Microwave Easy Cooking 4th Anniversary Potluck Party Round Up

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Thank you to those who joined me in celebrating the Microwave Easy Cooking Event‘s 4th Anniversary.

This round up was to be up by the 1st of September, had to be delayed because of the Ganesh Chaturthi Special Recipes. However it’s been worth the wait with 25 interesting dishes you can make for a party.

First we have the starters with Jayasree Satish’s Bitter gourd chips

As a special request because of the anniversary entry, I am making a concession of accepting two entries that also used convection mode during cooking. After all as I said, we get microwave convection oven in India, so it’s advantages to have these recipes also

Khushi’s Paneer Tikka Kebab
Khushi’s Tandoori chicken

And a Sweet Corn Chat from me

Then we have the essential extras for any table. As always I would love to thank Priya Suresh for being a super cook when it comes to cooking in microwave. She has sent in so many lovely dishes.

Priya Suresh’s Couscous Salad

Priya Suresh’s Instant Garlic & Green Chilly Pickle

Priya Suresh’s Mixed Herbs & Garlic Spice Powder

And finally Idli / Dosa Molaga Podi from me.

Now comes the side dishes to brighten the party.

Priya Suresh’s Jhinge Posto

Rajani’s Potato Dry Curry

Finally a Pudina Chutney from me.

Now comes two awesome gravies to enjoy!

PJ’s Aloo Muttar

Priya Suresh’s Methi Gobi

Then an array of Rice dishes to please the palette


Priya Suresh’s Prawn Briyani

Priya Suresh’s Jeera,Corn & Capsicum Rice

And a delicious Tomato Rice / Pulao from me.

And finally the hightlight of any party, the detectable desserts! You 9 different ones to choose from..

Akheela’s Indian milk fudge

Jayasree Satish’s Thiratti Pal

Priya Yallapantula’s Easy Eggless Microwave Brownie

Rajani’s Chocolate Pudding

Tadkapasta’s Peanut Butter Burfi

Usha Rao’s Carrot Halwa

Usha Rao’s Kalakand

Vani Hegde’s Microwave Peda

Vidhya Arvind’s Pumpkin Kheer


I hope I have not missed out anybody, thank you again everybody for being the part of the celebrations.
Do join us for Tea with Tea Time Snacks prepared in Microwave, guest hosted by Nutan

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