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Last weekend, we had another house party totaling about 10 people. So for those of you who host parties at home, this menu would surely help. All the dishes were prepared at home, except for one chicken starter that was store bought and the ice cream.We wanted to stick to just chicken kurma and chicken Roast, so got 2 kgs of Chicken. The main course was the Vegetable Fried Rice and the Peas Paneer Masala for the Vegetarians.

The welcome drinks and the starters ended up being very filling. So this main course being simple was all fine. I had tough time clicking away the pictures as I ended up making couple of the dishes on the go, and couldn’t manage with all the dishes at one time. Our guests knew about the blogs and were amused that I was more keen on clicking away the food pictures than them. Infact I remembered to click pictures of the party only on afterthoughts!

Venue : Home
Number : 10

Our Dinner Party Menu was:

Mango Juice


Peanut Chaat
Onion, Cucumber, Carrot Salad


Fried Masala Cashew
Paneer Pakoras
Chicken Nuggets (Store bought)

Side Dish – Semi Gravy
Chicken Roast

Main Dishes

Vegetable Fried Rice
Chicken Kurma
Peas Paneer Curry
Plain Rice
Homemade Curds


Vanilla Icecream

Hope you enjoyed!




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