Land, Funnibles! Cookie sandwiches, Tomatoes and Cream, a Sandwish, Like a Dream, & Not Quite Falafel, but Fatafat

Usha Prashanth’s Carrot Paneer Sandwich
Usha Rao’sSpinach Pesto Sandwich

And from Vaishali – Submarine Sandwich,
Stuffed bread pakora, Bun Samosa & Falafel

Valli.R’sVegetable Quesadillas
Vardhini’s Spinach Corn Sandwich
Vatsala Rana’s Crabby Sandwich

Vidhya Arvind’s Strawberry Sandwich, Boca Patty Burger, Paruppu Usli Sandwich

Vidhya Subramony’s Potato Sandwich

And some wraps for you!

Priya Suresh’s Refried Beasn & Veggies Salad Wrap

Pavani’s Vegetarian Wraps with Teriyaki Tofu filling & Vegetarian Wraps with Spinach-Chickpea

Vaishali’s Broccoli and Bean Wraps & Chole Kulche Roll

And finally from me a very late entry for the event, but a favorite one at home Paneer Frankie

I would like to thank everybody who sent in and those who wanted to send in but couldn’t. I perfectly understand..:)

My sincere apologies if I have missed out any entry, please let me know right away.

Will catch you all in the next Mela!

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  1. I am so excited to read about this round up (did not know about the event sorry!!!!)
    I am going to add it to my side bar
    Thanks for the efforts taken…

  2. Hey Srivalli, first time visiting your site and couldn't leave without telling you what an awesome space you have. I live in Hyd and so happy to find a fellow Telugu blogger 🙂 I only just started blogging. I am always amazed with the creativity of all the food bloggers and makes me wonder when, if ever, i will be able to catch up.. The sandwich options are unbelievable. I am gonna come back to your site often.

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