Kabab Mela ~ Round up!

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Finally you have the round up of Kabeb Mela, having about 63 different entries. I know the theme to be quite tough still I was amazed at the different dishes that made it’s way to the Mela. When I checked out the wiki, it said it’s any food that’s grilled, fried, or deep fried and served as small portions or on grill. Well that just suits the mood and I thought I should invite all for a Kabab Mela.
I decided to have a Kabeb Mela, because we ended up buying a Kabab oven. We really enjoyed making those delicious Kababs. My family loved those non veg dishes while I enjoyed my paneer and cauliflower kababs

With the Summer coming on, check on these and enjoy!


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  1. That is a huge array of Kebab's valli and thank you for taking the trouble to manually adding up my entries.

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