Announcing Cookie Mela & Cookbook Giveaways!

After the mind blowing Indian Thali Mela, I needed some time to just
breath. I am yet to complete collecting details for the eBook I
promised. So that’s another interesting thing that can happen soon.

I realized I was late when I started getting emails on the next mela. So
here’s the next one. I thought making cookies will be an exciting
thing, considering schools reopened in some parts of the world, while
some closed down for vacation.

So you are invited to send in all sorts of Biscuits, Cookies, Shortbread etc

According to Wiki, a basic biscuit (cookie) recipe includes flour,
shortening (often lard), baking powder or soda, milk (buttermilk or
sweet milk) and sugar. Common savory variations involve substituting
sugar with an ingredient such as cheese or other dairy products.
Shortbread is a popular biscuit in the UK.

And when it comes to Indian versions, some are not actually baked, they are even deep fried as in Thekua.

From now till July 31st, cook/bake anything that is a Cookie/ Biscuit, pack them to me!

  •     Link back to this announcement is mandatory

  •     Usage of the logo is appreciated as it helps spread the word.
  •     Recipes with Eggs are accepted.
  •     Multiple entries are accepted. 
  •     The post should have a mandatory picture of the dish. 
  •     Archive entries after April 2012 are accepted, provided it has a link back to this announcement. 

Any questions, please send them to

The Cookbooks Giveaway!

The giveaway is closed. Check out the Winners

Taste of Home: Cookies: 623 Irresistible Delights

Modern Spice: Inspired Indian Flavors for the Contemporary Kitchen
By Monica Bhide

The last date for the giveaway is July 10th



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  1. I love cookies, choc chip, white choc fudge and custard cookies are my all time favorite. I missed the Thali mela,, but hopefully would be able to send entries for the cookie mela. Awesome choice of books too.
    Love Ash.

  2. I so badly wanted to participate in the Thali Mela. But I could not due to circumstances. So when I saw the cookie Mela I knew I had to jump in. I posted a recipe just a few days ago and I have linked it to your post. Also liked your facebook page. Good luck with the event

  3. Great idea! I have not made so many cookies till now but I want to try my hand at someโ€ฆI love naan khatai as they melt in the mouth!!

  4. happy hosting valli. always I think to participate but somehow, I miss all your melas and events! At last I made it at the begining…so now, I shall start making mroe cookies for some more time! thanks Valli
    Pls checkout my Giveaway

  5. There is a grocery store that is not too far from my home and every once in a while when my husband feels I need a pick me up he will buy the white chocolate cherry cookies. They are soft and moist and so so good.
    I guess it is the love my husband shows for me.

  6. Nice Theme Valli…I would love to bake some dark chocolate count me in. I hope this time I won't be late sending you my post ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. yummiee theme ๐Ÿ™‚ I've never baked a cookie b4.. wish I could try one for this! My fav are Indian cookies.. Some how I find others tooo sweet ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hi Valli, I tried to tweet the post.. I just wanted to confirm.. is there a 4 in the twitter name??.. Cos I tried @cookingall and it showed someone else…

  9. Nice event its long time since I baked cookies hopefully will try to make for your event.

    I am following you, tweeted also, liked on FB dear. I love the cookies book. Hope to win.

  10. hi srivalli..i m really looking forword to your cookie mela..the cookies i like the most are the semolina cardamom cookies..they are just too good..the very first bite indulges you into the crispiness of semolina and then you get a tinge of cardamom flavour to your tongue..i love it too much.. so much that i cant get enough of it..also i dont have account on any of the above mentioned sites so i cant link you..sorry for that..

  11. hi srivalli..looking forword to your cookie mela..i like semolina cardamom cookies a lot as the crispiness of semolina and the flavour of cardamom blends really well..also i dont have account in any of the above sites so i may not be linking you.m sorry for that..

  12. Dear Valli,

    Nice event and wonderful giveaway dear..let me try to send my entry soon.
    I can't escape from this giveaway after looking at these books ๐Ÿ™‚ Chocolate Cookies are my all time favorite.
    Liked your Facebook page and shared this post on Google+. And, I'm following you on Google friend connect from long time ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy hosting dear..


    Join My Event: Love Lock With Juices & Milkshakes

  13. Nice theme!!!!Cookies are always my favourite and thanks to Valli for hosting it…I like your page on FB also…Please count me in for the cookery book as it looks amazing…Posting a groundnut cookie soon…

  14. My favorite cookies are fig-filled cookies because they're the first cookies my grandma taught me to make and that's one of my most treasured memories…and I still love them!

  15. My favorite cookie is my daughter's homemade chocolate chip. It's the perfect combination of crunchy yet chewy and chocolately. Fresh from the oven with a cup of coffee and I'm a happy gal.

  16. Hi srivalli
    My favorite cookie is Choco chip cookies because my daughter loves it and its always crunchy,heavenly chocolate flavor melting it in your mouth ๐Ÿ™‚ .loved it very much dear.
    New to ur space.dear,Happy to follow u liked FB page and Tweeted to u in my twitter Tangyminds.Plz like my FB page and follow my blog.
    I posted my recipe link on ur event.Plz visit my blog

    I had posted ur event logo on my blog ..Awaiting to hear from u

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